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I introduce me to the Hive Community


How did I get here

Hi I am Jim posting as audiohive-me, I am a musician and started recording as audiohive in May 2003. When I heard from a friend @holisticmom, there is a decentralized bloging comunity connected to a blockchain cryptocurrency called Hive, I felt the need to join in.
I also work in IT and have an interest in writing code. I first got into crypto currency when Bitcoin was worth £4 and it was almost the same cost in electricity to mine it, I got to 1.25 BTC gave the 1 away and lost the .25 when the deepbit mining pool disappeard. I gave up because I figured I was just chasing after money.
When I found the Hive comunity and saw how including our input into the blockchain gives us true ownership, something you do not get with other social media, I became too exited not to join. The dots were all connecting. I had realised that crypto currency was more than just money when I saw the impact it was having on our world, but now the hive community is taking it to another level and I am glad to be a part of this.
I have already made one post @riverflows kindly welcomed me, congratulated me and hinted that I could also introduce my self, so here I am.


Days gone by

Once upon a time pre pandemic panic, for forty years I played performing music of every genre, from punk in 1980, thru to classical, on the street in the pubs, clubs, parks, and festivals, around europe.

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I also helped @queenoftheworld organise The Riverstage at Cosmic Puffin Festival


unfortunatly Cosmic puffin is canceled again this year but when we have a one day event in september I will post to the community.

A positive result of no opportunity to play live over the last year is @queenoftheworld and myself realised we had written alot of original songs together and played them out over the years but never recorded any. So we have now had a chance to record and in joining in here be able to share with the Hive Community.

Into the Blue

I am looking forward to exploring the rich set of communities here and I am keen to learn how to be a functioning part of this digital community. In life I realise I am because we are and I recognise that truth reflects here in the Hive Community. I will continue to share music and keep the community informed about events. I will learn and grow with the Community.
Love Peace and Harmony to you all.


Fantastic introduction @audiohive-me. I'm really glad you joined.

but now the hive community is taking it to another level and I am glad to be a part of this

I look forward to your future posts and if you need a hand with anything, give me a shout. There are some wonderful communities here and I think you're going to love it.

If you fancy it, #hiveopenmic is on week 53. The theme is Toys. 🤗🤗

Much love to you and @queenoftheworld queen of


thank you . I do like the idea of joining in the open mike @queenoftheworld and myself are keen to sing and play.

Also, don't forget to come say hi in the discord community for natural medicine.

@acidyo could you send @audiohive-me sue link to the Pal server too please? I can't seem to find it on my phone xx

Awesome, thank you :-) x

Please do, its a wonderful community, look forward to hearing your songs 💚😁🤗

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Welcome to the club. It's nice to see someone dear to you here. We will be looking forward to your future articles. Now I'm going to listen to the "earth resonance" you told me about.🤗😇

So glad to ssee you here and any friend of Nat's is a friend of mine. Gorgeous introduction post! Listening to your tune all the way in Australia and it's a really lovely and peaceful start to the day. Enjoy HIVE - we love it and the music community is really beautiful too, thanks to @cabelindsay.

I am grateful for your welcome helpful hint, writing my introduction was a healthy process for me

Hi, Jim! Beautiful intro post :-)
Looking forward to your future ones!
Welcome to the Hive! This is such a great place to be and share, it really changed my life when I joined last year <3
You're gonna have a lot of fun!
Hugs, Ana <3

So glad to join such a welcoming community

Welcome to Hive Jim, always happy to see more artists jump on board, would love to hear more about your life adventures as well. @holisticmom is a wonderful person to show you the ropes, and she is a good friend of mine too, so reach out if I can help with anything xxx

Thank you for the welcome glad to be a part of the community x

Welcome to Hive! I was looking for more Brits and found @thecryptidcrone who led me to you. Music is getting big on Hive, so I hope you can find more fans. Have fun with it.




@audiohive-me! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Looking forward to it thanks for the pizza

I loved the tune, nice relaxing and calm. I am glad you have joined hive. The music community is certainly in a growth phase lately.

I love your encouragement and I am so pleased to join the hive community

Let your friend Ruth know I passed along a small delegation to help her get started and she should have enough RC's to make a post and a few comments. I also made a small delegation to your account also to help get over that RC barrier and up to speed posting. It takes time to grow and I hope you both stay around for a while, the world needs good music and joy makers.