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A new release of peakd.com is now available. Keep reading to discover the new features and check the full list of improvements ;)

The new release is now live at https://peakd.com


1. New Homepage

During the past months we have spent quite some time working on our core values and what we would like to focus on going forward. Also we tried to do a better job explaining all this to new users with a brand new homepage.

We plan to release a full post to better highlight all of this, but for now you can check it out at peakd.com. This is a short preview (sorry, the whole page is too big to be included directly in this post 😝):



Going forward, one of the main focus for our team will be the decentralization of the whole platform. So starting with this release PeakD will always be available both on peakd.com and on IPFS (if you want to know more about this you can check this page or watch a video).

To access PeakD on IPFS you can use one of the following links:

https://ipfs.peakd.com   (automatically updated on each new release to use the latest version)

And if you use Brave just paste the following in the address bar:


While most of the Hive related features works well on IPFS, some of the additional features provided by peakd.com are not available (drafts, templates, bookmarks, image uploads, ...).
We plan to keep working on it and restore part of those features in the coming weeks but probably we'll not be able to provide all of them due to the decentralized version of the protocol.

3. Full post layout with sidebars for content and author

When reading a post (full page on desktop) you will now see some additional panels that can help you better navigate the content and discover more posts from the same author. This is a preview of the new layout:


If you have feedback or suggestion to make it even better feel free to reach out to us :)

4. HBD interest transactions and other Wallet improvements

In the past few days witnesses started using the option to allow APR on HBD. Most of the witness configured it to 3% and some interest are now being distributed. You can read more about this here: https://peakd.com/hbd/@smooth/why-i-set-my-witness-hbd-interest-rate-parameter-to-3

To better support this initiative the Wallet page now include the corresponding transactions and also show the APR for both HBD and HIVE tokens.


5. Remove fees on Tips

Starting with this release we are not enforcing the 1% burn fee on Tips anymore. Please keep in mind that Tips are supposed to be used as a reward for content published by other users ;)

6. Some minor improvements and bug fixes

As always some minor improvements, updates and fixes across the website. You can check the full release notes here: https://peakd.com/about/changelog.

# Improvements and Fixes

[new] Show 'escrow' transactions in Wallet
[new] New function for image hash during upload and generate the preview in the feeds
[new] Better PWA (Progressive Web Apps) support
[update] Show APR in 'general' params of the witnesses page
[update] Improve uploaded image compression library
[update] Sort community subscriptions by role and title
[update] Show user role label in Communities page
[update] Check for private keys/master password in tips message
[fix] Fix a rendering issue that truncates links containing an user mention
[fix] Fix an issue with duplicate permlink on scheduled posts
[fix] Fix a rare issue when loading activities/transactions on some accounts

Support the @peakd project

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @peakd.


We have a proposal on the Decentralized Hive Fund. You can review the proposal here.
If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to the Hive Blockchain consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.

We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Hive Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on the witness page: https://peakd.com/witnesses

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using HiveSigner: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The PeakD Team

About us: https://peakd.com/about
_Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Fy3bca5_s,


Peakd you bastards, you just know how to get me excited, damn you! These changes are oh so sweet! It's a pleasure wasting my life on HIVE when using such a slick front end

Yay for decentralization!

Haha we should add that quote to our testimonials section of the home page. :)

New front page looks epic guys; I just remembered I owed you a quote.

PeakD has allowed me to have direct connections with my followers without handing control of those relationships to a corporate intermediary. Customizations suited to visual content creators like portfolio mode make PeakD by far my favorite interface into decentralized social media. Robert Downie @intrepidphotos

As for the new front page; I especially love this part. Owning your own relationships is the key

I love this

Thank you very much !!

Nice new features. I especially like the display of the interest rates and the reduction of the tipping fee.

Removal of tipping fees to be exact haha

LOL, yes.

Now, if you started paying people to tip, that would be real innovation!


When business savvy content creators come in from other places I believe they will recognize the benefits of Tipping and they will know how to get their users to tip.

Perhaps peakd should help create some tools to help those creators translate tips into perks for those tipping them.

It's an interesting problem to overcome. Perhaps allowing an author to set recommended tips for their posts and provide automatic links the way some do with delegations?

ETA: For example, as a user who doesn't get a super amount of upvotes, I would find it useful to communicate to my users that microtips are completely acceptable. So I might have suggested tips as low as .05 Hive. No fees makes such a thing more feasible (so thanks). Whereas, I myself would be reluctant to send a tip that small for fear of it being seen as an insult.

So you're maybe saying that if you could save a generic tip amount in your account metadata that we could read it and the amount when a user selects TIP would default to the amount you suggested?

I guess we should also add a slider that goes from like 50% below that suggested amount to 10x that amount.
But obviously an exact amount should always be available.

Perhaps you could also write a message to the tippers and we can add that message to the tip dialogue? Maybe that makes people look at tips a little more and write those messages and then tip just to see the message?

I personally want to see tipping more exciting and important on hive/peakd than the limited reward pool system.
Tips are unlimited and not dependent on what others do its a 1 to 1 decision.

Yeah, I agree. My thought was more along the lines of a default snippet added to the bottom of each post. Something like,

If you enjoyed this post and would like to reward it beyond an upvote or in place of an upvote please consider one of the tip amounts below:

Tip 1| Tip 2| Tip 5

Oh, you mean something like auto-tipping? That would be super cool. Like if I could set up auto tipping through peakd, that would be super useful. I would have to be able to exclude or limit certain accounts though.

That sounds really promising

Perhaps peakd should help create some tools to help those creators translate tips into perks for those tipping them.

So much this! Almost nothing needs to be done on the back end to make Hive a fully capable replacement of Patreon or KickStarter. Creators just need robust reporting, and front end visualizations like fan badges etc. I’d love to see reporting able to integrate both direct transfers (tips) and voting activity.

I also think tips will take off when new non crypto savvy users have an easier option to load their tipping wallet. Has PeakD ever considered integrating a payment provider like Simplex or Moonpay? I’d love to see more on ramps for fiat into Hive.

I am not familiar with a good payment solution for crypto let alone for Hive/hbd

Coinbase is said to be easy but it doesn't have hive. Binance has credit card support but is not usable for US residents and many credit cards don't allow crypto transactions and will reject binance (like my own credit card)

Maybe PayPal has something.

And I am just not familiar with the two you have referenced so if you think they will be simple to use send links or tell them to get a hold of us



I only became aware of some of these recently from a bare minimum of playing around with WAX. Since they’re targeting some average consumers & collectors I see some good efforts that don’t rely on telling people to set up a robust & complex exchange account. I’d love to see Hive get listed as a supported currency and have a tab in the PeakD wallet looking like this!


Looks like these services support the vast majority of US states, possibly have a minimal KYC at purchase.

I need to actually make a purchase so I can review the whole process firsthand, and then perhaps just start tweeting #hive at them! But I’m sure it would take a community insider to help set up the listing and of course front ends willing to use it! PeakD always seems the most forward thinking and approachable to throw ideas at... so thanks!

What was the rational? I was actually happy to burn some hive when tipping people!

Tip fees were primarily meant to make sure someone didn't send themselves a large tip from one account to the next.

However we have a more important goal of having people think of PeakD and Hive as a place where they interact directly with their connections. The reward pool has tons of dependencies on the rest of the hive community... we need something that is one to one... direct action between one user and another

What's the problem with large tips? Do they promote the post?

Because otherwise it's the same as a transfer.

You guys are the best of the best and Hive is so lucky to have you both 💕💕💕💕💕💕 loved the post layout

Also i just checked the homepage on mobile and oh talk about a page with info!!!! That is a huge improvement awesome job guys!

Amazing, especially the full post layout with the sidebars looks great

That as almost an after thought added in just a couple days ago... but I have loved it ever since.
Wish there was something like that for mobile users... we will have to keep brainstorming in the future

While most of the Hive related features works well on IPFS, some of the additional features provided by peakd.com are not available (drafts, templates, bookmarks, image uploads, ...)

Does this mean the drafts I have are going to go away? should I be copying and saving them locally on my own computer?

I like the extra information provided on the right, I sometimes find and read content from individuals I do not follow so having an expanded representation of them is useful.

Does this mean the drafts I have are going to go away? should I be copying and saving them locally on my own computer?

No no. Nothing will change on peakd.com. Only if you use the IPFS version some features will not be available.
The two are completely separate website, but running a very similar version of PeakD

Whoa! Is that hosted ON ipfs? So the domain, files, db, and everything is on blockchain?

The website is hosted on IPFS, the Hivemind database is already part of the Hive blockchain (and access provided by API nodes). Unfortunately images uploaded by users are not yet hosted on IPFS. But this is possible if you just want to host the images yourself and use the reference link in your post ;)

Woo-hoo! That's awesome.

Totally in love with the new updates!! Really great job guys, congratulations and keep on rockin'!! 😍

Wow it's really great to see decentralization coming on frontends too, decentralizing all layers is definitely the right way to go, thanks for your great work, keep it up.

Excellent! I am a new user and had been trying to find out more on how some of the details of HIVE and PeakD worked.

How does the new home page help you? Any thoughts?

The new home page spells out things that are not obvious to blockchain/decentralization newbs like me. Many of those things are explained in other locations on HIVE as well, but here they are brought together to paint a compelling picture for PeakD and its underlying technology.

What are some of those non-obvious things (for me)?

  • Peakd is but one of many front ends to the same source of data
  • Accounts are yours and can therefore not be deleted (no central authority)
  • The data is not stored in a central location (this is actually one point that is still unclear to me. I understand it is or will be decentralized, many but where is the data stored?)

What could be improved?

  • Have the concepts that are explained be hyperlinks to pages with more info
  • add a blurb about data being 'forever', i.e. once you've made a post then after 7 days you can no longer edit or delete it and it will be out there forever. This will probably be a shocker to most new users.

You can edit posts at any time there is no 7 day limit... once upon a time there was but not for the last couple years.

Integrating more information will be good... baby steps.

Glad you like the rest of the stufd

Thank you for clarifying the changes in the time limit.

What is the advantage of being on IPFS? Videos are still from youtube, so can be censored.

Is the app now impossible to shutdown?

Essentially There is now a version on servers we don't own or operate that are impossible to shut down.

The non text content like pictures and videos are still subject to where they are hosted but perhaps users will choose to host videos or pictures on more decentralized systems as well in the future.

Ah! So essentially if videos are on, say, dutube, and images on ipfs, then all set eh? Hm. But no audio players.

ipfs is for our site and showing the information coming from the blockchain. Pictures/videos/audio are not stored on the hive blockchain. The users decide where they want that to go and share a link in the post.

I believe we do support some of the bigger audio players like we support the bigger video players. Let us know which audio web player you think there would be a big interest in.

This is amazing. Well done

Cool updates! Just one note, the Post Outline doesn't scroll when I have long posts such as this post: https://peakd.com/hive-128780/@mes/messcience-2-vortex-math-part-1-number-theory-and-modular-arithmetic

It would be great to have the Post Outline be able to scroll to many headlines!

Thanks for reporting. Should be better now. Can you double check and let us know? 😉

Sweet it works! Thanks a lot for the quick update!

Wow wasn't expected a post that long haha
We will look into it

haha thanks!

What an idea to use IPFS and put peakd on it! That's absolutely awesome!

I just noticed this morning the changes on the wallet too. Really nice.

I told you I love the side bar on the other post yesterday.

You guys keep rocking!

love all of these. i would maybe go a slightly bigger sidebars, but that could be my monitor and resolution.

Yep, I agree. I'll tune the size a little bit in the next update

very well done!!

Bravo! looks splendid guys keep it up!

Thanks for highlighting Feathered Friends in your instructional vide! It all looks great!

Well I do think you have such a great use case for communities... it seems very active and you guys love your content, your passionate about the content and interacting. There seems to be a lot of money centric communities(which is ok) but I see feathered friends as a nice pure community built on solid foundations.

Thanks for your kind words! I love how interactive this community is becoming. It is such fun watching it grow and is a joy to be part of!

Thank you, Peakd is my favorite interface for Hive. It has so much to offer.



Esa parte de que ahora puedes ver el perfil del autor del lado derecho y la estructura del post del lado izquierdo esta muy bien, sin embargo el problema que le veo es que no está bien responsivo.

Por ejemplo en mi laptop que al ser pequeña pues no esta bien distribuido esas barras laterales

Por otro lado se me hace muy bien la parte del IPFS, aunque claro le faltan sus detalles y por mi cuenta ya me he puesto a hacer "pin" a la pagina y creo que la empezare a visitar con mas frecuencia en su version de IPFS.

Espero que la opción de añadir imágenes pronto sea también vía IPFS


That part that now you can see the author's profile on the right side and the structure of the post on the left side is very good, however the problem I see is that it is not responsive.

For example in my laptop that being small it is not well distributed those sidebars.

On the other hand, the IPFS part is very good, although of course it lacks its details and I have already started to "pin" the page and I think I will start to visit it more frequently in its IPFS version.

I hope that the option to add images will soon be also via IPFS.

That part that now you can see the author's profile on the right side and the structure of the post on the left side is very good, however the problem I see is that it is not responsive.

Can you check again? We already did a few improvements to the layout.


I see it much better, although it is curious because in the image I just sent you, the right side is still not well visualized.


However, in this post you can see the right sidebar very well

Can you share the link of the first image? Thanks

Yes, it's my friend @gr33nm4ster's post, which I vote for from my curation account.


Just notices that few minutes ago and now there is a post 😁♥️🚀🚀🍻🙏

Btw there is an issue with Safari browser that we are aware of and will have fixed soon.

Fixed now ... refresh page.

Great layout improvement. Good update.

Love me some "peaked", lol @r0nd0n ;)

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congrats on new design/homepage, like the new post layout :)

also the homepage looks neat, but I have some suggestions:

1 make the splash screen (the gray part) full screen, responsive full screen designs look super cool and immersive

2 the homepage has still way too much information imho and could be confusing for new users, I would make it more simple, only one sentence per chapter. UX and connection diagram looks cool. less is more.

What do you think?

Quick Mockup (full screen splash screen, smaller button icons, less text)


Mockup page 2 (less text, more whitespace)


Mockup page 3 (less text, more whitespace)


Very interesting mockups! I like the direction you're taking towards simplicity and clarity, I could see these inspiring even further refinements. Definitely food for thought. Personally, I've made a bunch of landing page mockups in my life and it's great to see another Hiver contributing ideas and visions for 'em, thanks @vikisecrets ! :) 🙏


Thanks for the feedback. We'll discuss about this for the next update :)

So is your idea to just remove the text? Or where are you putting the text?

I would just remove it or make it appear on mouse hover or something like that.

Now i would be active again in plataforma and it is good yo keep it updates withh all the news peakd haves to show us

Es una exelente opcion, y muy instructiva, saludos.

Beautifully done. You guys ROCK. Keep up the awesome work.

Congratulations, @theguruasia You Successfully Shared 0.300 WINE With @peakd.
You Earned 0.300 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 3/3 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 22297.667 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.270 HIVE

2nd comment:

I much preferred the tool page charts from the previous edition. Color selection was for my eyes a better view, and I don't like the filled in look, but that is just my preference, I might get used to the new look of the tool page, but it is going to take some serious effort.

Lime-ish green, light blue and magenta, I just don't know. I liked the red, blue, and other color which I hardly ever noticed more.

These are nice sets of updates. I did notice some design changes a few hours ago... Btw, I didn't notice there was a fee on Tips in the first place.

It was small... but now there isn't one at all.

Thanks for this update, appreciated!

Me encanta cuando actualizan la página, la hacen ver más creativa y hermosa. Gracias por hacer realidad este proyecto.

Abrazos @peakd

Thanks you

I am unable to login using ipfs. I just see an error that says

"Error during account veryfication. A new login is required"

Or if I try to browse posts I get this:

"Error retrieving data from hive node. Please try again in a few moments"

Note: I accesed peakd using the file identifier. It seems to work fine using the ipfs.peakd.com link.

I just tried and it worked for me. Can you try again? Or reach out to Discord (link at the bottom of the post)?

I tried again and I can see the posts but I am still unable to login.

A specific error? Using Keychain?

Yes, I am using keychain. The specific error is the one mentioned at the start of the thread.

Can you try using this link https://peakd.com?node=api.hive.blog

If you are able to login check in your Settings which API node you are using. And maybe switch to another one.

Looks like the problem ocurrs when I am running my local IPFS node but not when I connect with the public gateway.

Can you try with this new link that is the latest version?


Great job! Thank you. I can imagine one very useful feat added to peakd. An in-built, gamified tutorial for new users could help with retention. Just a thought.

Great additions. I've only supported 2 witnesses thus far and you're one of them. Keep up the good work.