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RE: Where is CUB's trajectory headed?

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You can sell your bag and stop the pain if it's what you're thinking about :)

It's working as expected. No need to change anything. Another thing is that you thought that it was 'easy money' to be made.

Want the profits? Hold tight and be patient. You're receiving a +1% daily ROI to offset the loss. You're tired of waiting for moon? Easy. Sell me your bags.

Question is, you're ready to buy again later from me at 10-20$ minimum?

Time will tell.

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given how CUB is still on its path down, the losses will be too much to offset. You have to bear in mind that those APY rates are not permanent, as is the nature of any other coin or token in the crypto industry.

Adjudicating on whether to invest or not is a judgement call, especially as the project is yet to mature to fullness. This is simply a call to action for necessary adjustments. What would any outside ordinary investor think when they look upon the price charts and it looks like a meteor falling down? Certainly not a good impression.

I do have high hopes, though, that the implementation of LeoBridge will ripple the price up!

Thanks for your comment!

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Thing is. If you're losing money with Cub Finance then you're playing your cards wrong.

What about joining a low risk pool like busd-bnb or busd-btc and 'just' reinvest the rewards?

Buying CUB 'only' for the current ROI (as you said) it's a bad idea. The token is inflating at a ~2,5% daily rate. Obviously must go down and weak hands must be shaken out.

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