My 7 favorite new PeakD features and video tour

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Welcome to my review of the new features that got released today. I have a 11 minute walkthrough and I have 7 quick recaps written below

Here was the @peakd release notes:

  1. PREFERRED TOPICS - It's going to change the quality and maybe quantity of communities forever. I predict we will start seeing some higher end content as users realize that particular harder to write about topics won't simply get lost in the deluge of posts.

    Lots of new users have no clue what in the world discord is... the question is why did we all organize over there anyway and not find a way to chat here? Well we're a step closer. Just gotta wait to see which communities will move their conversations onto hive/peakd. Also community chats on beechat are decentralized. Every platform can have them and we'll have a similar experience no matter the interface.

    This is important addition to community chats and means you'll be able to jump right into community chats pretty quickly. Even scroll through the list of community chats to see what's new. Just a note so far beechat team doesn't have notifications for channels like these community chats.

    Basically if you have accounts you know you rarely if ever chat with you can turn off beechat sign in. It will still sign you in if you ever go to the chat but this just helps prevent it from asking you to sign in right when you login.

    Now i think I'll actually use reblogs more since i know i can later remove them from my blog. I still will be careful how often i do them so they don't overwhelm my followers.

    This little button for notifications is probably one of the most popular additions... it just goes to show you what a little attention on small UI details can do.

    It's a fair question to ask why you would want to put content created on another social media onto peakd/hive. But it can be really useful for some projects wanting to prove that something on reddit happened. But perhaps more important for communities that want to stay on top of news and sometimes the news happens on reddit and sometimes other people write the important content elsewhere... doesn't take away that it's important and your community still wants to know about it. I think the important part is to be careful IF and HOW you use the hive rewards pool. You can turn those off I hope people know.


will be interesting to see what will communities do with the preferred topics. for some it could be really useful.

also would be great to see the bee chat used more, maybe it will happen with community chats.

If anything will get the chat system used it's gonna be community chats. haha

And yes i think it'll take a few days to start seeing communities deciding their list of preferred topics. I've talked to a few admins and they said their mods are getting together soon to discuss their options.