Seminar: Tools to help empower the Spiritual Warrior

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As people start to explore Spirit, peace and what it means to be a "Spiritual Warrior", we are all trying to figure out how to confront violence while remaining peaceful.  Going to war against the war machine only results in misery, frustration, pain or even death.  It does not matter if we are confronting Child Protective Services (CPS), the three levels of government (federal, provincial or municipal), corporations or even our neighbours.  We all must find the tools to peacefully confront the violence in our lives and most importantly, protect ourselves and others from that violence.

How can we protect ourselves without resorting to violence?  Also, how can we do this without getting arrested, charged or thrown in jail!  

It is challenging but indeed possible!

Over the last 20 years I have studied the art of peace and developed the technology, skills, mind set and spiritual foundations for the Pacem Arts (The Art of Peace).  I've implemented these basic tools within my own life and I've also help others with amazing results.  I've invited two families to participate with this event so that you can hear their own personal accounts with this approach.  One engaged against Ontario CPS with these principles and the other family engaged against the officials from the city regarding smart meters, bylaw and other legal matters.  I've dealt with numerous banks, governments, etc on many levels and will share some of those stories and experiences.  

Please join me on November 3rd as I share with you the foundational principles to help not only protect yourself or your loved ones, but also fix mistakes that were made, declare peace and hold those accountable for the violence that they engage in as we confront war with our peace!  Join us as we learn how to empower the Spiritual Warrior within each of us!  

Details of the event:

Date:  Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Time:  6pm - 10pm MST
Location:   20 Green Grove Dr, St. Albert, AB
Cost:  $50CDN or 50Steem payable at the door

Bring a pencil and paper as you may want to take notes.  Event will be video taped, so no recording devices will be allowed.  If I can find a non-corporate, private philanthropist to donate $500CDN or more, I would be more than happy to release the video on for free so that others can watch and share it while acknowledging the support, gratitude and appreciation of such generosity!  


I wish that I could be there!
I hope that you have a good turnout.

I'm sad that you won't be able to make it. I too hope that we have a good turnout. Thank you for sharing and hitting this post with all the support your vote can muster. I am indeed honoured and touched. <3

So happy to see your post! Just like @canadian-coconut i wish i could be there too. Sounds like a wonderful event. Wishing you all the best dear friend and Spiritual Brother 🎶 oh selfishly i hope someone can step forward to support the video release 🙏☘🤞 ....

I just caught this now. I will check the schedule and the liquid steem. Should make it it this. Thanks!

Hope it goes well would love to attend long way for me to come though. Sending reiki vibes 💯🐒

it IS challenging but indeed possible! Thank you for coming out to do this seminar. It was my first time attending a live presentation like this. It was really nice to meet some like minds (souls). We are souls and our soul has a body. Not the other way around. This is the mindset that one must be in to peacefully confront war. The less ego the better the results :)

It was wonderful meeting you tonight. Thank you so much for coming out and sharing time with the others who came out. I'll dig though my blog and find those posts that I promised you. Peace to you my dear spiritual sister.

A good place to start is here:

I know there are more. I'll keep looking in the morning. But that is a good start.

It would be great to be able to watch this great work on I'm sure your experience will give us a lot of strength to live in peace. ...
Thank you brother @wwf

I like the aroma of this Seminar @wwf!. Would this seminar by any means get to the USA?.. Just a long shot though, but I really hope it does, I like to feel and attend seminars in person not on Videos. That shows how interested I am ....Sobbing....

The chances of me getting to the US to teach this seminar is low. However, I do have people who are learning these techniques and I have no doubt that in time it will get there. When though is up to Creator! <3 Peace to you.

I agree. @kryptocoin has a point. It sounds quite worthwhile and if it could be presented in communities across the USA I remember a years back Glen Beck did an interactive seminar fighting Common Core in the educational system. He used an interactive real time video in the theaters across the US as his tool.

I'm not going to dismiss the idea that the technology exists to share the information around the globe. I've used documentaries, books, blogging and other technology for years. I've also struggled with people not being ready for what I have to share. So while I won't dismiss the idea of expanding how I share, I will evaluate the idea based on the success and feedback that I receive from those who attend this one. Thanks for sharing. Peace to you.

This is a reminder as you indicated that you wanted to be notified. Here is the post with the details of the seminar event that I talked about last week.


Very lovely post i like it ....👍

Very good seminar