[Pusen Plays] Hellpoint - Episode 1 + First Impressions

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Ironically enough, just two days after writing this post where I mention I can't do streams or recordings with commentary, I'm back with a new video WITH commentary! I took the chance while my girlfriend was out of the house to configure OBS for recording and decided to just go for it.

This time I'm playing a game called Hellpoint. It's a game I got for free from GOG and you can to! Just head over to their website and claim it. From the time of writing this post there's still 17 hours left of the giveaway.


What is Hellpoint?

This is a game I had never heard about before. Originally I just claimed it because it was a free game. After reading up on it and discovering that it's a souls-like game set in space I was immediately intrigued. The Dark Souls games are some of my favorite video games. They have that perfect mix of great combat mechanics and difficulty for me. I decided to just check it out straight away.

The first thing I noticed when starting up the game, which I mention 261 times in the video, is the huge resemblance it has to Dark Souls. At the beginning it almost feels like a true copy just set in another setting. Being such a huge fan of the Dark Souls games I don't mind this at all. Rip it off all you want, if you do it good I'm all for it. If From Software made Dark Souls games like Ubisoft makes Assassins's Creed games I probably wouldn't play anything else.

The similarities fade a bit as we go though. Enemies don't respawn when touching breaches (bonfires) and the healing injector (estus) replenishes as we damage enemies. It also feels a lot easier than Dark Souls up to the point I played, which includes beating the first boss.

The setting is quite interesting as well. We've been speaking to some kind of entity that I'm curious to know more about. We're on a space station of some sort called Irid Novo where apparently something bad has happened. The people here seem to be infected with something and there's some pretty bad ass creatures walking around. It reminds me a little bit of Dead Space at certain points. I'm excited to explore this place further.


About recording

Recording gameplay with commentary is something I've never done before and I had a ton of fun playing this while recording. I was quite surprised with myself regarding how naturally the monologue was flowing. I feel like recording and commenting makes me appreciate the game more because I'm always on edge. My focus in 100% on the game so that I can give the viewer (you) a great time. I don't dillydally and I don't waste time. But I guess the points in this paragraph are for you to decide.

I'm gonna continue recording gameplay for this game and see if I can make it into a series. I'll probably do shorter episodes clocking in at 30 minutes going forward. If it goes well and I end up enjoying it I might branch over to other games as well.

You will notice some issues with the sound in this first video. For starters I fear that it might be a little low in general. I'll see to boosting that for the next recording. You will also see that I'm adjusting the volume a bit as I go. I need to find that fine balance between the volume of my voice and the game. My voice might be a little inaudible in certain spots due to the games audio being to loud and vice versa.

I guess I gotta make an intro and the whole jazz for my videos now but I'll get to that. For now the focus is on the content. The details will come later.


Constructive Criticism

One thing that would mean the world to me would be some constructive criticism. Do I suck? Is the recording bad? Is the audio bad? Am I just not entertaining to watch? Is there anything I could, or should, do better? Any kind of comment you want to leave will be helpful and appreciated.

All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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Man I'll just say


and I will slowly retreat...

No, I'm just kidding. Now seriously, this game seems super interesting as you say I see it as a kind of Dark Souls with less difficulty and in an apocalyptic space that for some reason also reminds me of Dead Space. The truth the game is cool and to have come out for free is fine, I'll see if I try the one I claimed.

Regarding the gameplay man it was pretty fun to watch you play and comment, I think if I got 1$ the times you said "Dark Souls" I'd be a millionaire by now lol. Just kidding, I liked how everything flowed keep doing it you do it well seriously, I enjoyed it a lot and I was entertained watching you play you have to continue this series. As for constructive criticism obviously, like everything you learn as you go along, believe me for your first gameplay with voice it's very good and the audio goes well although a little louder and it's perfect. The next step is the streams dude.

Hahah that's awesome! I'll be the king of let's play content in no time.

Glad you liked it mate. I had a ton of fun recording this and intend to continue the series. I don’t have any more episodes recorded yet but let’s hope I can get something in soon. I’ll adjust up the voice volume for that. One day there will be proper streams as well!

You have a pretty sexy voice... uh... sorry, this is a good RPG, I remember seeing the review of IGN and I liked how it looked, unfortunately, I don't have how to play it, but I envy to see you playing it hahaha, those scenarios look spectacular

I know right? I can record custom voice content for you for $HIVE.

It was a pretty good game. Recommend grabbing it for free while you can and maybe play it in the future.

I haven't played anything like this for a long time, however it looks exciting, I saw some sections because it's a bit long

50 minutes isn't for everyone. Thanks for checking it out anyways! Remember to grab the game for free while you can.

Never heard of this game. Gonna have to check it out.

It's great if you've played and like Dark Souls. Get it while it's free!

I hated Dark Souls, so I guess I would hate this as well.

Can we use NCS songs in 3speak

As far as I know, yes. Check out their FAQ for how to go about. It's still important to source and reference the artists properly. https://ncs.io/usage-policy

So, NCS is only allowed in YouTube, twitch and Instagram. It's not allowed in 3speak, even if we give credit, right

I would guess it's ok to use on any platform where you monetize content as long as you put down the sources. But I don't know. You could try contacting them and asking. :)

this game looks great, the fighting style is very clean, lasers, very fluid shooting style, souls, dark souls, the dying style has a bug hahaha did you notice how you danced dead?

Yeah lol I noticed it when dying to the ghost. I think it happened on every death. Quite a funny bug.

Thanks for checking out the video my dude. Appreciate it a bunch. Was the sound ok? I think I need to do some tweaking for the next session.

It was fantastic brother, you should increase the audio of your voice a little bit, it's too low, otherwise it's great.

It was a pleasure to watch your video bro

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Now "Pusen plays", from this moment on the whole Pusen blog will change and it will be only Hellpoint gameplays.

I've never played Dark Souls, I've always heard it's too hard, but I haven't had how to play it. In this video I can pretty much understand what they meant when they said "hard", how is it possible that some enemies already kill you instantly with barely 15 minutes of gameplay? What kind of bosses are those?

Funny that your clone killed you instantly and you couldn't hurt him. At first I thought "He's a Dark Souls player, I'll probably pass this game with my eyes closed" and you've already died 2 times in less than 20 minutes. I feel disappointed:(

As a tip, it would be cool if you upload the video to YouTube. I'm not so familiar with listening in English and sometimes I find it hard to understand a few words, but on YouTube there are automatic captions so you could watch the video and have a better idea of what you are talking about - It might be good for Spanish speakers, so they understand your video better. You did not lie when you said you mentioned the similarity to Dark Souls 261 times.

These games are meant to kill you. It's what they're trying to do. Die, learn from your mistakes, get better.

I was considering if I should upload the videos to YouTube after they pay out on Hive but I don't know. I'll think about it.