"Don't trust beautiful girls!" My character drawing

Mythical creatures of different peoples are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. This time, the creature of Brox from Jewish folklore attracted my attention.
In folklore of medieval Jewish communities of Europe Broxa is a shape-shifting witch, who drinks blood of her victims at night. Broxa was sometimes regarded as spirit and sometimes as creature in her physical form. It is evident, that Broxa is borrowed from european beliefs about blood-drinking witches, who were able to shift their shape, and shares many similarities to Bruxa.

My character drawing

I decided to invent duality in this image and draw a terrible witch who hides behind the mask of a beautiful girl. That's how she hunts her victims and goes unnoticed in the crowd.
Although for this character it was possible to come up with a more modern story, which reads: "Do not trust strangers, especially if they are beautiful girls")

Which option do you like more?)

Work Process:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Thank you for your attention! ☺️


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Beautiful! I love this kind of illustration and watching the different steps and the technique used. Very nice and deep meaning and, having accidentally just finished an illustrated flat-art poster of Joker (2019 movie) in which I in turn included the concept of the mask and what it hides underneath, I was immediately drawn to your illustration. Congratulations again, beautiful work!

thank you very much for your performance! very cool that you paid attention to style! by the way, I love the character of the last Joker and I also painted a poster with his participation!)

Isn't this such a great artwork with great message in it.
Nice work.
I wanna ask which program or software did you use to make this sketch?.

Thank you, dear!
this is adobe illustrator, only hard, only oldschool 😁

Ok, I have tried using a dime illustrator many times but I just can't get it. So I stick with other programs


Awwwww, thank you 🙏❤️

great drawing! yeaah!

oh, thank you! ❤️

Super! Me encanta!!!

Thank you, friend!)