Day 4 in Daytona Beach, FL

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Our last day in Daytona

This last day at the beach is always a day full of mixed emotions. We were sad that we were already having to leave and dreaded the long drive home. We did however look forward to being back in the comfort of our own space with all of our things. We did our best to enjoy the day to the fullest and not dwell on the fact that it would be the last time we could spend all day at the beach for who knows how long.

I didn't take any beach photos on the last day, we had plenty of those during the other days. Plus I really wanted to focus on just enjoying our last day at the ocean. Trust me when I say we had a blast. The ocean in Daytona is great. The current was strong and the waves were giant. Those two things are what I look forward to most when going to the beach. Going somewhere that the water feels idle reminds me of being at a lake, which I can do here in WV any time. Another thing about Daytona is that the water was extra salty. It felt great and I know my body was thankful that I spent so much time in the water. I felt the best I had felt in a long time after our beach time. Plus add in the fact that the sand just felt so amazing on our toes.

After the beach on Wednesday, we went shopping. I didn't have plans of getting anything while we were out, but I knew that @flowerbaby would find something someplace. She didn't go overboard but did get a few items at the outlets. The place wasn't that busy. I think that waiting until later in the evening to do things really helped us out when it comes to the business of stores.

In closing, I'll say that I would for sure go back to Daytona Beach. It checked off a lot of the essentials that I look for when it comes to a good beach. One thing I'll warn you of is driving your car out on the beach. You really have to be prepared for the fact that your vehicle could get stuck in the sand if you aren't careful. We saw this happen to many people. Mainly two giant vans that should not have been out on the sand. They were stuck for hours until eventually a truck and jeep helped pull them out. Their insurance told them that tow trucks do not come out to the beach. If you drive slowly and don't dig holes in the sand with the tires, you should be fine. It's just nowhere near the same as driving on pavement.

I couldn't help but snag a selfie by our favorite mural. I was in between carrying our beach stuff from my car to the beach. I figured since I was alone, it was selfie time.

We found this giant bear and I knew right away that @flowerbaby needed a photo with it, she of course agreed with me. She is a diehard for some sugar, there is no way around that fact. She really does love sugar. Check out that cute outfit she's wearing too, we both love tie-dye.

This sign was near Daytona International Speedway. I have never been to a Nascar race before, but if I were to ever go I'd want it to be in Daytona.

Again we had a very long drive ahead of us. Over 11 hours to get back to West Virginia from Florida. Some people would call us crazy for driving that long for only 4 days at the beach, but it was worth it to us.

My car gets about 30 MPG, which I consider to be pretty good. 485 miles of range is quite a long time. Many electric cars are not at that range yet, but some are starting to have a range above 500 miles. Once electric vehicles are all getting over 1000 miles of range, it would be really hard to argue why having a gas vehicle is better for long road trips.

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝

I'm sad to say that this brings my Daytona Beach blogs to an end. I'm even more upset about the fact that we are no longer at the beach. I hope that you enjoyed sharing our experiences with us. I'm curious to know if anybody reading this has also been to Daytona Beach before. If you have, feel free to comment and let me know.


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When I read about Daytona, the first thing that comes to my mind is the famous car races. Out of curiosity, I wonder if the name @daltono has any special meaning or relationship to Daydona Beach? One of my favorite hobbies is driving. I have had the blessing of being able to travel, by car, the 23 states and the capital district that make up the territory of my country. On one occasion I traveled or crossed, with my family, eight known states to get to know the last three states, of the 23, that we did not know. The publication of that adventure is out there. I don't think it's crazy at all your 11 hour trip to enjoy 4 splendid days. Greetings and take care of yourself....

That’s awesome that you and I both are willing to go the distance to see new things.

I always thought of Daytona as the cool race city growing up. Never have I experienced Nascar in person though, I always thought it would be cool though. I love cars and racing. I too am one of those people who drives everywhere instead of flying. I just enjoy being behind the wheel or a REAL car. I come from a family that has driving in our blood. We are all obsessed with cars and there is no way around it. Some of us work on cars, others buy fancy cars. Myself, I buy one good car and stick with it for a long time. I may have only ever owned two different cars, but both were my style and fun to drive. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me car-wise. It will probably be a couple of more years before I purchase something different though. For now I’m happy with my Audi.

Also... my user name is not related to Daytona. My name is Dalton and my last name begins with O. Plus I thought that Daltono had a nice ring to it.

Definitely, that encounter with new things is what moves us and motivates us to keep driving until we reach the goal. I really enjoy driving, that feeling of being in motion, of not standing still. For me the model of the car is not so relevant, I care more that it is in good condition and that it is reliable over long distances. However, the sensation of traveling in one of those models you mention must be of another level. Keep enjoying your stay in Daytona and I hope you have a happy return home.

From the similarity of Daltono and Daytona and your trip there I thought there might be some connection. Thanks for taking the time and clarifying for me there is not. Regards...

Going towards the goal, but also making sure that whoever is riding with me and myself survive. Plenty of motivation right there.

I enjoy driving at high rates of speed when the roads are empty. Doing so on a curvy road is one of my favorite things in the world.

We are already back home safely. Missing the beach already.

You are not the only person to bring up the similarity between Daltono and Daytona. I think it’s pretty clever.

Thanks for the great comments 😎

Definitivamente, ese encontrarse con nuevas cosas es lo que nos mueve y motiva para seguir manejando hasta alcanzar la meta. Yo realmente disfruto manejar, esa sensación de estar en movimiento, de no estar parado. Para mi el modelo del carro no es tan relevante, me importa mas que este en buen estado que sea confiable en largas distancias. Sin embargo, la sensación de viaje en un modelo de esos que mencionas debe ser de otro nivel. Sigue disfrutando tu estadía en Daytona y espero que tengan un feliz retorno a casa.

Por lo parecido de Daltono y Daytona y tu viaje allí pensé que podía haber alguna conexión. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo y aclararme que no. Saludos...

What a good brother, thank God, he spent his vacation in an excellent way. Certainly when we are having fun times and time is running out, we feel some sadness for the soon return. However, home is home and one feels good there. You say Daytona beach is salty. God allow me to come one day to Venezuela, Sucre State in the Araya Peninsula where the sea is quite salty. A hug brother

As much driving as we did over the last couple of weeks, it was nearly as tiresome as a typical work week. I must say that it was far more fun than an average week of mine.

Malaysia has been in lockdown for 7 months! Missing the beach! Help!

That is terrible. I hate seeing most of the world having their rights stripped from them. I hope that humanity as a whole finds a way to unite and put the world back into a proper spin. A select happy few isn't going to work well long term.

Well, have not been the before but reading this post make me want to....let me start serving money😍😍😍

I'm sure there are great beaches all across the world. I have spent all of my life in the USA. Florida is about as tropical as it has gotten for me, besides Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

My family spend a day in Daytona when our car broke down last year. We didn't get to see much but from what we saw we liked it a lot. We only a few hour drive from there so we're planning to go back and spend a week there.

That’s a terrible reason to be in Daytona, but at least you eventually made it out of there. I think it’s worth going back to, just be careful bringing your vehicle on the beach. It would be terrible to get stuck in sunken sand.

I didn't even know you were allowed to drive on the beach and I wouldn't want to.

In certain beaches you can, such as Daytona. That’s what it’s known for, but definitely not all that it has to offer.

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