Creating My New Workspace Step by Step


Life is all about change, and how we adapt to change while remaining who we really are. Likewise with the architectural aspects of life. We design changes in the various spaces of our lives to suit our lives, and we feel we are living in them.

So this time I will share my experience in the process of creating a new workspace, on the other side of my house. It took me a while to realize that I really needed a new workspace to support my work productivity.



At first glance, it looks like no problem at all. My old workspace is pink with a touch of plants. In the past, it was my mother's former small shop selling necessities for daily living. It is located right on the side of the road. Although on one hand, it is nice to have an open side, there is a view of green fields, but over time I realized my old workspace was too noisy and interfered with my focus.



My old workspace also has a short roof construction, so it makes the room feel very hot during the day. So, this is also an important consideration. Hot and noisy. At least those two things finally made me realize I had to move and create a new workspace.


In fact, it's not easy to realize that we need something new, even though we are already uncomfortable with the old thing. Until finally my partner said I should invest more in my workspace, and I should not be stingy to spend money to buy essential equipment to support my work. Ah, thanks, my partner!

Then I took a break from my day job. I went for a walk with my cat, AL. We both circled my house. Then, I found two spaces as candidates for my new workspace. First, is my sister's former house next to mine. Second, the former bedroom of my late father.

I was thought what if I reused that space for my workspace. So I chose my late father's bedroom to be my workspace.

After deciding on the room selection, then, I went to the furniture store to look for a work desk and chair.


I haven't upgraded my desk and chairs in a long time. Since becoming a freelancer after resigning from the company a few years ago, I've been using the old desk that I used when I was in high school.

So it's a good time to buy new furniture for my new workspace. I have been to several furniture stores in my city. I ended up buying a work desk and chair at the furniture store where I used to buy a hanging chair.

I went back to the store and I knew I would find the right one.



My favorite place to shop for furniture is called “KAWANKU”. In English, it means “My Friend” and can be interpreted as a friendly furniture shop.



An employee who served me did not allow me to take too many pictures.


So I just took some photos in this place. Of course, posing a selfie on the furniture that has a mirror is a great idea. Lol.


This shop has a fairly complete collection of furniture. This includes work desks and chairs.


The following are the types of a desk and a chair that I chose to fill my new workspace.




I spent around $178 or IDR 2,400,000.


Well, after the desk and chair were delivered to my house from the furniture store, I set up my new workspace. So far I like the new vibes.


It takes a lot more to beautify my workspace. Like repainting walls and changing window curtains. I have to be patient to raise money for it all. At least for now, it can work well to increase my productivity.


AL looking around at my new workspace.


I have been using this workspace for a week. It feels comfortable, especially with the new soft chair that can be turned around to reduce my boredom.

It's still beyond perfect compared to how my old workspace looks. But I'm quite satisfied I was able to make a nice change.




That was the story about my experience creating a new workspace step by step. What do you think about my new workspace? I would love to read your comments.

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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It seems unbelievable but the place we have to work influences a lot, if we don't feel at ease we don't make progress or we get distracted, I need a quiet place without so much outside noise.
Your space looks very well balanced.

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the place without noise is we must have. that’s impact a lots for our work.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will be able to have the comfortable workspace soon :)

I love your workspace, I like your idea of putting flowers and plants on the table.

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Wow, this is lovely. This your working place looks nice and smart

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Thank you for reading and I hope this new change can bring positive things

Definitely, positive things is sure . remain blessed

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Wow the chair seems comfortable! having a nice working station is best thing we can do to elevate our productivity!
Have a wonderful weekend:)

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by

Your workplace looks beautiful,congratulations..

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@ecency thank you very much for the upvote

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You are greatly welcomed dear @anggreklestari

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Nice work, simple and beautiful!
I like my workspace to be simple but beautiful too. It doesn't take much to get the right atmosphere if you know what you want. I have loads of plants around me, this makes my workspace comfortable for me.
I don't mind sitting here for hours while I work.

The important thing is green space :)

Thanks for stopping by

Wow, your new work place is cool, beautiful, soothing, creative, energetic and so lively. You goona love it working there. Keep it up dear. You should try something like thisfor AL too😁😊 Have a Great day

Yeah, actually I love the new vibes :)

Thanks for stopping by, buddy

Your new workplace has smart look than previous. My good wishes to the new changes. Actually maybe we have to change old things because we are playing in modern technological period.

We see new modern things every day and how our mind works for new things :)

Thanks for stopping by

@anggreklestari very nice decoration.I like it very much.👌👌

Its important to have a relaxing workplace

Ini sesuatu yang luar biasa kak. Karena ruangannya sangat sederhana, tapi terlihat bagus dengan bunga anggrek di atas meja. Jika nanti ada kesempatan baik, kakak @anggreklestari bisa memberi sentuhan warna orange di dinding ruangan.

Best regards.

If I have not read this blog, I was thought that those desk was your late father's stuff. I just saw the chair was new one but I get mistake. Why did you chosen that kind of desk? I think it would be cute if you choose the minimalist one I mean something with white. But that was my style haha. It still looks nice. I bet you will get biggies ideas when you work on it!

Well, I want the white one. But not available in here. so I just change my expectation :(

Why didn't go to onlineshop?

I love the creative thinking that brings out the best and this really teach that one should not despise his little beginning state.
Thanks for sharing

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Excelente la evolución de un cambio cuando este sea para mejorar, siempre atrae prosperidad y buenas vibras, tu nuevo espacio de trabajo te da un salto de calidad mayor a tu vida, así como también podrás inspirarte mejor a la hora de crear tus contenidos los cuales a todos nos encanta @anggreklestari, acá tienes alguien que siempre disfruta tu trabajo siempre amiga.

When we make our art a practice, when we make our workspace sacred and enter it daily with respect and high intention, then we elevate our actions (even if they're taking place within the profane arena of commerce) beyond ego and above gimme-gimme ambition.

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Bringing in new furniture is always fun and when it's for workstation it's super exciting and creates new found excitement to work.
Keep flourishing and sharing your experiences.

I like what it seems to be an essential oil diffuser? I wonder if they really maintain the nice smell, I often wanted one of those. To have silence and a good energy where you work is important, as it can reduce stress and fatigue.
The plant in the left looks like an Anthurium, I love those

Is a space work nice. Haha the cat go too?

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It is a totally different look from your previous space. It's good to update since you'd be spending the majority of your time working here and in order to increase productivity. It's great that you have natural light in front of your desk with a comfy ergonomic chair Thanks for sharing your workspace update process with us.

You really write such profound things @anggreklestari! Can you come and help me set up my workspace! I love what you have done. And again - that PINK!! Our happy, peaceful work area definitely sets the tone.

What a beautiful cat!!

cool set up.. i like the new one... what's your freelancing job now?

I'm managing social media account for some clients, as well as doing digital marketing for them :)

Good choice of furniture. Love your cat. Such a cutie.

Thank you for sharing your story and the arrangement and prices of tables and chairs for your workplace, Sist @anggreklestari. When I go home later I want to have a comfortable and work place to work😁