Home Education Curation Collection. 7th February 2021

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This week I get to make a list of names for all the Hive we're giving away for interaction in the community! @Justinparke has placed himself firmly between our biggest chatters this time and we have Hive going to 10 people in total:

• 8 Hive - @ryivhnn
• 7 Hive - @justinparke
• 6 Hive - @cmplxty
• 2 Hive - @anli
• 2 Hive - @tarot911
• 2 Hive - @creacioneslelys
• 1 Hive - @riverflows
• 1 Hive - @edprivat
• 1 Hive - @lionmom
• 1 Hive - @melbourneswest



This week @melbourneswest got quite the conversion going when he asked if bedtime routine was important. The conversations really are a great read and chance to join in with what expanded to quite a variety of connected subjects. Thank you for this fantastic conversation starter, @melbourneswest!


It's not often we get one of @ryivhnn’s homeschool blogs, but they are guaranteed to be action packed when we do. January had the family learning outdoors and having a lot of fun to boot. Always the best way to learn, in my opinion. 😁

Sometimes life gets busy, but that can all become part of the learning process, as @romeskie's little miss discovered while she had fun helping mum out with household chores.

Meanwhile, @arrliinn incorporated lots of valuable learning skills into the process of cleaning and tidying the white board.

The eldest of the @kidsisters was excited to share her impressive new piece of art equipment with us and showcase her talents.

Thank you for joining us. This curation was brought to you by @minismallholding and this week I have chosen @arrliinn to be a 10% beneficiary of this post, and have added in another beneficiary for @summertooth for the ongoing delegation support. Thank you!
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Thanks for the support. I had a few hours of free time this week, and I wanted to give it to Home Edders. This is one of my favorite communities on Hive, and I just wish I had more time for engagement and reading.

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Ultimately real life comes first, but we're glad you found time to drop in.


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This community has been very warm to me, they have appreciated me and received me excellently. I really like the subject related to teaching from home, because I am convinced that this way we can do wonders, educate our children with love and respect, but for this we require certain notions, certain tools that can be found in Home Edders. Greetings and blessings and thank you very much for the mention and the gift.

So glad you've found us welcoming. This is one of my favourite communities too, but I'm biased. 😁


Hahahaha, I'm glad too

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Cool and informative posts from the home edders community! Keep up the good work :)

Thank you.

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What do you mean you get one from me every month XD

unless I flake out okay fine I've been doing that regularly XD

We do love our outnaboutiness :)

It was a but like buses, last month. Nothing for ages then they all came at once. 😜🤣


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Thanks for some great interactions and posts this week!

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Congratulation to all the Home Edders for their contents!