Settling into my new position

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As you have seen by my posts last week I have started a new job at a Beach Resort outside Accra in Ghana. The weekends are our prime business and this was my first weekend as resident GM. All went well, it was a quiet weekend but Sunday we had a number of people come and enjoy the beach and our food.


Ahh so some may accuse me of getting them with a little click bait but this is also reality, and we can enjoy the exciting bits before I descend into the mundane details of everyday life in paradise. At least as you can see Dzigbordi visited me on the weekend and she came with my best friend and his girl who you can see in green.


But lets go back to last week leading up to the weekend. Each morning I start my day with a walk through of the property. Just looking out for anything out of place, garbage and anything else as first appearance always sets the stage for the rest of the guest experience.





I walk through the event space and day visitor area and down to the beach. Usually then back up through the hotel. By that time my breakfast should be ready and I can start the day with something in my stomach.




I got some time to even walk out of the resort. To the inland on the entrance road I have been given about a half acre to make a farm for the resort on. I took off my shoes and studied the contour of the land and how it had been plowed. Tomorrow I hope to start shaping things and making some swales and rows for planting. You can see here I walked what I would estimate the first swale and contour line would be and my bare feet left some deep marks in the soil.





I took a walk up the road form there and looked at some of the other fields around and what else was around. I found they were growing a lot of bush tomatoes and peppers. In one photo you can see back down the hill and Cliff Haven in the distance.


Bucket feels right at home here with the wall murals.


The end of the week was raining and we also had a big down yesterday Sunday afternoon. But in the morning the weather was calm and the sea was looking beautiful with different shades of blue and green from my bedroom window.



Sunday was our busy day too and it was all about preparation for our guests.


Can you guess which way the beach is?

Thanks for taking the time to check out my update on the last week.


So you had a fun day like this. This is nice keep it up. Thank you.

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