LockDown Day : 18 : 3rd Testing and Photos from the Void

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LockDown Day : 18 : 3rd Testing (Photos from the Void)

Dear family of digital friends.

I hope you're well today. I hope you had a nice breakfast or lunch or dinner. :)

Here in the sunny nation of Vietnam, we are now on day 18 of the strict lockdown. There are rumors flying the extended lockdown, there is also talk of a new doctrine release about "living with Covid". It seems that the government is realizing cannot take care of the million plus citizens so we have to adjust.

But that's not today, today was a 6:30 AM trip to get my no swap again. These moments of stepping out into the world and strolling the city streets like a hard gangster, is good. It fortifies the soul once again.

The second Covid testing, that happened six days ago ( read about it HERE). Provided the be a street festival of sorts with the ex-pat community coming out in force. With a desire to avoid the potential mixing of germs, I opted to arrive early in the day. Sole of my house about 6 AM and got there before anybody else showed up except two other folks.

Upon arrival the gates of the facility were locked still. And we ended up waiting till about 7 AM before they open.


I did managed to score a front row seat in the testing queue. WOOT! That means clean plastic gloves and more sanitized equipment. lol


People did however start to file and quickly in the place filled up fast.


You receive one of the staff members getting a table set up for what will soon be the swab-athon.


and then of course all other staff started to arrive and got dressed in their hazmat suits. I did bring the puppy dog @Kooza with me today. He was very curious about what they were doing the asked me what are they doing. He seemed to want to get his nose swabbed as well.


And here we see Prof. @Kooza surveying his class of people wondering how many of them are going to give him pets or treats.


I don't really envy these people's jobs. It must be brutal to do this type of work. I mean you gotta wear a hot plastic suit so you're sweating inside, then you deal with people who are probably less than happy to have you jam stuff in their noses, along with all that you're probably not getting paid that well and you have a high chance of catching a deadly virus. They do a lot of good work and I am thankful that there are people were willing to do it.


That was my big adventure for day 18 of lockdown. I did also managed to walk to a little local restaurant that was selling some protists out the back door. I picked up some lettuce and eggs so we can make it to potentially to Sunday wherein we will find out the world's gonna open or stay closed.

Thank you for joining me today. again I hope you're staying happy and healthy wherever you are, keep fighting, stay strong, make the choice to be happy, brush your teeth, your vegetables, go to sleep on time, be nice to people, call your mom, and remember the sun will come out tomorrow.

Much love'''




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