Frustrated with LeoFinance

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Just signed up on a new account, because apparently I needed that 0.0001 Hive I was staking, but I transacted the Hive to binance and converted it to something else. Now I can't post on that account anymore! Man.. they should've explained this a lot more clearer before prompting me the withdrawal window telling me that I'd basically cripple my account like this. Jesus christ...

The folks behind the project oughta think ahead, provide resources explaining what each element of the website stands for, and much more than the lousy leopedia they've got going. This is not me dissing them for nothing, this is a call to action. They are basically throwing newbies at the heart of the battlefield without any weapons, and certainly without any training.

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You're bitching about the wrong people. Try HIVE

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It can be a bit confusing. Be patient. I'm sure you can get some help in Discord.

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I agree I think they should delegate some hive to newbies without them even knowing what hive is. Glad you figured it out anw.

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This is not directly related to LeoFinance but to Hive. To be able to write to the Hive blockchain, you need resource credits. These are generated depending on your HivePower. So if you empty the entire account, you can no longer execute transactions.

This is quite normal in the blockchain area. If you want to make a transaction, you have to pay a fee. On Hive, the fee is free in the sense that the resource credits are recharged and you initially receive a delegation that generates enough HP for you to use the account. <- There is the block explorer

e:/ post your name and I delegate you 5 hp

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