Will you buy $10 of Hive with me?

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I went ahead and bought $10 worth of Hive on Ionomy.

I believe this is a small enough amount that most everyone can afford it without a large financial burden.

I challenge you to buy $10 worth of Hive from your favorite exchange, transfer it to your account, and power it up..

If you accept this challenge, leave a comment below confirming your participation.

I'd love to see 100 people participate. Do you think we can do it?

Better yet, did you know you can send STEEM to @swap.app and it will automatically convert it to Hive with only a 0.7% fee using Binance?

Please reblog to help raise awareness.

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Thanks, Marky. Count me in!

I blew my wad a couple days ago, or I would.

Ron is a secret whale.

Damn dude, that's pretty solid for a clown.

It wasn't all mine, I was just doing the trading, but I got a decent chunk of it.

I converted all my last steem to hive yesterday on bittrex. I think, this is the best time to convert.

As a more seasoned Hive user, I'm beginning to shift my thoughts on author rewards. I love this idea but I've seen it before. I think this is an awesome message, but I also am starting to see large hive accounts with the same content and to me it kind of seems like people are milking hive. Maybe declining rewards is a good way to handle non-fresh content or for content you've published elsewhere to bring to hive, because that takes some courage, and reposts of something like this would be a great candidate. You're popular and I think this message does bring value to hive. But also you would help set an example of declining rewards for non-fresh content in order to keep the message alive.

Another suggestion might be what Acidyo does and pay the rewards to the curators.

Just my two cents. I've been removing auto-votes on most accounts I see not posting quality content or fresh ideas because I'd rather reward more effort. I really do enjoy seeing well written posts on Hive. But, there is little accountability on Hive to manage these types of things more efficiently, so in the interim we may be able to establish some better principles.

I very rarely post similar content, I post unique content on a daily basis.

Another suggestion might be what Acidyo does and pay the rewards to the curators.

I am not a fan of this at all, I believe 50/50 split is good, people do not appreciate the value stakeholders bring but I don't agree on making curation even more than 50%. Especially when authors can set it, it becomes a race to the bottom where authors will give up more and more of their rewards to try to get larger votes. It will directly influence voting without regard to quality and content.

I think this is an awesome message, but I also am starting to see large hive accounts with the same content and to me it kind of seems like people are milking hive.

I don't post content anyone else does, and I've posted this similar message like 3-4 times in the last 3 years I have been here. If you look through my content, it isn't remotely similar to my own or others outside of this series of posts I did 3-4 times.

Sorry I'm not accusing you as a whole, I guess I'm accusing this post of it, yea. I know you post great stuff and I got some really good ideas from you about one post you made, people want to learn from your posts. I learn a ton. I've just been seeing whale accounts posts a single photo because they know they have auto-votes. I'd like to see better discipline about that, I'd prefer to keep auto-votes on because it's easier but I hate to see it abused. I've been trying to get better about it myself too.

From the sounds of it I know it wasn't your intent to "milk hive" but it's how it can be perceived. Since you're a hive witness, you set a huge example.

From the comment on Acidyo, I think that that would be great for this post only and others like it from any author. People should re-post stuff with a valuable message, but also there is nothing to stop you from posting this same thing every week, right? Then I think you would agree it would definitely been seen and viewed as milking hive.

Dude let's talk in DM

[redacted] 😝

To clarify; this message is solely around reports of the exact same content, no matter how few. I think, in principle any/all re-posts should have rewards declined or rewards paid to people who comment, that's a great idea imho.

p.s. I think you're a great witness Marky. I voted for you! Can we be friends? Even if we do agree to disagree, I still like you :) no homo (*said in a non-homophobic way)

I get you, and I don't disagree.
I make it a point to not just repeat posts or post repetitive auto posts like a lot of whales and witnesses do.

How about Buying 993 and powering up 300 for an even 10k SP?




Even numbers are cool!

I thought so

Is there any estimation when bittrex will enable the hive transactions?

I thought it was already trading there?

Trading yes but cant transfer out

Really did not know that...

Well at the least for me...

I only trade on coinbase so I’m not much help here...

I just found out there is a pair on UNISWAP for HIVE if you still have some sitting around...

If I remember correctly you had some way back when


Reminds me, I got to dump that shit coin.
Well, what they didn't steal from me.

I've started using swap.app to move my STEEM into HIVE. Does that count?

Yeah, I did the same!
It's really handy.

Hello dear friend @themarkymark good afternoon.
Excellent initiative, I had some tokkens in hive engine, I changed them and transferred them to my hive wallet to accompany your invitation
here are the vouchers.
Have a great afternoon

Hi, @themarkymark I wanted to covert more steem and I sent 2000 to @swap.app for 3 hours but I haven't get in Hive until now do you know why?
Thanks for your Answer!

My 500 STEEM to HIVE xfer went through almost instantly. Do you have screenshots of the transfers?

Yes I had a screenshot, but now everything is ok, maybe is a limit per transaction, Thank you very much!

Or just steem node showing middle finger ;) hive nodes are much more reliable...

I can see you got a refund, I'm guessing they didn't have the liquidity.
I see they have over 4000 Hive right now, so maybe try it again.

Try with 500 first if you want, and see what happens. I am not sure if there is a limit per transaction. I never did over 500 or so myself, but I have used it a lot without issue.

I see now that I have got back, maybe is a limit I will try just continue with 500. Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

Hello I'm participated on your Event. Thanks for creating this Contest!
Here my picture.

Hive transaction.png


I went for £10. And why not, Hive is cheaper for now. I am almost at orca level now.


Sure thing, testing @swap.app BTC -> Hive atm :)

Screenshot_20200824  cardboard HIVE Block Explorer1.png

Also, need to wrap some Hive 😎

Is there a way to buy directly in dollars yet (even on exchanges) or do I still need to buy btc first?

Usually you need to buy BTC first, I think Sequior had an option without buying BTC first but you pay a premium.

Just bought some Hive on Bittrex that I plan on powering up, but they are not allowing Hive transfers currently.

Hey @themarkymark,
in general i really like your content and enjoy reading it. But this type of posts for me is too close to pump & dump schemes. Also i think there isn't much content in these posts of yours.

There is nothing wrong with you or other users regulary buying hive, but announcing it in this way makes me feel shady about it. Even though 10$ isn't much it might be used by others to buy hive, wait for your next post of this kind and selling at higher prices to your followers.

No where did I suggest selling, in fact that’s what most people are doing, I am trying to change the narrative.

Also hard to dump when I am suggesting powering it up for 13+ weeks.

Cult like is it not, as in invest in me. Steemit was just the same, not interested in cults, selling, buy off me Mark oh wonderful leader you.

great! 😜

We gotta get hive price back above steem price

On the way and getting ready to powerup about 200 of them!

Screenshot 203.png

디질랜드~! 디져랏~! 이 개쉐야~!