Is Youtube garbage, or do I just need something better to do with my life??

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I guess everyone has their platform of choice to get their social media fix in.. Many people spend hours scrolling their Facebook news feed, perfecting filters on instagram, or combing through retweets on twitter.. Even Steemit is highly addicting!!

For me, personally, I probably dump most of my wasted hours down Youtube, but more and more I'm coming to the realization that.. Youtube sucks!


Perhaps it's just me, but I'm getting less and less videos from my subscriptions, and more and more random garbage touted on my landing page.. Like a coke-addict looking for a good hit, I've been forced lately, to scour the bottom of the barrel in attempt to hit gold.

I've been severely disappointed.. there is not much left on youtube that gives me that buzz that im watching something exciting, important, educational, entertaining or meaningful to me..

Today, in a desperate attempt to find something to stop the jones, I decided to check out the trending page.. wtf? is this really the mindless blather that captures the widespread attention of the mainstream viewership? My head immediately started spinning and I felt like I lost brain cells just looking at the titles/thumbnails..

  • "Aubrey Plaza Snorts Milk While Eating Spicy Wings"
  • "Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starbursts"
  • "Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together "


These were just three of the top five thumbnails to pop up.. (the other two were music videos) and each one had between 2 - 5 MILLION views within the last 20 hours!!

Number 9 on the top ten list also caught my eye.. enough to get me upset enough to give up on youtube altogether.

The video was titled: LIVING ON MY BALCONY FOR 24 HOURS and with a thumbnail of a girl laying on a pillow on the top of her house.


The video had garnered 4.5 million views after only being uploaded less than 24 hours prior.. The youtuber herself has 8 million subscribers, and puts out mostly vlogs in a direct knock-off of Casey Neistat's style (surprise, surprise).. This trending video though, was an obvious rip-off of MrBeast videos.. the last one he uploaded is called.. "Spending 24 Hours on top of a Mountain" but instead of donating money or bringing awareness to a cause or a charity, she just spent the whole time complaining, checking her hair in the camera and playing on her phone.. it was ridiculous..

What got me mad was not the content creators being lazy or the click-baity-titles, it's the fact that there is even a market for this drivel.. and not just a few random completely bored viewers.. no.. millions of views.. us viewers aren't even making the content creators work for it anymore.. we just mindlessly watch whatever garbage is uploaded regardless of quality of value.

I don't know what's worse, viewers gouging on hours of asinine crap, the creators that debase their work in a game to trap viewer into clicks and watch time... or Youtube itself, which actively promotes this kind of behavior with the algorithm they have created..


I like youtube because I can learn, laugh and be entertained, but unfortunately, I seem to have to wade through more and more bull fodder in a hope to find a gem among the filth.. it's enough to make me want to say.. sorry youtube.. not for me!


Because of all the censorship on Youtube the quality of content has dropped rapidly. It has basical destroyed many communities such as the horror genre. Everything is diluted now into safe topics to avoid de-monetization. Anything at all controversial from comedy to serial killer documentaries are slowly being fazed out and generic safe videos like vlogs are being pushed by Youtube. For me that's why places like Dtube are cropping up and why Youtube will implode.

Good point! The demonetization monster has everyone hyper-conscious about what they can and can't upload to get promoted. Content creators have to play inside lines and it makes for a very sterile (boring) environment.

Im glad that competitors like dtube are sprouting up.. YouTube needs to change.

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Yeah, I've saw some of my favourite channels - Rob Dyke, Reignbot dull down their content and it's not good.


Another reason to leave YouTube:

A comprehensive post summarizing the findings of Project Veritas exposé on Google & YouTube:

Project Veritas exposes Google execs left-leaning bias & right-wing censorship according to whistleblower, crickets from MSM


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out!

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i have to admit, i have sometimes binged on youtube videos for hour and hours only to emerge and realize it was 4am and "where did my life just go!?!" I'm glad it exists as a whole but i'm with you on a lot of the absurd stuff that gets millions of views.... I too am like.... huh? ??

YouTube doesn’t suck there’s still a bunch of great content creators it’s just hard AF to find them you basically have to use search or reddit for recommendations! The fact that you can’t manually curate like we used to and it’s totally alto driven makes shit rise to the top!

If you manage to make it past all the main stream content you’ll find replica youtubers smashing out useless content or rehashes of other youtubers of the past!

The view count just shows the absolute desperation for free content that anything can get millions of views

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Searching Reddit is a good idea, I never thought about that. I'm usually stuck trying to scroll through what youtube shows me. Thanks! :)