You will surely enjoy it, and remember that to participate in the raffle you must follow the rules, so the app recognizes your comment and you participate.

I hope you follow the next interviews, they are very interesting too.

Ahh I completely forgot about the giveaway thank you for the reminder! I hope a reply to your comment will still be eligible for the bot to sift through? (if not I apologise for my nooby-ness to hive)

RS Name: Dubble
Steve Clark
I like his outlook of just enjoying what he is doing and what he is creating, too many people over stress about life and my outlook is to just enjoy the moments! It seems Steve does exactly that, hoping the pub gigs keep the good spirits up!
Fanatically constructed interview too of course @manclar, great post for the RS community, very easy and smooth read! looking forward to the next ones keep it up and have a great day

Thanks. Generally, a comment saying anything works, but in these cases I configure the app so that people mention the name of the artist, which helps their name to be more seen and supports them, for that reason is that the configuration of interviews with artists put it like this.

Steve is a super cool and relaxing man, also a very respectful and polite person for whom I has great respect and appreciation.

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it very much, and I hope you continue to enjoy the next interviews, which are very good.




@dubble! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @manclar.

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Awesome bot for posts like these. Definitely, he seems very down to earth (as do yourself) post like these are very welcoming in my opinion, haven't found myself "in" or attempting to join any communities for a long time, played RS, found hive and simple things like joining card giveaways or reading interviews you conduct do make me feel very apart of this community so truly thank you! Everyone who is involved with RS seems to be very kind & polite. Looking forward to the next interview definitely keep it up!

Thankyou very much, the idea is keep a pleaseant place when we can share, talk and enjoy, so i take this proposal on my own idea, no one has does it before as i know.

Very kind and nice comment, hope you follow me so you can view the notifications of my next interviews. Invite your friends, share this post, so many people join this community, that is a safe and joyfull place.

Apreciatte your comment, and nice to meet you, hope seeing again on my next posts, you are welcome.