Grisaille rose (graphics)

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Hi friends!

I'm a digital artist, but sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I pick up regular pencils
Today it occurred to me: if photographers consider b / w roses to be quite a good creative solution, then why not draw it in monochrome?
I don't think it will look worse ...


There is an idea, it's up to you to sit down and draw!)))
Sketch and stages (drawn from several of my own photos)

I chose a composition for a long time - I wanted to add a bud to the rose, but I did not immediately find a good place for it.


First I put shadows in dark sepia


Then I make a color transition with a light sepia


The lightest areas (glare, veins, petals in the light) - with chalk.


I paint over the rest of the flower with sanguine.
In some places, I slightly emphasize the shadows and outlines with a charcoal pencil.

Result and materials used


Thank you for your attention!