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As @ryivhnn was the only one to comment on more than one post in the community, this week she'll be the post beneficiary instead of sending Hive out. That's not to say there hasn't been interaction, because this community always does me proud on that front. I'd send Hive to every commenter, but it's been a busy weekend and I'm trying to catch up, so I hope you'll forgive me just this once. 😁



No that's not a tortilla @ryivhnn’s daughter is blow drying in the kitchen, it turns out it's handmade paper! How daft did I feel... February looks like it was a month of practical skills in the household. Find out what else they've been learning.

DIY activity and texture boards don't have to be complex. @sherylneil shows us how to make one from cardboard in less than 30 minutes. Something that can be renewed and recreated time and time again.

@romeskie gives us a confession that her initial homeschooling plans quickly got dropped in favour of learning through play. This week she shares how she's been teaching her little one maths with toys.

I just loved this birthday card @missdeli and family made for her father. Such a sweet, sentimental collaboration and a recording of a moment in time with those handprints.

As parents we are our children's guides, but sometimes there is more to teach in saying and doing nothing, but being present.

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There’s a lot of awesome activity going on! I haven’t been able to stop by but man I’m missing out!

You've been missed. Glad you could stop by. 😊

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Thank you once again beautiful people for sharing your experiences!

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Personally, Thank you all for sharing your stories, moments, strugglings and learning methods with the rest of the community! As parents, we also learn one from each other and that's the beauty in this community. We are parents that want our best for our children and homeschooling is a climbing path with lots of ups and downs. Sometimes, we just need advices, empathy and a good word from other parents, knowing there are more parents like us dealing with with all kind of concerns or unachivments we all have as homeeducators.

Greetings to you all from Romania:)

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