My dads house was almost caught in a fire but we still celebrated his 50th!

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My dad turned 50 just about two weeks ago. We didn't have a big celebration on the big day but rather went out to eat some pizza. The big one was supposed to come the next weekend. He had booked an apartment in the southwestern part of Norway a couple of hours away. The plan was to drive down there and have a good time with the family. That plan almost turned to dust when a huge forest fire broke out near my dads house.

It started out as a small fire that soon started spreading. At first it was moving along without threatening any houses or people. All of a sudden the wind turned northward and started spreading even faster. It was moving along at 5 meters a second at the fastest which is quite crazy. That's like 300 metres in a minute. Unluckily northward was where my dad lived.


It went on for a couple of hours and eventually my dad had to evacuate. The rest of the family was away with the car so when the police came to chase him out he had to borrow one of the neighbors cars who luckily had two. He just had to throw the dog in and all the valuables he had already packed and get the hell out of dodge.

Luckily my grandma has a lot of bed space and we some as well so they had a place to sleep. We gathered at my grandmas to watch the live feed on the news. It was quite nerve-racking waiting for the news that their house might have burned down.

Luckily it didn't happen. Out of the 300 houses that were evacuated only one burned down in addition to a cot. It's of course one to many but considered what might have been it's not so bad. Luckily that guy was insured and the community started a fundraiser to get him going again.

This did however put a dampener on our travel plans. Should we go or not? The fire was still looming, it had just died down for a bit but the firefighters had it under control. Seeing as my dad and has family wasn't allowed to go back home for the weekend anyways we decided to get in the cars and do the trip anyways. Luckily they had a good insurance which let them buy some clothes and necessities for the trip, seeing as everything was left in their home.

I thought this picture of the fire was pretty cool. Taken from someones living room.VG - photo by Hedvig Idås

The Trip

The trip took us down south to a place called Karmøy. It's an island on the southwestern tip of Norway. It's a coastal and weather beaten place but it has some awesome views for sure. The first awesome view met us already when we arrived at the rented apartment. It was all the way down by the sea. Like literally all the way down by the sea. Standing on the balcony we could look for miles. Like get in a boat and go straight you'll end up in Scotland.

I'm not gonna go double dipping into the awesome sunset that revealed itself later in the evening but I will show off the daytime view. The picture below is taken from the second floor balcony. I was one of the first to get up this morning and I was just sat out on the balcony for an hour taking in the fresh air and the awesome view while enjoying my morning coffee.


The apartment had some really sweet art hanging around on the walls as well. Some of it was prints but some of them were real original paintings. Probably not something grand or expensive seeing as its in an apartment rented out to strangers but it was still cool art. I didn't recognize any of the signatues as they were pretty much unreadable.

I really liked the piece below. It had a great color palette and a cool motive. I have this thing with art where I can look at 50 pieces, thinking that 49 of them are boring and I'll look at them in passing but then I'll find that one piece to stand staring at for 30 minutes. I was at a Salvador Dali exhibit in Brugge, Belgium where they exhibited his sketches and unfinished works. Most of it was boring stuff but for some reason a piece depicting a deformed man riding a butchered pig resonated with me and I stood there staring at it for 15 minutes. I couldn't explain why, it simply clicked with me. Like the piece below.

IMG_4795 (2).jpeg
Unknown artist

My family was pretty tired and broken down this weekend so we didn't bring all our plans to life. My uncle who lives nearby came over and we took it easy and went on some light sightseeing around the island. We visited a beach called Åkrasanden which was a really nice place. Apparently it's been named Norways prettiest beach several years in a row. It was easy to see why when we got there.




We had originally planned a small hike but no one had the shoes for it so instead we went to play minigolf for a couple of hours. They had a pretty decent minigolf park next to the golf course so we went there. It had 50 holes in total over three courses which was quite the number. They had a park, a farm and a mine theme. We went for a round in the mines which were supposed to be the hardest course.

I was surprised at the quality of the courses. They had grass mats all over the place as well as a rough with longer tufts of grass. Most places I've played before has a hard surface so that was great. Everything seemed brand new as well even though they've been open for years. They probably maintain it well. According to their website they have the biggest minigolf park in Europe which was pretty cool.

I did of course end up winning. No hole in ones this time but I had a couple of twos. I have no idea what par for the course were as it didn't say. I did muck about with some 5s, 6s, and 7s so I didn't go the whole round on par for sure. I forgot to take photos of the scorecard so the proof of my win is forever gone.








A really cool place for sure. After this we went on to eat at a Chinese restaurant which had awesome food. We then went back to the apartment to witness another sunset and play some board games throughout the evening. All in all a great weekend even though it had a dramatic start. My dad and family are now back in their house and apart from the smokey smell everything is in order.

Happy 50th dad!

All unsourced images are taken by me.


What an emotional rollercoaster. Glad everything turned out well and you enjoyed your day :)

An emotional rollercoaster perfectly sums up this weekend. Thanks man!

Looks like a good time. I am glad that the house is fine. That would be horrible. Fire season is going to be crazy here this year because we are having a severe drought and the winds are pretty bad.

The fire actually had a rebound yesterday but they got in under control fast. It's been dry for weeks now and we finally got some rain today. It was much needed. Hoping you guys can get some rain to lower the hazard.

Glad you guys got some rain. Hopefully it keeps things under control there. We don’t have any rain in the forecast. Luckily I don’t live near any of the fire spots, but I get to see all the fires on the mountains and then we have to deal with the smoke filling up the valley

We had a mountainside burning close to where I lived a couple of years ago. It was awesome to see but the smoke totally sucked. Nice time to get the camera out if nothing else.

Wow, quite an experience. I am glad your father's house is intact. A friend from here, Mo, Showed how his boyfriend's house was burned down in California fires. It is indeed a difficult experience. On the other hand, that birthday sounded quite what you needed to forget a little about that past threat and enjoy family time and support. May you dad celebrate countless of birthdays in the years to come.

That's horrible. I remember the California fires being really bad. Saw some insane videos from there when it happened. At least we had a great celebration. Cheers!

As some people say that after the storm the sun comes out.
I am very happy that your father after that little fire tragedy was able to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Really what a nice beach it is, for sure it has to be the best in Norway.

I'm glad you're okay and nothing happened to you and your family. I'm sure your father's next birthday will be great. Don't let anything get you and your family down. Happy birthday to your father. :)

Wow. what an extreme day they spent! A day full of adrenaline, the photographs of the fire are impressive, good thing that it was just a scare no more, and in the end they were able to celebrate the 50 years of your Father. I loved the golf course with the windmills as well as the beautiful sunrise view from the balcony! Congratulations to your Father and may the celebrations and family gatherings continue!

It was a roller coaster of a weekend. We went through all the highs and lows. In the end it was a good time!

the views look amazing my friend! I know it's too late but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR DADDY! I'm so glad the fire didn't take your dad's house, and that they had a good birthday despite everything

I forgot to take photos of the scorecard

Yeah sure. Admit you lost.

I'm glad you were able to have a good time with your family after what happened. I remember you were offline the whole day that happened and I felt it was strange. At least everyone is doing well.

The photos are amazing. I'm not a big fan of the beach despite living on an island, but the views are spectacular.

Last Thursday was a weird day indeed. I didn't give a lot of energy to Hive or anything else that day. It was great to get away and put our thoughts elsewhere though. Great place to visit!

I'm so relived that the fire didn't get to his house, that would have had a bad effect on his birthday. Happy birthday to your dad, we wish him many more years of celebration with good health

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