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RE: Hotline Miami is a brutal gem! | First Impressions

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

Mate, this game is crazy. I never thought I would get addicted to killing and I see it's the same for you. That guy in stores like a pizza shop, video store, etc is too weird I don't know from where, but something shady he was into. I think when I played it at the beginning I felt the same, if you want to get an A+ it's advisable to go through the levels and use Zack's (frog) mask for combos which is one of the things that most influence the grades besides the time of course.

I think it's a good way to complement your content because you show the person who hasn't played it how it is and that can make them more interested in it, at least I liked it a lot, plus it's cool to record yourself playing it. Very good post, I can't wait for you to get to the decisive parts of the Bosses and what happens at the end, I'd like to see it in gameplay. I will give a chance to Hotline Miami 2 to see how it is and if it is worth as much as this (by the way what a good bargain you bought it for 2$).


I was planning on playing through the game then going back with appropriate masks to get A+. Using that mask sounds like a great tip. Thanks!

I could do a recording of the last few levels for sure. Glad you liked it! I'll probably keep adding videos to these first impressions then. I'll probably jump on the sequel when I'm finished with this. Unless I'm dead tired of it. We'll see!