9 Easter Eggs, References and Funny Moments in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

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If there's one thing CD Project Red are good at it's adding details to their worlds. We see this in all of the Witcher games as well as their newest and most controversial release in Cyberpunk 2077. Their games tend to be packed with lore and flavor to enrich the gaming experience.

They're also really good at adding easter eggs and references to their games. They don't lack an ounce of humor either. As I've trudged through Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales I've happened upon a fair share of easter eggs, references and funny moments I found worthy of sharing with all of you guys. Enjoy.


The Stuffed White Unicorn

No, it's not the song White Unicorn by Wolfmother although that would have been awesome. This is one for the fans of the Witcher universe. When going through the second chapter we happen upon a smashed cart containing a Stuffed Unicorn. This is a nod to Yennefers stuffed unicorn that we get to see a couple of times in the Witcher 3. Spoiler: it's her favorite place for sexy time. Geralt doesn't see the attraction.


CDPR Logo Bird

As some might know, CD Project Reds logo is a red cardinal bird. We meet this lil' fella a couple of times throughout the game. The first time I saw him was in the mess tent we can visit from our camp. He was sitting up in the rafters and when I clicked him he squawked. He comes and goes from the mess tent throughout the game. We also meet him out in the world, mostly as a spinning weather vane on several rooftops.




Thronebreakers combat is card based and quite inspired by Hearthstone. It's more like a mix of Gwent from the Witcher games and Hearthstone in my opinion. In chapter 3 we happen upon an inn called "Stone Hearth". In here the patrons are playing a card game much like Hearthstone and we get to sit down for a round. This acts as a puzzle match and changes the combat to be pretty much just like Hearthstone. We get mana crystals as a new mechanic and most of the cards we get are straight copies from Hearthstone. When we finish the puzzle we also get an artifact we can use in proper battles called Blizzard. This is of course a direct nod to Blizzard who has made Hearthstone. This was quite an awesome reference in my opinion.




Roaches the Pirate

This is another one for the fans. The Witcher 3 has a mechanic where you can whistle for your horse, Roach, to appear. When you do so she will appear at the most convenient location not to far off. Sometimes though the most convenient place were apparently on the rooftops of buildings or other high up places. You can see an example of this here. This became a meme in the community and it was quite cool to see CDPR embrace the meme in this easter egg.


Elite Bovine Chieftain

This one is probably a stretch because I can't find any info about it or anyone thinking the same on the internet. During the Hearthstone puzzle we get a unit called Elite Bovine Chieftain. I immediately saw this as a nod to the Secret Cow Level from Diablo where we fight enemies called Hell Bovine. My assumption is strengthened by the fact that it takes place during the Hearthstone puzzle and that Hearthstone and Diablo are both made by Blizzard. Might be a stretch but I'm sticking to it.


Sylva'aen Breezewalker

Fans of the Warcraft universe might have already taken the reference from the heading. This one also takes place during the Hearthstone puzzle. We get a card called Sylva'aen Breezewalker which is a direct nod to Sylvanas Windrunner from Warcraft. Before they started destroying her in the later expansions she used to be one of my favorite characters in Warcraft. @perceval probably hates her already from playing World of Warcraft for a couple of weeks.


No whistling in the mines

This isn't an easter egg or a reference but rather a funny thing. As we progress through chapter 3 we get to converse with a lot of dwarves as well as read a lot of lore notes. One thing that repeats is the dwarven law of not whistling in the mines. I found this to be funny which was strengthened by the amount of times we get to see it. I'm sure there's close to 10 places where this is mentioned either by NPCs or in notes. The dwarves even imprisoned a gnome and was about to throw him off a cliff in a barrel for whistling in the mines. I saved him of course.




Written permission is needed to cut beards

In pretty much all fantasy settings that has dwarves the dwarves has beards. Often long and braided ones. In some of these universes the female dwarves also has these long and ornate beards. That's the case in the Witcher universe as well. Apparently dwarves in general need written permission from the elders to cut their beards in Mahakam. Quite funny.


The Inventor's Journal

During chapter 3 we find a note containing some inventors ideas for new inventions. I found them to be quite funny. The Langscouthe and Spudscope just seems like such nonsensical inventions. What is even the point of a Dooblegaff? Just to add something to this. The word for double is "dobbel" in Norwegian. The word for fork is "gaffel". Add them together and you get Dobbelgaffel which sounds a lot like Dooblegaff to me.


I hope these can bring joy to others as well. I've probably missed a ton of easter eggs and references in my playthrough as well. These really are a testament to the amount of love CD Project Red pour into their games. There's a couple of hundreds easter eggs and references in the Witcher 3 alone that you can check out on this list. I love when developers take the time to add stuff like this.

I'm about to finish up Thronebreaker finally. I just started the fifth and last chapter. I took a long break from it when Resident Evil Village dropped and I also got my Oculus Quest 2 shortly after. The game is a little slow as well so I get bored after about an hour of playing. The game is still awesome though. I still highly recommend it to anyone who wants a chill game with a rich story.

All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.


I really like to see the easter eggs of each game, I think they are unique moments HAHAHAHA, I found the one with the dwarves with beards quite funny xD

Easter eggs are awesome. I always enjoy discovering them. I rarely go looking for them but find it cool to stumble over them. The beards are weird in this game for sure.

She looks sexy to me, although I wouldn't want her as a girlfriend. If she asks me to bake bread for dinner, I'm sure I'll ignore her because I'm playing WoW and she'll stick an arrow in my ass. I love the art of this game, it makes me want to play it, but I suck at card games.

Simp! Gotta agree that her visual design is great and hot as hell. If you had played the earlier expansions you would have understood my view. They really started a downward spiral with her character.

My favorite one was Roaches the Pirate, CDPR know how to do easter eggs, Even when the easter eggs don't have any importance in the game, finding them it's such a great feeling.

Yeah that was a great one. Way to embrace the meme!