The long-awaited "International Steemit Music Video"

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Finally, after more than 3 weeks of waiting, we’re finally done with our International Steemit Music Video. My apologies for taking quite some time for I needed to wait for some more people to submit their videos. And wow, it was definitely not easy to put together those video clips into one final product. It tested my video editing skills. LOL. Since I had to match tunes and voices, there were 3 contributions that I was not able to include. I hope you would not mind.

I noticed when I was doing this music video, I felt something different. Almost all who contributed had hearts to help those in need. I hope you will never change.

Watch the video to find out who they are….


I would like to thank everyone who joined the Steemit International Music video, for taking time to record yourself and for putting your hearts and emotions into it. I commend you all.

This music video is dedicated to all children all over the world, especially those victims of war and abuse.

I intend to spread this music video, to get seen all over the globe- - both to give inspiration and to promote the steemit platform. We know very well how can move mountains and help a lot of people in many ways we can only see on this platform.

I also intend to spend my 1-month annual vacation into promoting I hope to be able to fly home to the Philippines and visit 3 big public schools in my place.

Here in the UAE, we also have some projects upcoming during this month of Ramadan which will also focus on promoting steemit and steemph.uae. Of course, I should not fail to mention that I would like to group together as much steemians in the UAE. We already have a Filipino Steemit organization here in the UAE, @steemph.uae but ultimately, I would like to build a group for every UAE based steemians.

I know I cannot do all these alone, so I will also need your support.

All of us have different reasons why we are here at steemit. For me, I realized that it is to give hope to the needy, give them the inspiration to share their experiences, knowledge, and emotions so others can learn from them.

These are just some of my plans and objectives here at steemit and I hope to deliver them.

For those who can't open Dlive due to slow internet, you can watch on Youtube

For the other charity work foundation who help people

  • YouAreHOPE

    brings Help, Opportunity, Purpose & Empowerment to disadvantaged people worldwide via our Agents of HOPE, in-country steemitizens themselves, who work as our boots on the ground to deliver food, water, clothing, medical care & medication, education, minor building and facility repairs and construction & more with the help of our generous community & the border-less power of the STEEM cryptocurrency on and across the transparent STEEM blockchain. @youarehope was founded by Steem Witness @SirCork of the USA and his co-founding partner @malos10 of Venezuela on World Food Day in October 2017 and has since delivered direct results in more than a dozen countries, touching nearly two thousand children's and adult's lives with much needed fundamental assistance and services.

  • Family Protection

    @markwhittam, started @familyprotection he grew up in the care of CPS and then many years later @markwhittam and his family had to flee their country under threats from the state to take their child because they do homeschool.

    Linda, @canadian-coconut, started @familyprotection because she has helped several families who have been torn apart at the hands of the legal kidnappers aka. Child Protection Services.

    WITNESS that I know well who help the community:




    And to cast your votes, click here!

    SteemPH banner by @deveerei
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Great job Kenny!
I can tell it was a difficult task, but you accomplished it!

It was beautiful and wonderful... A big thumbs up to all who participated. @canadian-coconut and @kennyroy😇

He did not sleep for 3 weeks @canadian-coconut. lol.

Oh my VEGETABLE SALAD!!! (^_^)
Thank you so much for your help and participation on this Music Video! I accomplished all this because of all of you and the cooperation. The truth, wow! Really difficult to do. I did 7x changes and editing. And because of that, I for got the 2 people to include on this video. Hopefully they will not puff me up. LOL

Thanks for the best cry in a long time.
Blessings to everyone involved for this happyness you brought me and the whole world.
"May Your Health Be With YOU All!"

Anyone could see and listen to this music video will touched their heart by the unity and emotions of all participants. All their faces are happy while singing... 😇

It is my hope that the song goes viro and you raise Millions!

Congrats on putting it together.

Yes, it´s really hard to get the people, gather all the videos, and editing the whole thing, I´m glad you liked my idea :D I hope more people do this, definitely brings the community together.

I am very thankful to you! This is inspired by what you did last month. And because of what you did, you change me a lot! You changed my point of view not only in steemit but also in my life... And because of this I encouraged all to continue what they started in life.

This is what community looks like, great job man.

Thanks a lot @anomadsoul... More amazing and incredible things will happen in the future! (^_^)

The only thing that would make this better is if you were in it gorgeous! xo

I'm not sure I got invited :P or if I did I don't remember haha sending kisses Lynette my favorite :*

Got them and...Swooning Eric my darling!

I send an invitation in Discord but maybe he did not see my message? We have next time... (^_^)

Wooahhh!!! My goodness, man @kennyroy. I was having goosebumps all the way from the start till the end of this video. Thank you! 😎
More power!

Mee too..I am having a goosebumps while watching the music video..

You did a great job compressing all videos @kennyroy !


Why did you not join @phantum04?! Wanna hear your voice 😁

Of course I want too...I miss that. Hope I was able to join.Can we make our own video too with my group?

If you want to join on the next event and other group you have, will be great!

Oh thank you..I will inform them..

The video is simply amazing. The truth gave me a great feeling to see how you supported these needy children, you are one big family for them from now on. Count on me for any kind of health care you need, I also like to do this kind of charity work. Soon I will help myself to some children in similar conditions for the creation of a dining room. You guys are the best.

Thanks, @drmaizo! If this is from your heart, you will suceed! ☺


@KennyRoy this came out amazingly well! Great work, and I'm thrilled to have been a part of it with these other great steemians!

Excellent video edit, I see why it took so long now!

I'm loving this!

I really loved the video.. up to the very end. You know why. 😉

It's cause Kenny hit the high note, isn't it! :)

Ahmmm.. i get to hear his mumbling all the time but I do not see a steem witness blowing kisses to the whole world every day. <3

Wahahaha... I like @sircork last stand on video! Hahaha...

Dang son, did you really hit that high note? @kennyroy...

Lol "dang son"

Oi. Corky, we gotta have words....

I am always here :)

Hahaha... yeahhh...

oh wow that "WAS" you. hah. cool man!

Yeah! Thats me! Hahahaha... I take the hard one that others can't do for sure... Just kidding! Hahaha...

After 3weeks of waiting... At last!!! Its done!!!

Now you just have to wait for three more continents to wake up and see it :)

They will awake when they listen and see this music video...

Great job on this amazing video project @kennyroy!!
Thank you for asking me to join in!!
I'm very happy to be a part of the message this video sends!!

Happy to see you in the video @paradise-found :D

Thank you so much @michaelcabiles!!
I think your singing was awesome!! Good job!!
Followed you!!

Thanks for the compliment @paradise-found! Hope to see you in the next International Steemit Music video! 😄😊

Amazing video! It made me emotional and sing while watching it! ❤️
Saw it tru bayanihan's featured post.

Voted & resteemed Kenny!❤️

Thanks a lot! The important is to spread the love and care to all people... This income will definitely go to the charity works...

added you @paradise-found nice cameo on the video. you seem interesting so i added you. Go Pack Go!

Thanks my friend!! Followed you back!! Go Pack!!

Congrats papa bear @paradise-found you did really well.
Love it xoxo

The tears of joy that are streaming down my face... this video is so moving. I am at a loss for words.

G-D bless everyone that was involved in the making of this video and those that work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

You will join us on the next video after a month maybe... (^_^) May God bless us...

I am truly honored by your invitation to be part of this wonderful work that you do. Thank you.

This is so beautiful, I feel like this should be a feature vlog to welcome people to Steemit.....Great job guys, very impressive

Thanks @daudimitch. Dedicated to children and to all people around the world and to all steemit community!

Awww, this was so fun and amazing to watch! Linda, you are beautiful! Dream Achievers- awesome harmony! Fantastic everyone, so much emotion and heart- and you're all brave on top of it!!

Really great collaboration, I can feel the love pouring out from all of your hearts!!! <3 <3 <3 This is soooooo sweet!!!!!!

Indeed! You can feel and see on their face while singing... 😇

Great video and project. Lots of familiar faces on that like @sircork @kofpato @canadian-coconut @allasyummyfood and others. Probably one of the better marketing pieces that actually shows what's possible with the STEEM platforms.

wow awesome and beautiful... The kids really need us.I am. Very blessed to be part of this great project.

Thank you so much @kofpato for participation! You did a great job!

Same to you for adding me @kennyroy

Yes correct... A lot of good things we can do using steemit and inspire the other people.

Wow. I love it. Great job @kennyroy.
I love Michael Jackson songs and this one is one of my favorites.
Great job @canadian-coconut, @paradise-found and all the amazing steemians in this video.

Thanks, @joalvarez! This is not the last... There is more coming after this! By the help of all of you we can achieve this amazing steemit music video that touched the heart of all people!!! (^_^)

Thanks @joalvarez!! Bear Hugs to the happy anniversary couple!!

Aw. Ang galing po :D Clap clap clap!

I'm happy to be next to you Jerryl!! Very cool!!
Bear Hugs!!

Thank you @paradise-found for your big participation on this movement!

Much love, papi :)

Ang galing mo rin ate @bloghound :D

:D parang nag-iba yung boses ko dun :D parang naging chipmunks haha...pero ang ganda ng video :) ang galing mo @michaelcabiles

Parang nag iba nga rin boses ko eh 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you for your participation...

good job sis:) ganda!
so proud of you!!
one love xoxo

Awesome project! I wish all the big 🐳🐋 out there to see this amazing vdo👍


Hoping that they will bro,.. :D

Good job! What a beautiful message indeed!
Beautiful! Well done.

Maganda sana kung nandun ka rin sa video @sunnylife. :D

may next time pa naman daw hehehe
salamat bro.

Thank you! Im sorry I did not include you in video... I have no match or partner for you... If there is next time I will do my best to guide you all...

no worries at all thanks for letting me know:)
good job!

@michaelcabiles!!! <3<3<3<3

Hahahah! :D <3<3

Everyone did a great job!
I hope too see more videos like this.
It was such an inspirational song! 🙂

Next time I will guide you ho to do it properly... I am very sorry I did not include you on video...

No worries sir, in God's perfect time. :)
God bless you more! :D

kuya @kennyroy i'm so proud and happy for you and ate @arrliinn and the rest of our steemph.uae family this is really an awesome project! congratulations!!!
sorry i really missed out on this one.
this is such a beautiful project and hope this reaches out everyone in the universe! exciting!!!

And I hope next time you will be involve in this wonderful project...

Beautiful and moving video sir Ken! Love it!

Thanks! Next time go to the light and don't be shy! Ok... 😁

พี่ ไมค์ @michaelcabiles! สุดยอดเลยครับ! This is a great International Video here at Steemit! Good job @kennyroy! :-)

55555! ขอบคุณครับ! :D

Yes it's true @kennyroy i almost cried, A big hand and a heart to all of you guys. A wonderful, amazing eye opener to the world. I know the feeling that editing is not an easy Job for this kind of project. This is definitely a trademark on Steemit to the world. More Power! God Bless Steemit and God Bless us all.

May God bless you...

Wow. Great job @kennyroy. We all need to do our best in making the world a better place. Great job once again.

Thank you to you and to your wonderful group! A very big thanks to your cooperation...

You are welcome.

Great job with this video, @kennyroy! Enjoyed seeing @canadian-coconut rockin' out! haha

And of course, @michaelcabiles!

She's amazing...
TRIVIA: She is really a singer and very good on using piano! She is really a musician.

Hahahhaha! Thanks, man! 😁😎
@candian-coconut really rocks in the video! 😄

A very nice video with good Steemians. The voices that could save millions of children in the world. Great video @kennyroy.
@michaelcabiles, I never thought that your voice would be like this and I never expected that I will see you here in this video. Good job.

Hehehe.. Thanks @hannanuh..😄😊

I hope your group can join on the next round to spread the news! Lets do spread to help people and children around the world...

The choice of music is great, the message has been passed. The ideology of the org is maintained, we all needs HOPE!

Is there a way I can get this video? @kennyroy
I just started a show called Steem Music Box would like it to be on “my chart as the video of the week.”
“Let's change the world together”

You can see the attached Youtube... (^_^)

Reach other hands!

This music video involving other steemians touched my heart! It's inspired me to help other people and to support other charity works. This video editing is not a joke! This is really not easy to do 100% sure.

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you all who participate in this Steemit Music Video. I hope I can join next time, please.

Sure! I hope to see you on the next project... Thank you for the support!

Great turnout and collaboration on this @kennyroy and to everyone who sang!
Sorry I wasn't able to join in but you know I was singing along while watching the video. :)


We have a next time... Hoping that you can join on the next round.
A lot of people cry and tears of happiness while watching this 3 to 4x or 5x... I am glad that I reached their heart and their attention for the charities helping people and children around the world...

A tip, I see you have a spare tag to use..maybe you can use the #sma tag (steem music alliance) because this is a great collaboration of steemit members.. I made the sma today compilation today and I would love to future this post in the next one!

Sure... You are welcome...

Thanks! Will highlight your post in tomorrow's edition!

Galing nmn ng video. Hehehe..

@michaelcabiles LODI!

Lodi ka pa.. Hehe.. Thanks @kristinayu! :D

Beautifully crafted @kennyroy. I understand the amount of technical work that this video needed but as I hoped, you nailed it! This is one of the best steemit social welfare cover! And i am pretty much sure that the message you conveyed will touch everyone and they will see a positive face of this platform.

I hope they know my purpose why I did this music video with the help of all steemians who contributed their parts.

Congratulations po! This is such an inspiration and a hope for everyone. I have goosebumps while watching this.

Me too! Goosebumps while watching many times what I did on this video... And still Im amaze to all participants...

sorry if i did not send the video while singing i'm too shy po kasi, pero thanks to this. So galing!

So beautiful. Got me emotional. Im sorry i have missed it. I have no words, its a real beauty of humanity. Thank you so much. It inspires me a lot. Xxx

Thank you for the support... This music video is for all of you...

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.

@thethreehugs thank you...

Huge respect for this! Great work and can only help to push forward.

I'm happy to upvote and resteem this post. You have done a wonderful job editing this music video, @kennyroy!

Thank you @zorank! This Music Video is to inspire a lot of people around the world especially here in Steemit... It took 3 weeks to finish and to wait for other people to submit their videos... (^_^)

Beautiful video, very emotional!
It is wonderful to see #gratefulvibes family and other familiar faces. :)

Thanks, @nikolina... Join in the next round!

Its great to know there are lots of people after making the world a better place. Truly love is the best feeling. I would definitely go on YouTube on a better device.

For now I think I would cast my vote for @jerrybanfield and @surpassinggoogle as I have geard of their goodness and kindness. I hope to recieve it someday.

a life lived in service of others is a life worth living.

I am proud to be a steemian.
If there is any minnow like me here. Id love to invite the minnow in the house to a minnow support community of which generosity i have enjoyef. The #dynamicsteemians by. @dynamicgreentk, @dynamicrypto. This is no bluff. You can check out my blog for validity.
Join us by clicking the image.
God bless us all.


Steemit is more about community and growth not just money.

Thank you so much to your support for other steemians...

It feels very great to help. I believe inner peace can be achieved from helping people. Thank you to for helpimg people in one way or the othe

It is not impossible to achieve if we are all together in one goal...

The power of UNITY

Stay steeming and keep helping @kennyroy.
God bless our hustle.

In God's will, we can do this together.

That was beautiful. Amazing deed @kennyroy ! Well done, guys!

You bet! It takes time to do this.

I'm loving it bro! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thank you @jassennessaj! Thank you for your image also..


Thank you ate... For the big change ate!

Really awesome! What a video that really touched everyone! the children desperately need us! you did a wonderful job! Thanks for this great video mate! Great job

It's all because of all of you... And I see what world need most inspired by @anomadsoul. Thanks be to God.

Such a heartfelt video! Let's hope for a brighter and better world for these children ❤

We will do! Thanks for your contribution... A big help...

This is awesome Kenny great work buddy

For the charity works...
For the steemit community!
For the children!
And for all people... 😇

Waoooooooooooo this is great and amazing

This is so wow, such a marvellous video and the best song one can think of. So nice to see Steem stalwarts Linda @canadian-coconut and @sircork in this video.
@kennyroy you have done an amazing job with the video.
I am based here in Muscat but so far I have not come across an Steemian from here. I wish we could also build up a community here.

To build a community in your place, it will start from you... Study well the platform and show how it works and how the platform help other people. Coordinate to any Discord group that is willing to help you like steemp from Philippines.

If you want I can help you how to start, find me in Discord in my username @kennyroy and I will call you by phone where ever you are. Or in FB, Im avaiĺble just go to my file and click the site that I provide above and send me a message. 😊

Amazing! Bless this project!

Thank you so much...

It's beautiful as well as inspiring! It also touches my heart especially the song choice. A big clap and a thumbs up for this :)

Wow. Amazing Kenny!! Almost regret now that I didn't participate. ;) Well done dude!

Thanks, @danielsaori. This is just the begining... There is more coming and projects that help people to motivate to continue using Steemit instead of other platform.

great video! @sargento sent it over to me, so trust me @kennyroy people are seeing this all over the world. I'd be happy to participate on your next one if you make another video for a cause. Upvoted and nicely done! resteemed!

Yes please... There will be next time... And expect it maximum before month of July... It was promoted already in Facebook also I don't know how much they pay for morethan 5 minutes advertisement... hahaha...

Good stuff Kenny, love seeing this. Even had Cork in there singing!

Next time you must be there... (^_^)
All WITNESS will have their own music video! I will choose a better song and easy for the WITNESSES... hahaha...

Sir Ken.. You healed us.. and we are indeed in a better place.. Such an inspiring video.. Thanks a lot for this... made me cry.. Tears of joy.. 😊

Next time show your full face while singing to see your smile and expressions.. (^_^) indeed that you hve beautiful voice...

I love this so much kuya @kennyroy!