Digital art. Dreaming of long distance travel

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Hi friends!

Once in one of the souvenir shops I came across a hand-made composition - a tree decorated in a nautical style, in a shard of an antique-stylized vase.

When I was going over in my head the plots for the art contest on Golos, I suddenly remembered about her.
It seemed that it would be interesting.

Drawing in Photishop CC 2018


In the course of the work, the brushes by Kyle T. Webster were used, and in some places - an assembly from a Russian illustrator Vera Velichko

The art story is presumably the following - a tree (living, not man-made) has grown in a fragment of an old vase, on a ruins, somewhere on a seashore.


I create a background, determine the general color scheme


When all the details of the drawing are outlined in color, turn off the visibility of the sketch


... and continue working: detailing a remains of the stone wall (selecting texture) and sketching a foamy waves near the shore (with the same brushes used for a background)


Ready waves


The pattern and cracks in the vase and a shadow underneath


Instead of flowers, this tree blooms ... seashells))


A bit of marine surroundings for mood - two seagulls and a ghostly silhouette of a ship


Finally color corection a little and.. such a dreamy picture turned out!


Have a nice and creative day!)))


Beauty in simplicity. The scene nicely conveys the dreamlike quality of adventure and freedom.

@litguru, thanks a lot!