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I made a mistake on this one and have corrected it.


So good to see your post. In these difficult times you start to wonder if you don't see someone for awhile, as per @stackin who just popped up recently after being absent for awhile.

I'm sure anyone interested in learning more about the subject, will appreciate you sharing these. Take care over there and stay safe! :)

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Hey there! Yeah, I'm still going strong over here.

Realising that now is the time to make the most of this bull market and hopefully help some others along the way :)

None of us want to be standing on the wrong side of the wall when the shit hits the fan.

All the best to you :)

This is a terrible take and straight up theft.

Not cool.

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Am sorry you feel that way.

As I said, these are particularly testing times right now and I see many people who cannot afford £200 yet they are desperate to trade better. Not helping them may result in them losing everything and who knows what after that. Not helping Daniel get another paying customer will make zero difference to him.

That said, the real value of the £200 is the inclusion into the discord group where the live chats are amazingly helpful as a trader working fresh in the moment. So if people like his training no doubt they will still pay for that.

You're not being Robin Hood here, you're straight up stealing from a content creator.

I hope you reconsider how straight up dog this is and take down the content you've stolen and re-uploaded.

REALLY not cool.

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I don't understand why you are so keen to protect a multi millionaire whose life will not be changed in the slightest bit, while disregarding the poor people I know who are desperate to watch these films so they can completely change their lives?

I am a film maker by trade and have long since made peace with the idea that if I put my films on the internet, they are no longer my films. Today we have an entire industry built around the idea of freely sharing that which is online (BitTorrent) and something tells me the majority of people using this platform are happy to take advantage of that. Even though I was at one time connected to Hollywood, I do not feel the need to get up on my high horse and tell anyone how to behave.

Over on LBRY/Odysee I noticed there are hundreds of people who now make a living from re-posting other people's content, without even quoting the original source. And I don't see anyone giving them trouble for this? Personally I am quoting my source and my intention is not to make a living, but to help others.

Am happy to continue this dialogue with you and if you can persuade me why at this time when people are struggling to put food on the table it is more important to protect a King John than to uphold the notion of a Robin Hood, I will gladly remove the films.

What about if I made an anonymous donation to him at the end of the bull market, with any profits generated from these films? Would this help correct the balance for you?

Please try to see beyond that which we have been taught to look at as right or wrong. The little people need all the help they can get right now.

Okay look, I don't feel good about this any more. I will delete the channel. Thank you for keeping me grounded & please ignore my previous comments.

Thanks a lot for this helpful information which I hope would help me to earn some extra income.



I really believe this is the answer for so many people. If you learn to trade well it will change your life forever. But you must focus every day and become a student again for a while. Good luck!

Yeah! This sounds quite a demanding student life again!! Hahaha.

If and when I could make enough money to be able to live without borrowing money from friends and selling my antique pieces; I would enroll in his course and pay the fees to the author! I don’t like to owe other people unnecessarily; it’s karmic!! LoL

I think I still have to work very hard on this subject! It is not a magic wand that I could just conjure magical results in a second!! Okay! Back to school again!

Thanks so much for your compassion and kindness.

Thank you very much for sharing such a brilliant post of trading with us @samstonehill. I really like to read your post and also learned a lot from you such as your writing skills and pattern and lots more!🥰

Have a glorious day!✨🌺✨🌺✨

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No worries. Have a great day too :)