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The News

Not too much to report this week. There is ongoing development of the core systems, an upcoming airdrop from @splinterlands and various other dapps seeing improvements. @hivetoday track this stuff better than I can.

I would hope we could see more meetups happening as restrictions are eased. Let me know if you hear of any, especially in the UK.


I have seen various people complain that they are being censored on Hive, but what that actually means is that they got downvoted for whatever reason and their content can still be seen. Criticising the platform may get you unwanted attention, but I do think we should be honest about the issues. Hive is not growing fast and a tiny minority get a large share of the rewards by supporting each other. I get that some of them helped to build this thing, but if the masses see little chance of making much they are likely to give up and we need them.


Meanwhile, over on Steemit, many accounts are essentially invisible as the developers hid all their posts and comments. I got onto their blacklist for daring to criticise them when Justin Sun took over. My many thousands of posts and comments cannot be seen and so there is no point in me going back. I sold all my $STEEM to buy more $HIVE. Note that the Steemit site seems to be the only real option as far as front ends go. Steempeak is no longer operating. It looks like Steemians have to suck up to the management and hope for a vote from their big 'curator' account.

Getting downvotes from @hivewatchers will reduce your rewards, but it takes concerted action to make your posts hidden by default. They can still be seen though and reducing rewards is not the same as censorship. There is a concentration of power here and getting on the wrong side of a whale can mean you will make nothing, but they cannot stop you posting. If some group was getting heavily downvoted they could set up their own front end that does not hide anything. We have accounts constantly spamming the blockchain, but to block them would set a bad prescedent and I doubt enough witnesses would support that to make it happen.

The fact is that Steemit is still getting more visits and activity than the combined Hive front ends according to Hypestat that sources data from Alexa.


Are there really so few sites linking into Hive? The same stats for peakd does not look any better. I am no expert on SEO tactics, but we may be missing out on some tricks to get traffic. I know plenty of people link to their posts from Twitter and can earn @poshtoken for doing so. I suspect that in some cases we are not effectively reaching people who are not already on Hive.


@splinterlands still gets a lot of traffic, but that is not a blogging dapp and it is not immediately obvious that it runs on Hive. I still think it should provide links to player blogs.

Hive does have image problems both in terms of what some people think of it and also regarding being known about. There have been efforts to get some 'influencers' on board, but that is not having much impact yet.

Perhaps we need more of a coordinated viral campaign to spread the word that this platform is available and working well. I think it would be reasonable to pay someone via a proposal to organise this.


And so to the original purpose of #FollowFriday. I keep using my script to look for more Brits and found some interesting ones lately. I include a couple in this week's list.

  • @sarennadiu is an astrologer who will give you a reading for HBD. She also enjoys her cannabis.
  • @mamalanuk is a Chinese restaurant in London. I have not seen too many businesses using Hive for advertising, but why not? I wonder if they would take $HIVE in payment for a meal. Maybe someone in the Brixton area can check them out.
  • @manclar is a fellow player of @risingstargame who has been interviewing some of the musicians involved with the game, including me!
  • @drwatson has been sharing some sketches of future issues of his horror comic. The Hive community get thanked on their site, but some links still go to Steemit.
  • Brighton musicians @stickupboys keep on promoting Hive and have a great sideline in producing GIFs for all occasions.

These folk will get a share in the rewards of this post.

The Doghouse

@anfeng is one of many accounts created by a Chinese speaking user to milk rewards from self-votes. It churns out dozens of comments that are all the same as far as I know. It is only small amounts, but the rewards are not earned and a few of us will monitor the situation to remove them. They may be selling off their stake, so maybe this particular leech will go away in time. There are finite rewards to go around, so we need to deal with those who try to take them dishonestly.

The End

I am always happy to get more suggestions of people to follow. There are plenty of under-rewarded accounts and I would prefer to give them a vote than someone who can guarantee to make a lot regardless of what they post. If you are doing your own #FollowFriday posts then let me know.

Hive five!


And so to the original purpose of #FollowFriday. I keep using my script to look for more Brits and found some interesting ones lately. I include a couple in this week's list.

I applaud your initiative, I think it is very positive and important because it stimulates the growth of Hive. Thank you for mentioning me and giving importance to the work that I am doing with the initiative of the interviews that I hope will bring a breath of fresh and new air for the platform. Also thank you very much for sharing what is generated in this publication, for me, it is very important because it helps to grow my account that as you know so far only depends on the HP that splinterlands has delegated me to play, and I am using them to grow my account posting content and playing splinterlands in addition to Rising Star.

Immediately I will go to review the content of the users that you suggest, I think what they publish is very interesting, and I thank you for promoting this type of content (and I hope you continue to do so), because this helps a lot to grow Hive.

Perhaps we need more of a coordinated viral campaign to spread the word that this platform is available and working well. I think it would be reasonable to pay someone via a proposal to organise this.

It's a good idea, I even see it necessary to do interviews in the media to publicize Hive and in this way increase its global reach, since many people are still unaware of the existence of the platform and the benefits it has. Perhaps if you can pay for a presence in the media, you can achieve good results. And I am not implying that you are the one who pays for it, I mean maybe take a part of the reward pool and use it for that, but this is something that should be debated among the witnesses, with the presence of the strongest stakeholders and the community.

I will work with others to do what we can, but nobody can achieve these things alone. I also can't guarantee that a mention in my post will do much for your follower count, but I hope a few more people find you.


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Thanks for mentioning HiveToday!

I love your breakdown of some key points.

In my opinion the issues of downvotes has become a more interesting issue in regards to how top witnesses are throwing down some of the heavier flags and on surface level appears as though a Rep has done it. Which I am concerned is discouraging as a small Hive investor hoping the aspect grows. It is where im investing my time at and then the people getting flagged are the people who brought me to hive/steem in 2017 and still promote it.

Regardless, ive said my piece and all I can do is accept that these witnesses and large stake holders are visionaries at a certain point. You have too be to be a early adopter/investor. So I get it. I can look to other places like @splinterlands just killing the game or groups like @abundance.tribe to stay focused in this financial game.

Hopefully, we can get better routes of traffic to hive. But I just had a friend buy 1000 hive or so just for @aggroed and his genius game. So yes its concerning but Hive is fractaling out in a very beautiful way overall. Just my opinion.



Having a stake gives you influence here and the big accounts either bought it or earned it. Mine is mostly earned and I try to use it well. I do worry that good people can be put off by infighting and we should bear in mind the image that we project.


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I don't have much of a following in social media in general, but I'm in the process of re-working my own personal website and have already included a linkback to hive from there.

Essentially I'm going to be moving all of my blogging off of my old wordpress site, and pointing to hive. Who knows if it will have any meaningful impact on traffic to the platform, or what one linkback will do for alexa rank, but maybe it helps in the grand scheme of things if others do similar.

Again, my social is lacking, but I need to look into POSH as well. I'm new, but I really want to support HIVE. This platform is incredible, and the more people that are part of the community, the better.

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You do now and all because you engaged on someone else post! That's how it works.
Welcome to Give and can you do some posts on fitness work without equipment?
Don't forget to add the sports talk tag!

Thanks! I appreciate the welcome. And I can absolutely do some posts on fitness without equipment. I'm always open to content ideas, too. So if there's anything specific you'd like to see, let me know.

I gave up on my personal blog when I got into Steem as I could get far more engagement that way. It's just for fun really and I don't strictly need my own site. I am no expert on SEO stuff, so I hope others can educate us on what can help the situation.


My site will basically end up being a payment portal for customers, and a hub for other projects, Hive being one of them.

For a while there, I stopped worrying about SEO, since all of the business promotion I was doing seemed much more impacted by paid social media advertising. But the more I get away from that, the more important SEO seems to be again. Fortunately, the basics don't seem to have changed much over the years.



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Let me know if you hear of any, especially in the UK

Me too! 😁

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I'm still on Steemit and although I hardly go there recently, I can't understand how it has more activity than Hive. All my years there, I never made half as much progress as I've made on Hive. I really don't understand how it's still so active when I don't see half as many updates as I've seen on Hive.

What are they doing that makes them worth the attention? I met a friend who told me she was introduced to Stemit recently and I can't even understand who introduces people to Steemit in Nigeria. It's weird to me.

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I know some people are making good money there as they have the support of the people in charge, but there's not much interesting content there. We need to expose people to what Hive can do for them.


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pagespeed is really bad

About links, I think there was never a campaign and all is natural. So it is normal steemit has some age advantage. This will be only a short-term thing.

Page speed is down to the developers and site owners. There are lots of old links to Steemit. We could update those in some cases.

it is simple work, that takes a lot of time. Look the articles outreach to the site owners and tell them about hive. Bam.

But this task is close to a fulltime job, if don't right because copy and paste is in that case dangerous.

To page speed yes. It needs some minify or caching.

This prompted me to look at some of the other platforms I used. I have updated some links on those to point to Peakd for what little difference it might make.


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The tokens and projects active on STEEM are now very few. It seems that the blockchain has emptied itself.

I think it's just a dash to earn what they can from it before it dies. Hive has a better future.


I was thinking about what you wrote, the thing is very likely. The only way to save STEEMIT is to turn it into TRON's social network, but this may be impossible to do.

I'm not sure Justin has shown much support for them since he took over. Maybe he lost face by Hive doing so well. We need to bring more crypto bloggers to Hive as it is a natural home for them. There are not many places the average person can earn well from blogging and having a decentralised platform should be what they want.


we'll bring crypto bloggers here ... I'll start talking more about crypto too.



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Maybe the traffic thing is just to do with history - Steem posts have been along for longer, that does count for something,

And for Hive, the hits are spread among the different front ends, add them all together and it might very well be greater than Steem!

stay free!

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I expect there's loads of old FB posts and Tweets linking to Steemit that will never get updated. I did look at my old Blogger sites and just updated some links there. I don't expect that will make much difference.

I think if you add up, peakd, ecency and leofinance they may still get less visits. They do dilute the brand a bit and some hide the fact they run on Hive.

That's an interesting sounding script

I make use of @hivesql to query user locations. It's very powerful stuff.




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Can I ask what's your route to cash out Steem please? I only got Bittrex that converts to USD but that's too convoluted for me. I'm looking for a Steem to £ route. Thanks

I think I mostly used beeswap as I was buying HIVE. I do have a Wirex crypto debit card. I can do HIVE->LTC on there via Blocktrades to convert to £ to spend. I did take advantage of that as I felt I deserved to treat myself. There seem to be various restrictions on crypto<->fiat lately as I was not able to top up the card from my bank account last time I tried.

Wirex not accepted UK new customers 😟

That's crap. Seems it's not so easy to run these things. The crypto<->fiat barrier holds things back.