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RE: LeoFinance Has Solved Onboarding on Hive | Demo of The New LeoInfra Signup Integrations

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While I think many of the innovations are very good, I am enthralled with the Twitter Lite Accounts and Micro-blogging. I think it will be big and maybe a turning point in really boosting the number of members of the Leofinance and Hive Communities!

As for the Leo.voter thank you. I have delegated to this one since the very beginning and remember that it was in my very first post about earning Leo. I will have to find it and send you the link as a blast from the past.

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I found it...
Post Link


I've been excited about it for a while now.

It truly is a game changer.

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Haha that is awesome. You've been in the community since the start.

I agree, the microblogging + lite accounts changes the game in a lot of ways. There are other plans in future releases that will continually change the way content can be created/viewed on the site and I think this is one of the most important aspects of the future of LeoFinance.

Right now, we're long-form blogging. That narrows our audience quite a bit. Adding things like Microbloging, video content, etc. improves our width drastically

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I think this diversity of author content opportunity is huge, it is great to hear you feel this way also. I hope the servers can handle the traffic :)

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