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RE: CUB V2 Migration Day Has Begun! | Tutorials, Impacts & More

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"We did our best to add as many V1 and V2 labels and links everywhere on the UI. We tested all the links and made sure they're pointing to the proper V1 and V2 locations."*

Yes and it shows. I think you did a good job on this, as far as I have seen and personally experienced.

Nice work! 👍🦁🚀

"We saw this issue first when we added CAKEPOP-BUSD - with users confused about whether to add liquidity on PCS or CubDeFi."

Good comparison with what the LeoFinance team did then vs. what has been done over the last few days ...

Now. "Wen" ... 😉

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Always working to improve! Glad you thought this launch was better than prior ones. If you have any other feedback, feel free to leave it here. We're working on improving all of our processes!

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"If you have any other feedback, feel free to leave it here."

While you don't hear from me (at least, that is my perspective ... 😉) very often, I do appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback, when I think it is warranted. Not always positive. Not always negative either. Just "straight talk" ...

"We're working on improving all of our processes!"

I believe what I think of as a "continuous improvement" mindset is crucial to your long-term success. Well-versed in what you refer to at times as the launch of an "MVP," I certainly "get it" on the necessity of making progress in this way.

Staying "minimally viable" though? Particularly with the constant changes swirling around the "cryptosphere?" A recipe for a steady diet of heartburn on the part of your followers / users ...

So ... My number one concern for my investment in the LeoFi "ecosystem" is how you are determining the balance in resource allocation between introducing new projects and "continuous improvement" of existing projects.

For the sake of my investment, as well as (I have made it a regular "requirement," when I am online, to read the #tech-support channel ...) others, I hope you'll reflect on how that is going.

The timing of this V1 to V2 conversion is the perfect example. I'll leave it there for now ...

I'll close just reinforcing how well I think you and your team did, once the decision was made to "get over the hump," in getting the community through this important conversion. Thank you!

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