Internet Connection, Coffee, and Tapioca Pearls


The internet is the lifeblood of my work. Especially with the many curation projects, I'm currently working on. It requires good internet.

I often complain that the internet in my home area is not good. I failed to see the photos on someone's post so it slowed down my curation process.

I also can't install wifi because there isn't enough equipment in my area. So, I thought of doing important things in a cafe or similar public space that has a good internet connection.

McDonald's Offers Good Internet Connection


This is not a promotion. I'm just telling you about my experience which was greatly helped by the existence of this fast-food restaurant.

I make this place my workspace in public. They have strict health protocols during Covid, and that makes me feel safe in this place.

In this place, they also provide a charger for our gadgets, so that means a lot to me.

Clean toilets and places of worship, made me feel no need to doubt this place for a decent place to work.

Unlike connections in other public cafes, McDonald's has a fast internet connection.

Coffee and Tapioca Pearls


Sometimes I order hot coffee, sometimes I order iced coffee. It depends on my mood.

If I order an iced coffee, then I order an iced coffee with tapioca pearls, a.k.a “BOBA”. With additional ice cream topping.



Their coffee does seem old taste, but gold. Yes, I think there is no doubt about that.

That was my story about McDonald's that had a huge impact on my work. Regarding the price, it is affordable. I don't go there every day either. Only a few times a month, and only when the internet connection at home is so intolerable.

How about you guys? Do you have a particular place that helps you to get a good internet connection?

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All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Macdonald is a cool place for someone who works remotely. Apart from the fast internet connection, it makes one more relaxed while working due to the atmosphere of the place.

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yes indeed. it feels like comfort office for some people like me 😊

I have never tried tapioca in my life but I see that in your recipes it is something you use a lot or consume, is it good, if so in what dish would you recommend me to eat?

By the way, McDonald's and an iced coffee sounds like a good plan. I'm also a fan of going there all the time. No good companies in my area either but I have an internet satellite one that has allowed me to work on the go. Good post, it's always necessary to go to places that help us to get some fresh air and very important, a good internet connection! Hahaha, cheers :)

Tapioca dessert always good choice :)

Thank you so much for stopping by 😊

Hello @anggreklestari how good you found a place where you can access the internet, macdonalds are places where there is always a lot of neatness and good service. I used to visit this place a lot in my country to carry out my children. Unfortunately the prices qui are very high now. And I have a long time without going. Greetings

Yeah in someplace indeed quite pricey, depend on your country.

I hope you can be able to visit Mcd again someday

I hope so and things in my country improve

The post was really worth reading..

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Thank you for stopping by :) @makayana

I am happy i did that,you are greatly welcomed my dear

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Mcdonalds in the phililpines dont have that internet connection

Oh, unfortunately :(