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RE: CUB V2 Migration Day Has Begun! | Tutorials, Impacts & More

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How long do we have to do this … I only have a very small amount in Cub-BNB Farm… I am wondering if the fees will be higher than the $$ I have in there. Also do I need to do anything with the cub I have in the Den ??? Is there some way I can just move everything to the Den with little fees ? Somehow I managed to to turn $2,000 in BNB into $82 ….



CUB-BUSD and CUB-BNB never have any deposit fees, so in theory, you have as long as you want to migrate.

However, the liquidity mining rewards have already stopped for V1 farms. So by sitting there, you're losing out on the yield. I'd recommend migrating ASAP

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Am I earning anything in the Den ? What is the best way to just move everything to the Den ?

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OK .... went to try and move my CUB/BNB to my Den could not figure it out ...

Clicked on a bunch of buttons, paid some BNB fees... not sure anything happened ... but a bunch of BNB is gone ???

It just keeps asking me to spend more BNB ??? Could I just convert everything back to BNB and cash out ??

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