Helpful features for communities + Sponsoring PhotoGames prize pool

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@photogames just announced they are doing a reboot after 3 years and we've been working with them to help them have an amazing experience on Hive/ and getting features ready for their launch on C/Photogames



We have sponsored their prize pool (@photogames.pool) with 2021 HIVE and 221 HBD
We have doubled their prize pool to 4042 hive and we believe adding to this pool will help peakd and hive.

The cool part is their prize pool is built to be self sustaining.
So all they need from us is good seed money for the pool at launch.
We are also giving 55% of this post and we will be tipping their posts so they can use that money to use the PeakD promotion feature to advertise.


What is really awesome and we would like to highlight is how many features C/Photogames is going to be using from what hive/hivemind and PeakD has to offer communities. We count 11 of them several of them will be brand new.

This is a really cool example for all community organizers out there to see the potential that exists with the community feature.


Since the last time photogames existed in 2018 a lot has happened ... including the introduction of communities about 1.5 years ago. Communities are a place where all the content for these games can be placed which will make things nice and organized for C/Photogames

  • Description
  • Important links
  • Rules
  • Pinned posts


When someone subscribes to a community they will be able to go to the page or their communities feed and see all the related posts in a quick and easy way. This will help a community like C/PhotoGames quite a bit.


This is part of the community itself. The community can make sure that all the posts for C/Photogames remain directly related to Photogames. Multiple users can be enlisted to make sure posts and comments aren't spam robots talking about different things.

This helps share the load between lots of people.


Now no one has to get a separate account and get a separate software to interact with their community because random conversations will now happen right inside their community with a CHAT button and PeakD's implementation of BeeChat where none of the players will be expected to install a 3rd party software and can immediately chat.

The open community chats also have moderators and allow for images/gifs and replies. But like most of BeeChat they are not encrypted so no sensitive discussions should happen on them.


The new preferred topics system will greatly help a community like Photogames where they want to help users quickly find certain types of content and standardize the topic-tags that users should use.


On another note we are upgrading the UI to allow up to 20 preferred topics and a drop down after 9


We are upgrading communities to have a tab to store COLLECTIONS
For C/Photogames this will come in handy where ALL ACTIVE GAMES will be stored in one collection. That means one link to share with everyone for where they can go and find active games.

Also you can see they already have a collection of 97 posts showing off the history of the first season they played in 2018.


In an upcoming update users will also be allowed to add suggestions to a collection. Which for example on C/Photogames will be very helpful as game creators will simply add a suggestion to the active games collection after they post their new game.


Communities can give interactors a simple text label for any reason... for fun, for objectives, perhaps for standings in a Game system for example. Something that maybe helps incentivize or reward interaction within the community.


Just another fun little feature to help a community connect with eachother.


This is a feature of itself and these lists of users are decentralized and can show up on other sites that also show badges. C/Photogames for example will be giving a badge for participation in each season back to the 2018 days with season 1 and 2 and now moving forward with season 3. This helps identify the people who are participating etc. Badges also help create feeds for users to see ALL the other posts those users are creating throughout hive itself and the badges are displayed on the users' profile.


No more having to specify the exact time a game deadline happens post creators can now use a countdown timer so that every user no matter what part of the world they're in will see exactly when the deadline is.


10. NEW - REQUIRED BENEFICIARY (Testing with this C/Photogames)

This is something a lot of communities may be very interested in and PeakD is going to test it out with C/Photogames so if you're interested in how it works subscribe and stay tuned for the feedback from users.

The idea is that every post on C/Photogames will require a 10% beneficiary to @photogames.pool will allow a community to SET that info and then PeakD will display it prominently and will make every post added to C/Photogames have that set up that way. (Assuming a user uses if not the community presently needs to make sure community users pay attention to the role and their interface allows for adding a beneficiary)

Because people can post from other places and if they don't set @photogames.pool with the appropriate beneficiary then a PeakD bot moderator will auto-mute the posts that don't follow the community rule. So that removes all the work from the moderators and removes all awkward discussions when it's straight forward and automated.

Yes this should eventually be something that Hive developers put straight into Hivemind software (it was planned to happen this way) but we realize that it is likely something many months away from development so we are doing it now and the good news is that if Hive is changed to follow suite then it should be a very easy transition. Also we get to have a test scenario for all of Hive here with C/Photogames

The beneficiary itself is an automated way to keep funding the prize pool for every week of the PhotoGames which is 10% a week. That means if beneficiaries amount to over 200hive in a week then the prize pool will not just sustain itself but will in fact Grow.

But we're jumping the gun because @photogames has not even posted about this yet. So you should wait to see their posts and follow their account and community - C/Photogames


If you're familiar with then you may be familiar with Post templates that a user can write then when they have other similar posts they can use that template to quickly write a similar post.

Well now the idea is moving to COMMUNITIES. In the next update a community account will be able to create a template then everyone in the community will have access to create a post using that template. There will be a dropdown on the community page next to "Write a Post"

This new feature along with all the others except for the "required beneficiary" feature are all available to every community using


So many great updates. I am excited for the improvements to all come together and use them in the PhotoGames Community!

great updates, thanks for all the work!!

I followed them and will try to take a closer look over the next couple of days. So many updates in lots of places and things to try out.

Very helpful features especially the community chat.

Great contest sir.

this should be a fun experiment

Which part?

testing all of the options for communities and showing how all of it can work to make things a lot better.

honestly we did not see a lot of implementation from other communities and maybe showing it all in a use case will push it a bit.

That is interesting and cool news guys- interesting only I saw this not on peakd but on where I could not react so my comment now is via proofofbrain - haha - we have an ecosystem at least with a lot comms capabilities - well done!

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I'm not sure what you're talking about it doesn't seem like proofofbrain supports communities interface at all. sad.


And why are posts not showing up there? Seems like that website is simply ONLY a separate community that doesn't even use the decentralized technology of hivemind communities but only uses the centralized system provided by the scot-bot api.

It isn't even in the same ballpark of ecency or any of the others it's a separate thing.

my main message was - I am using peakd each and everyday but did not see your post there (and I miss a lot important ones) as there is no "trending" which is actually good - I discovered your post by accident on which i usually only use rarely. And i commented via proofofbrain because that is a cool tribe only :-)

K I wasn't understanding the original message I suppose thanks for more clarification

my pleasure - I sometimes communicate not clear enough, the German way to speak / write English - apologies

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I've not explored communities very much yet (short of posting once or twice in them), but these features are pretty intriguing. Huge props to the entire PeakD team. 🙏

@cynshineonline , are you still thinking of starting your own community to add beauty & boobs to Hive? If so, this may help. 🙃