Why Crytpo Is The Answer To The Work Problem

Cryptocurrency is stepping up in a big way. Right now it is a bit hard to see yet we are seeing the foundation being laid that will provide people with what they need down the road.

Presently, we are embarking upon a deeper path into the technological world. There is little debate that technology changed a great deal about society, most of it for the better. This is only going to continue going forward as the technologies we working with become even more impressive.

The progress depends upon what individuals choose to focus upon. Simply put, technology reduces the need for human labor. This is a good thing and moves us closer to the utopia some technologies discuss. As automation take over, machines do more of the work. It is an end we all should strive for.

Of course, there is an economic downside. When more people find it difficult to find work, this causes problems on every level. Taken from a societal standpoint, how do we handle a time when tens of millions are permanently out of work due to automation? This is a question that few can answer and certainly appears to pull us closer to a dystopia.


A case could be made that we are entering unprecedented times. The pace which things are happening was not experienced before in human history. We try to equate it to the Industrial Revolution and other eras of massive change. The challenge with that is those took place over many decades. What we are seeing today shows how industries can be completely upended in a few years.

Automation is a tremendous driver of the economic engine. It allow for the generation of far more productivity and wealth than people could have imagined a half century ago. However, this is not without problems.

One of the biggest is the distribution of said wealth. We see the inequality growing on a yearly basis. At the core of this is the ownership of the production. Due to our corporate structure, the beneficiaries of the advancement in automation are a relatively small part of the overall global population. They are the ones who are constantly moving towards the utopian side of things while the majority of humanity feels the dystopian effects.

This leads to the proposals of such topics as UBI. Without going into that specifically, one major drawback is it does make people dependent upon governments. The challenge here is we see an organizational structure that is highly subject to corruption, unsavory characters, and can end up causing more overall harm than good. Get away from the political ideologues and one would have a tough time finding anyone who would say that any government (or administration) was truly of benefit to its population within the last 50 years. In short, government has basically become the enemy of the people because of the corruption of politicians and bureaucrats.

All this puts people in a very difficult position. Ultimately, depending upon the government tends not to work out for many people. Just ask those at the lower end of the spectrum who have to constantly deal with this matter.

Hence, we need to come up with a different way of going about it. Is there something that can radically alter the landscape which will serve as a better distribution model across the entire planet?


Fortunately, there is cryptocurrency. This is a technology that is truly a game changer. The power here resides in the ability to completely alter the "ownership" of production model. Instead of it residing with just a few, it is something that can be spread across the entire planet.

It is also an arena that does not operate based upon the scarcity model. Since it was born in the digital world, it operates under many of the same properties. Two things the digital realm are known for are speed and abundance. People can hammer out code and create platforms that are only limited by bandwidth and computational speed. Both of those are continually increasing. Operating in a world of bits, global collaboration can take place in a matter of seconds as data is moved around the world at a mind-boggling pace.

Over the next decade, we are going to forge digital organisms which have a life of their own. Through the tokenization process, ownership of digital assets can be established. These can represent influence within a certain community, carrying some monetary value.

This leads us ideally into the autonomous age. With the progression toward more automation, the benefits of that can be spread across billions of people. Through their efforts, they get into the action via cryptocurrency. This will lead to the establishment of some baseline of wealth for people. From there, they can start to expand into different ventures which provide a return from the automated activities.

Of course, there can be different goals associated with a DAO. Under a corporation, at least a publicly traded one, there is a single goal: maximize profits for shareholders. That is what the corporation was designed for. It exists for few other reasons.


The DAO, on the other hand, is meant to maximize efficiency. Hence, while a profit is sought, trying to squeeze the most out of the every aspect of the organization is not the goal. Here is a situation where those with influence are also users/participants of the system. For example, a solar power system might be tokenized and most of the token holders are the ones in that area who utilize the power generated. Are they going to want to endure outrageous fees simply to maximize their return? Of course not. Instead, they just want to have low cost renewable energy. Money above a prudent reserve to ensure ongoing operations is not really necessary when the "owners" are the users.

This idea is going to filter to every level of the commercial ecosystem. While many things will remain as they are, most will shift. This is because the business structure is much better suited for long-term success. It removes the adversarial relationship between customers and a business in an effort to create a resilient business. It seeks to serve (benefit) those who are actual users as opposed to firms that just look to maximize returns.

In the end, the same person will be involved in dozens of different projects. It will all come down to the effort put into each one that reflects the individual's influence. This will have a monetary value based upon the tokenization, something that will help to enhance personal wealth. When we look at the totality of the person's activities, we can see how this will benefit him or her.

Of course, the automation of most everything is still a number of decades away. In the meantime, we will see digital organisms forming that are tokenized. Many refer this as "tokenized communities" which will end up being mini-economic systems that serve those who are involved. Again, since this is a voluntary system, people are free to partake in whatever they desire. The online mobility allows one simply to move from community-to-community has he or she sees fit.

Over time, people will find those areas that best suit them. This is a "work" life that is not based upon the values of the higher ups or where one has to succumb to the "boss". Instead, it is a co-operative that is digital, hence can reach all corners of the planet. The values will be derived from those involved as opposed to some company ethos that was basically set by the Board of Directors (usually built around maximizing profits).

Eventually, we will see all those displaced workers compensated for their activities through the tokenization process. As the market cap of crypto enters the tens of trillions of dollars, we will see billions of people partaking in these systems. It is then that we will know that a massive paradigm shift took place.

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I think crypto is a great way to to have in company fund management it is there low risk of corruption and you can see clearly where the money is going if you of course have registered addresses of your employees crypto accounts

Why I got the feeling UBI will be going hand in hand with CBDCs and the ones supposed to be receiving it will have to accept the damn chip I wrote about yesterday in one of my posts and so many times in several others.

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Bet the ranch, if the government can put it, it can take away.

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It's the new thing. Get on board or get left behind. haha.

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Hodl your crytpo!


With 💎 hands!

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Hold my !PIZZA. 😂
I currently do not have beer.



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Yeah that is the good stuff.

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Brilliant arctice. I hope when the time comes our knowledge of the crypto will make us very profitable ;)

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It most likely will. We just have to keep pushing forward.

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Nice post if the world can adopt cryto currencies as a means of exchange it will really help a lot.
Thanks for sharing

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Crytpo, cryto. This is getting better and better. 😂

I do agree if we fall into a complete government run ubi set of programs that would be a problem. I don't think it has to be an either or situation as there could be a combo of government and crypto ubi working together.

I see that being more the solution. The problem i have with cryptocurrencies.. not blockchain tech. The actual use of the blockchain for tokenization is alot of people entering crypto at this stage i believe are doing so for the wrong reasons.

Most people are just entering crypto on the idea of a get rich quick scheme. Which signifies to me they don't see the emerging problems in their financial systems they just want to be richer in those financial systems as they believe that will solve the problem. What they should really be researching and focused on is the root causes of why the financial systems are in the state they are in.

So i understand peoples who's got the boots on their necks can't really focus on much else. So its difficult for them so they expend most of their time tracking scam coins and pyramid and ponzi schemes to alleviate the problems short term. It's not a solution they spend the rest of their time making stupid comments on things that aren't even in the ballpark of what the future will be like. So tokenization and dao's are only going to work if the people that control these systems and i say control because i still feel we're under some false idea of the people are controlling it and not yet another small group of people who have replaced the government.. just put us in another horrific system of control. Those people they still think like the govt and their economical philosophies still model those of the 20th century and not a new way forward into the 21st century. So they'd still need a push in that direction i haven't seen it yet. I don't think they are even close as of yet the only thing i think can get them there is like ubi projects over the blockchain in crypto. If its not a ubi project in crypto i would say its just more a waste of time of creating a thinly disguised penny stock on the chain.. its nothing to really see here.

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Most people are just entering crypto on the idea of a get rich quick scheme.

This is very true. What I fear is that we are going to see the same pattern: the wealth generated remains in the financial system playing the casino game as opposed to fund worthwhile, advancing projects like cancer research, space manufacturing, or new forms of energy.

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Exactly.. cancer research.. life extension.. we have a terrible list of priorities here. Billions of dollars spent per year on making chocolate taste more chocolately and peanut butter.. taste more peanut buttery.. Meanwhile i can't even tell the difference in the taste.

The saddest part is crypto people from what i read around here are fairly intelligent people but they are either impotent or puppets on a string themselves. The hive community is notorious for this type of thing. What the hive community is based on mostly is literally a interactive network of people. What could be more visceral than this organic network gaining brand effect and network effect and not being a 200 place coin but the number 1 coin. That's what shoudl be conceivable that hive should really be better than bitcoin.. free transactions for the most part .. friendly user interfaces.

However, it doesn't take you long to discover the hive community it's something wrong with your minds. It's something wrong with your minds and priorities and weird actions are taken. In other words people can tell you things that make sense and you go on and do something else anyway. You're like my sister lol.

So what makes sense to me.. and i'm not trying to market my projects.. Here's the deal.. my projects i believe the issues are so big they are relevant anyplace and not just in a small community. So people join our network from all over the place in crypto or not. .I just want to put this in context for reference points. So bbd coin is the stable coin we created and its redeemable for btcmyk .. i think of it like how they could once literally redeem us dollars for gold etc.,

So i'm seriously thinking about half of the purchases of bbd dollars going to life extension research and cancer research and of course we already have some going to ubi. To me that makes sense. We put all our money in stablecoins that pushes up the price of bitcoin then they dump it on us.. So who knows where this magic money is going but it certainly would make me feel better if i atleast knew a good portion was getting to life extension and medical research.. really doesn't matter how free you are if you dead and dying fast.

So we cover big issues these issues resonate with everybody everywhere so i just wanna put that out there because i'm sure marky mark feels thats what we do on his threads he doesn't have a clue that guy, lol. but anyway lol...

It's not totally hopeless in crypto just rare.. There is like maybe.. one other project that not only gets it but may be successful in achieving alot depending on what they continue to put in their roadmap. That project is the Pi network.. i thought it was all gimmicky at first. i have looked closer and after them gaining their 18 million users i've discovered that they've done this entirely by giving away free coins. So i'm not saying they are the answer but i think projects that work this way with their model are the crypto projects i believe has the better chance.

You can't model crypto off our standard belief systems and economic philosophies and expect crypto to be our saving grace. It just doesn't work that way. If you really wanna hear the truth i know some of you all don't wanna hear. Crypto is far worse than our standard economy. I mean if we had to choose one at this point. It certainly absolutely not would be crypto. That would be utter chaos and destruction.

I would not be convinced you all are ready. You're not even showing me you are. My belief is crypto has to be either some hybrid or a system totally alien from what we're doing now.. It may not even run on a for profit model. I know some people believe in the bundle effect of okay well maybe we'll have many for profit crypto systems and collectively they will add up to solve the problem. I don't think thats necessarily going to work either because if you have crypto projects where its still like 1% of the people bringing their value from standard economies controlling the networks and everyone switching now to some pos model

If its thats always the norm then you're still going to come out with the same formula everytime. No it needs a total overhaul.. system breakdown and recreation of something totally different. Even if you look at like how some corporations now are going hey a for profit model doesn't really work.. they are now forming what they call social companies..Not socialism but just going back to an idea of companies only bottom line is the dollar. Going back to a human is still more valuable even if it means we lose money. Thats what i'm talking about. Early bitcoin was quite social as well.. with most coins being given away and it set the foundation for a successful project but now you get to its transformation to this completely capitalist corporatist model and those same people now own all the bitcoin.

What do you think its going to take for you guys mind to change? The problem is you can't be bothin operation and support of these type approaches and be opposite end them or the systems keep perpetuating. So with all of us at some point it has to start with us. We can't always be like "they" and "we" we sometimes gotta be like (us). Unfortunately i don't know how to make it any more plainer to you all. Its like the ole saying you can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink and the problem is if we're going to price all this stuff in fiat currency .. if the only way this can work is you all gotta look at a chart and go how much does this mean or translate to in teh american dollar.. then .lol.. what are we doing here? it's not anything to be done here . is it?

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Taken from a societal standpoint, how do we handle a time when tens of millions are permanently out of work due to automation?

There are a lot of hobbies, including amateur radio.
There is always a band, where worldwide contacts are possible.
You can also have an animal, and spend time with him/her. You can also be in the nature. Or listen to music. Or play video games. Watch TV series and/or movies. Read books.

There are a lot of good options. This should not be a question.

At present those things do not pay the bills. How is one supposed to sustain him or herself when watching television or playing with an animal?

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Automation can solve everything. AI (artificial intelligence), robots and other related things may work instead of us, for us. Since things will be automated, the bills will be unnecessary.
Even if the bills would be still needed for some reason, the machines will solve that too. The machines will do and fix everything we need, including even themselves, so the human intervention will not be needed.

I have this same thought. Unemployment made crypto my only hope and from what I see, it has made crypto the only hope of many young people in Nigeria. Currently, I know so many people who refuse paid jobs just because of their certain future and flexible lifestyle through crypto. The future of work is glaring.

You're either involved in something techy or you're home knitting sweaters for people who are.

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Depending upon where one is, knitting sweaters can be a very profitable way to spend one's time. Canada and Western Europe are going to need a lot more of them.

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I agree that Technology and cryptocurrency is a game changer. However I believe there will still be many people left behind mostly because they do not want anything to do with advances in technology or crypto. If people do not accept the changes that are and will be occurring how will those people be taken care of? Or do we even try.

That is true. The "change" generation is the Millennials and their age group (as well as younger). The Boomers are the ones having a tough time adjusting (GenX can go either way).

So yes, those who do not adapt are going to struggle. Look at the people who refused mobile and the Internet. They are basically no part of the societal progress. Of course, those tend to be the elderly so they can most likely get away with it for their last few years (especially since they arent in the workforce).

Things will not be so kind to ensuing generations in my opinion. Get on board or get left behind.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 61 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Over time, people will find those areas that best suit them. This is a "work" life that is not based upon the values of the higher ups or where one has to succumb to the "boss".

With the advent of technology, I feel like the digital or online life would be the future and anything we do can generate money.

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I like the idea that people are going to have many different ecosystems to participate in and generate income from, it leaves people a lot more free to live by their principles if they aren't relying on a single source of income.