Cosmic Hip Hop Showcase - First Concert Sponsored by Hive? (HUGE Success)

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Hello beautiful humans!

Last night was an absolutely mind-blowing show! Over 6 hours of hip hop (and I skipped the entire after-party), multiple live painters, a whole pop-up food card setup right outside the front door, and wonderful people!

As I mentioned in the previous video, we've got folks in town from across the continent, bringing their musical magic, building bridges, and living the good life :-)

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So... does anyone know if this was the first concert to be sponsored by Hive, or if somebody beat me to it? Expect plenty more Hive sponsored events in the future!

There are tons more @pdxfreedomevents coming up; I hope you'll join us if you're in the area, or just want to make a trip out to visit this amazing community :-)

@ELAmental and I will be sharing video & audio from the show over the coming days - one of the things that the Hive Blockchain provided for the show was a professional videographer!

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Nice one from hive,it is good to see hive sponsoring a show

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Word! Finally...

Cool! Finally Hive is promoting outside of Twitter.😜
I'm really feeling @illuminaticongo & Fr33Sol!
I did a post about their last tunes:
Looking forward to the concert footage..😉
Bless Up!

Do you happen to have social media or links to purchase music from the artists?