Swim, the boat! (digital art)

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Hi friends!

It was an unrealized idea for a drawing competition on Golos.


According to the terms of the competition, yellow autumn leaves were to be present in the drawing.
I came up with such a ship with a maple leaf instead of a sail.


For my artwork I chose the same by Kyle T Webster brushes I drew with them in my previews post


I also painted a leaf-sail using the same scattering brushes.


Then I used Mixer Brush tool for color smooth.
(I had a russian version of Photoshop, so I will sign all screenshots to make it clearer for you)


This will create a dynamic feel as the sail is flapping in the wind.



For the same action I chose a texture brush and changed an option of Brush tool for it.
Dual Brush checkbox switch-on
Maked Angle Jitter to 19% (on Shape Dynamics tab)


And on Color Dynamics tab i meked this options:
Hue Jitter - 18%
Saturation Jitter - 17%
Brightness jitter - 15%


The leaf took on a shape as if it had been crushed by the wind.
With the same texture brushes (and with default options) I drew a distant clouds.


To add more dynamics to the picture, I drew with simple round hard brush a ribbons with which the sail leaf is tied to the mast, and they also flutter in the wind.
As well as a boat and tackle.


In order to create beautiful frothy waves around the boat, I selected one of Kyle's brushes and set the Spacing for it to 15%


And my lovest digital trick - finally color correction with Curve and Chnnel Mixer adjustment layers


This is ready artwork!


Thanks for your attention!
Have a nice and creative day to all!