AL Doesn't Like Noise

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Several times I took AL out for walks. The temporary conclusion is that AL does not like the noise of the outside world. Could AL imitate me who does not like the outside world? Lol.


During the time I took AL out, I studied the behavior of AL who was uncomfortable with some things when outside. AL feels threatened and afraid of loud noises such as the sound of motorbikes, random sounds of chaos in nature.


I saw AL feeling stressed with rapid breathing when AL was out in the open where there was a lot of noise. When it happened a few days ago, I immediately brought it home.

When I first took it to a new area, but it had no noise, AL was fine. I have shared that in a previous post.


Walking Outside With AL.


AL easily panics, but he always wants me to take him out of the house. For the comfort of AL which is easy to stress, indoor space is the best choice.


I also have to avoid rooms that are too closed off. AL will panic and be afraid. I once took AL into a room without a window and closed the door. AL suddenly became uneasy and tried to open the door.

So, the best space for AL is the place where you get used to it from the start, indoors but not completely covered.



Although AL is easily stressed in the midst of noise, AL always invites me out of the house. He will "miau" continuously and will not stop until I invite him out of the house.

AL gets fussy when I wear nice clothes but don't bring him out of the house.


So, every day I take him out of the house, but only to the terrace. AL is comfortable playing in a hanging chair on the terrace of my house.

I would only take him occasionally to a new place, but only briefly. It's to get used to being braver and knowing more things.


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All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Your cat is like me, I like to be silent and don't talk much, but he is more beautiful than me lol lol.

ahahaha, I feel you. AL more beautiful than me

It's really beautiful! Congratulations on being able to carry him on a leash, he's so cute!

AL is a very beautiful cat. It is normal for him to be afraid of noises he doesn't know, but little by little, with each trip, he will get more and more accustomed to all those noises. Stay safe!

I hope so! Just need patience :)

Que hermoso gato, generalmente los gatos no les gusta el ruido.

Yeah seems he not uncomfortable in noisy place.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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@anggreklestari Your pet cat is very beautiful and cute♥️. It seems to do a lot of mischief. Do you carry him everywhere?