Getting back into Terraria with the Calamity Mod!

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Terraria is perhaps my favorite sandbox game out there. It's just such a huge, detailed, charming and fun game that you can play for hours on end without getting bored. Unless you're just farming for ores and minerals there's always some new items to find, biomes to explore and bosses to defeat. @therealflaws will probably come around here spewing some stuff about Minecraft being better but he can go take a hike. Minecraft is not a better sandbox game than Terraria and it never will be.

I have such fond memories of me and my brothers spending hours upon hours for days to get good enough gear to beat the wall of flesh and enable hardmode. Hours of dying while mining meteors and exploring the dungeon for those extra spicy items. This is one of those games where I never mind starting over. I have a goal in life that one day I'm gonna start a hardcore playthrough where I manage to defeat all the bosses. Hardcore means that your character and world is permanently dead if you die, much like in Don't Starve.

@luisestaba23 wrote about Terraria the other day and that made me want to play it again. It's the kind of game that I play every now and then to just go exploring for some new items or other stuff. Quite coincidentally my younger brother messaged me yesterday asking if I wanted to play Terraria again using the Calamity mod so I had to check out what that was about.


Apparently this mod is huge. According to their wiki (yes the mod is so huge it has it's own wiki) the mod adds dozens of new enemies, bosses, biomes, structures, items, crafting recipes, songs and even a new class and a new leveling mechanic. This is spread out through both the natural progression of the game and endgame. Vanilla Terraria already has close to 4000 items, 500 creatures and 30 bosses so making meaningful expansions to the game isn't a minuscule task at all.

It's all quite well integrated to the game as well, meaning if you've never played Terraria or done a lot of the content before you might not have any idea that the boss or item you're currently fighting is from the original game or the mod. This might be true for me seeing as I haven't played it much after the last and final content update arrived.

Another thing that I noticed is that the mod has it's own sub-reddit with close to 30k subscribers. That just goes to show how much the community loves this mod. As far as I can tell the mod is still being supported and developed with new content coming out at a decent rate.


I "only" have 90 hours played in this game but if this mod is good I'm totally ready to spend another 90 hours delving and exploring. I never really did everything there was to do after the latest and final official update that added a couple of new difficulties and bosses to the game. I'm currently sitting at 47/104 achievements on Steam but this is totally the kind of game I could get lost in and unlock all the achievements for. That's gonna be a time consuming task for sure but seeing as I probably have 8 weeks of holidays starting on Wednesday that won't be an issue.

Has anyone tried this mod and have anything to say about it? If not then I would love to hear about your favorite things or experiences from Terraria in the comments. I'm super excited to start this up with my brother today, even if it means I'm starting over fresh with wooden armor and have to go mining for copper again.


When you get bored of Terraria, if you haven't checked it out already - snap up Starbound.

It's the same side-scrolling base-building fun, but in SPAAAAACE. I personally find it fits my playstyle better than Terraria does, and it's got a ton of sweet mods for when vanilla eventually gets boring.

I've seen it in passing. Should definitely check that out when I'm done with Terraria again. Just hope it doesn't eat up all my want for a 2D game for a while. Thanks for the recommendation!

I remember a friend of mine who always played Terraria, there wasn't a day that he didn't play it, whenever I went to his house I would see him on his computer playing it and it didn't seem so boring, in fact, it was fun or I think it was because of the way he played it. Terraria is a game as you say @pusen that you can play very relaxed, you have fun playing for hours and never get bored. I have never played it but I would like to play it to feel what the game itself provokes you and distract me and have fun like everyone else.

There is nothing relaxing about this mod lol. We ramped up the difficulty a couple of layers and it's hell on earth. So many enemies and they're all dangerous. Good fun though but not chill!

it is impressive, the game seems to be too simple, mostly graphically, but when it comes to play it is another thing, I have never played terraria, but I have a cousin who has played it, and sometimes when I go to my grandmother's house he keeps playing it, I have sat next to him and watch him play and I find it quite entertaining, I like the sandbox style that the game has ... and yes. Minecraft is better

It looks simple but it's a really deep and complex game. I played it in its early stages and it has evolved a whole lot since then.

Minecraft is better

Take a hike!

Wow such a great Terraria expansion you have. Maybe I'll try it at some point, thanks for sharing that information I'm very curious.

@therealflaws will probably come around here spewing some stuff about Minecraft being better but he can go take a hike

haha you know me very well. (But yeah, indeed Minecraft is much better than Terraria).

I have many, many friends who have played Terraria at some point, in fact, one of my neighbors that I invited to Hive not long ago is a complete addict of this game. To be honest, I never gave it an in depth look, I found it very confusing at first as I had never played a game of that style, and I got bored.

I just saw that it's on discount on Steam. I don't want my content to be much of the same, so I'll keep it there in case I want to give another survival a try soon


Maybe you can let go of the jumping cube for a while thanks to Terraria. Let me know what you think if you ever try it!

If I managed to stop playing League of Legends since I got here, I wouldn't be surprised if I leave GD for some other game.

i have never played terraria but it has always caught my attention i like games where you can spend hours and hours exploring and finding new items and as far as i know minecraft and terraria have a lot of respect for each other so i don't see why one would be better than the other xd

This post make me want to play it again but with the mod, i spent hundreds of hours in the vanilla version that im not thinking about touching terraria again, but now I think that some more hours wouldnt be bad XD

The mod is pretty cool. The game is pretty much unrecognizable to me. Even in the early game. There's several ways to progress out of the low end gear you start with. Pretty cool!

i am just finding out that you like terraria, i remember that i have spent more than 120 hours playing it when i first heard about it about 2 years ago, not long ago i found out about its last big official update, i also uploaded a couple of posts talking about my adventures in terraria with that last update, but I stopped playing it because all the information I had on the other computer was lost, in fact I never got to play terraria with mods, because I wanted to finish it at 110% completing all the achievements, without a doubt terraria is one of the best pixel art 2D video games I have played, many of my friends told me about that great calamity mod, I have never tried it but I will use it when I play it again soon.

If you're playing it on Steam you should upload all your progress to the cloud. You can do it by pressing the cloud button in the character and world select screens. Would absolutely suck to lose my progress in this game. Great that you like the game!

I can not recover it because at that time I had a borrowed account from a cousin in steam and unfortunately for me I no longer deal with that person, but no matter what I will play it again from scratch, it is never boring to start everything from scratch.

Oh, that sucks. The game is still loads of fun from scratch though!