Which Projects Are Truly Decentralized?

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This is a talk track which appears to be picking up some steam. Perhaps it is the threat of regulation and government intervention. Whatever the reason, it seems like Crypto Twitter is having this discussion more frequently.

In this video I discuss how this is the future. We are going to see these discussions increase in frequency. There is no way it is going to reverse track. Projects either will be decentralized or they will be targets of the regulators. It really is that simple.

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Lol...of course the person with the tweet is a dodge holder...

10:51 Hive is truly decentralised...

When you check the wallets of people on hive you realise that no one can own Hive.

11:42 if you're centralized they can just take down the head...simple.

12:52 Hive is just a butterfly wait to get out of its cocoon and fly...