Home Education Curation Collection. 7th March 2021

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It's been a quiet week for interaction, but we've had lots of great posts and it was hard to choose just the 5 to share here today.

First our usual thank you everyone who makes this community what it is. This week Hive for interaction on posts in the HomeEdders community goes to:

• 1 Hive - @melbourneswest
• 1 Hive - @arrliinn

A huge thank you to @amphlux for their delegation to the community. I seem to be giving a thank you each week, which is wonderful.



It's lovely to see @lugina back, this time sharing how she guides her autistic son with maths. Every child is a bit different in how they learn and this is a great method for all visual and hands on learners.


Some more clever maths learning comes from @sherylneil with an interactive number line tactic for addition and subtraction.

@arrliinn's avid learners have been putting a skeleton together to help them discover more about anatomy. This project also gave them some experience in following instructions and working as a team.

How about a rescue operation to hone those fine motor skills? @missdeli has created just the activity, which can even be scaled up for older children to make it more of a challenge.

@sarimanok may not officially be homeschooling, but life can put families in various positions and as the elder in hers she has stepped in often to raise and educate the youngsters. See what she's been doing with her latest charge, while school is still out and mum has to work away.


Thank you for joining us. This curation was brought to you by @minismallholding and this week I have chosen @missdeli to be a 10% beneficiary of this post, and have added in another beneficiary for @mattclarke for the ongoing delegation support. Thank you!
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Better late than never! Am sorry guys for the late reply. All I can say is thank you all for the recognition. Home learning for kids especially in the elementary years can be complicated without the guidance of elders/parents/guardians. They still need tutoring as the case may be. I have met a father who told me it was hard on their part when he has to tutor the two younger ones who are still in kinder and preparatory levels. He said that it was straining and sacrifice on the part of those working parents who comes home tired and they still need to do the tutoring of their kids.

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Ohh wow! Thank you!

These are such good posts! I loved reading each one of them! 🌈🌈

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Congrats everyone! I can't believe a week has passed already!

Well done to everyone who has been engaging and posting. Awesome stuff everyone!

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Thank you again! I love how the community gets to inspire us in our homeschooling journey. 😍

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There have been some fantastic posts this week and I'm so grateful to @acidyo and his @ocd project who have helped to get these posts the rewards they deserve.

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