PeakD Feature Polling for HiveFest and 2021

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We would like to gather some information about new features you want to see on in 2021... and feature sets you would like to see upgraded.
this is a Google docs form

We don't have a lot of time but if data collection goes well today we will present some stats at our @hivefest presentation tomorrow.

This poll will help PeakD a lot in our product road map for 2021 ... so we welcome you to fill it out even after hivefest as well.

Your answers help to improve the experience here ... however to spice up the incentive to fill out the form which may take around or less than 5 minutes. we will be using the awesome tipping interface to spread around a bit of Hive tokens. We enjoy sending tips and it's very quick and easy.

So just share a screenshot or something like that to show you did the form.

  • please skip any questions you don't have an opinion about or feature possibilities you don't understand

Just submitted my response. I think this was a great idea. I truly believe in PeakD to be the go to app for Hive users. Ever since I switched over to this interface I have had no regrets. The updates are consistent and things just work. I’m always surprised by the way your team innovates and I’m thrilled that you all actually take community recommendations into consideration.

Great work you all! I’m happy to be able to provide input.


I'm really glad to see what you're considering to implement in the future. It's about time for these new features. I'd like to see what others have to say about it. Are you planning to publish the results?

Anyway, thanks for working on these things and good luck!


yes we will talk about our 24hr results tomorrow at hivefest... but then we will ask for more submissions as well.

PeakD is, IMO, the best option for posting on the Hive blockchain for sure and I am very glad you are asking the community what they'd like to see.

The one thing I would really like would be the ability to create a Google Adsense (or whatever it's called nowadays) or a similar thing account and integrate it into your own personal blogs, getting the ability to earn a little extra from adverts.

Just submitted mine !

Awesome you guys polled the community!

Thanks for all the work you do, PeakD is my hands down favorite interface.






I did it!!!


Thank you PEAKD team for caring what I think!

Filled in the form:


Since some of the parts were confusing, I would like 1-3 sentence explanation for each point in the form next time, I did understand them in the end, but for more than a few seconds I was like "Wha....?"

I don't think many people understand what does "Custodian accounts" means, even I am assuming that it means Hive accounts with keys controlled by PeakD for the ease of registering.

Yep and thats ok of you don't understand them all... so we are fine with people skipping those

Yeah, that could work too...

so we are fine with people skipping those

Looks like I might have taken the screen shot too early but I did click the submit button. 😊


peakpoll 12172020.png

I guess you kind of asked this in the poll, but a few more layout options would be nice. I am not much of a mobile users so those questions really did not mean much to me personally.

Really interesting poll and it was my pleasure expressing my opinion!

Great to give you my feedback. Looking forward to integrated apps (Hive & other chains) and ad revenue updates.

Already filled the form but only now saw the tips for the filling, so...


That's all I can do =) hahahahah
Nevermind, I'm in to help building the community in any case

I'm sorry. Start but then...
NO PUDE encuesta PEAKD.jpg

These internet falls are very frequent here in Venezuela.
I will still try to complete the survey, because it is an excellent initiative. I only use PeakD to upload my posts to Hive and I am interested in your innovations to improve our work. And recently I noticed that you can type and choose usernames just by typing @... I love that!

I congratulate you @peakd

A respectful and virtual hug ♥

I did it, put my name at the end of the poll

Did the thing. Hope the data collection goes/went well :) Are you going to do a results post thing too?

that's the plan... hopefully at hivefest today. But we also hope to get more people to participate in the poll AFTER hivefest.

Of course I left my 2 cents. Great survey!

Thanks for survey team - keep up the great work, looking forward to a potential dedicated mobile app :)


Interesting and useful poll!



Hoping to see draft option for the comment section. Thanks guys.

Interesting questions :-)


not sure how much i helped :)

Why are you not sure? More stats ... more better

because i am indecisive or maybe i am not (this sounds much better in serbian :) )

Done, although I think this would be more useful if you explained what the different things are a bit. My guess is a lot of people don’t know what a lot of this means.

We are ok if they don't answer some of them. We aren't really ready to get into involved conversations about each feature opportunity and didn't want the survey to be too long. I guess its a balance

cool, took the survey and added my username ;) many good ideas on the form, think onbaording is very important, maybe something similar and easy as @leofinance did with twitter or metamask integration.

I got it done.

I stamped it with my name.

I'm excited and looking forward to 2021.

LG Michael


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Took the poll. Look forward to seeing what y'all do next. PeakD is my go to.

Done and shared on twitter


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