The Young Turks lying their @sses off again

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I complain frequently about how the mainstream media can't be trusted at all and myself and a vast majority of Americans agree with that notion. However, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, et al can't hold a candle to the grand champion of absurdities: The Young Turks.


If you don't know who these guys are, I strongly encourage you to stay that way because you certainly aren't going to learn anything by listening to them spout their half-truths for however long each of their episodes are. To be honest a half-truth would be a dramatic and rare show of honesty for these hacks.

Basically, these clowns hate conservatism and especially Republicans and they use any tactic they can muster to try to perform character assassination on anyone that has an audience if they hold political views even remotely conservative.

One of their favorite tactics is to paint anyone that they disagree with as "racist" because we all know that this label immediately disqualifies anything you have to say.


Their latest target was Laura Ingraham, who is an outspoken Republican promoter of sorts, who enjoys a rather large audience in the public political forum. She was a speech writer for Reagan and now I guess she is an important mouthpiece for conservatives. I don't know exactly... I'm sure she, since she works for the machine, is probably full of shit too.

Anyway, here is the situation

On her own podcast the discussion about reparations being paid to descendants of slaves in USA was the topic. Obviously, this idea has many problems and the fact that the bad deeds happened 160 years ago or something makes it a very complicated issue. I'm not gonna get into the details but I kind of view this whole situation as a pandering talking point for politicians to speak on but they also are very aware of the fact that handing out a bunch of money to people for something they weren't even involved in simply isn't going to happen... If it did, it would be very easy to make the same case for a multitude of other groups that were wronged by the government on and on down the line throughout history.

During the interview Laura's guest changed to topic to be about Native Americans and how a lot of people suggest that the United States "stole" their land. To which she responded.

“The whole world has been reshaped by people taking other people’s land, it’s called conquest, No do-overs … we won, you lost, that’s that.”

The Young Turks ran an entire segment about how she was trying to say that "white people won, black people lost... get over it." Which if anyone even bothered to listen to what she said, they would realize that she was clearly not talking about reparations, slavery, or black people at all during her podcast. While what she said was a bit harsh, it wasn't wrong. The whole reason why countries are the size that they are, and constituted of the people an governments that they have, is ENTIRELY because of conquest in which there had to be a loser.


TYT spent 20 minutes or so dissecting her words in a completely false way to try to put words in her mouth that she did not actually say. If am talking about films and I say "I loved the Star Wars original but I really don't like pineapple on pizza and don't feel it belongs there" The Young Turks, if they didn't like me... would report that I said "Star Wars doesn't belong here!"

That went on for too long. To be honest, I don't care much for Laura Ingraham. I'm rather indifferent to her words as well and to be honest I never paid her much mind. TYT's attempts to vilify this woman for something she didn't even say is horrible though. The people on that show, especially the lead host and creator Cenk Uygur are hacks and they, like a vast majority of people out there claiming to be journalists are simply a bunch of liars.

Thankfully, i think most people are smart enough to just assume everything they say is a pack of dogcrap anyway.


I used to watch it in their earlier stages and believe it or not liked the thinks Ana Kasperian used to say but somewhere along the lines they lost the plot and became the media they hate with all sensationalism! Really is sad what happens when you take investment and sell out!

Left or right it doesn’t really matter they all form part of the same ideals they just view it from the different sides and even stir up drama between other journalists just to have some sort of hype around their channel

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Nowadays "journalists" are trying to manipulate people and bring them to their side. They do not care if they lie, magnify or create a story. We have to admit that a good segment of the population does fall for those recreations of reality.

As a person of Greek descent, whose ancestors were murdered in the most brutal of fashions by the "Young Turks" during the Greek and Armenian Genocides, I find it beyond outrageous that these clowns would call themselves that. Imagine if there were a popular "news" show called "The Hitler Youth" or "The Final Solution." Of course, the leaders of the young turks were not even Turkish...

You just taught me something. Thanks for that.

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I'm not going to say it is true or is not true, but a month or so ago, I saw an analysis of AOC and video proof and analysis was given, showing that Cenk Uygur is the one who promoted her and is using her so as to gain influence within Congress.

From the crazy things she says, I can well believe that the words actually come from him.

she is right on the same level of "out there" as Cenk, so this wouldn't surprise me at all.