Bank of Venezuela restores service due to problems with balances and access to its platforms.

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Bank of Venezuela

On Thursday, September 16, Banco de Venezuela, which has approximately 15 million natural and legal users according to the institution.

Prevented access to its web page and mobile applications, as well as to point-of-sale transactions and the sending and receiving of mobile payments and transfers.

On the same Thursday, Banco de Venezuela said that in the next few hours it would restore services, without mentioning the probable cause of the massive failure affecting millions of users.

On Friday night, the Vice-Presidency of Economy said in a statement that on the same day a terrorist attack was perpetrated to the national financial system through a massive hacking.


Desperate users

That aimed to disappear and alter the banking data of the financial system and that they were in the phase of recovery and restitution of services.

On Monday morning, the BDV informed that at 2:00 p.m. the institution's services and electronic channels would be available after the total reestablishment of the platform and systems.

At last the BDV is back from beyond the grave. Impossible to know who to congratulate for having resolved the chaos in "barely" a week.

After five days without service, presumably due to a terrorist attack to the system, the Banco de Venezuela (BDV) reestablished its web and mobile platforms as of 2:00 p.m. this Monday.

Although the fact is not without controversy with users who reported having less money in their accounts.

As well as transactions that did not appear and others that came out without having made them. Personally, I get less money in my account, how about that!

A few years ago, the government of Nicolás Maduro announced the creation of a data center in Barquisimeto that would serve to back up banking operations in case the data and storage system in Caracas failed.

Only in Venezuela can the largest bank in the payment system be without a platform for a week and reestablish it with failures without causing panic. And why is that?

Because in a demonetized economy the value of financial assets is derisory. No one fears losing what is worth almost nothing.

In Venezuela, the largest deposits in Banco Venezuela are official deposits. The rest is of pensioners' pensions that it is of little importance to lose because they are very low.

The government announced to show the evidence of this terrorist attack and also to answer for the missing money to the users.