Team Oddball on Stadium in Splitgate

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Eat my disco balls

By this point, you are probably wondering how on earth is Splitgate able to do so many things just like Halo and not get in trouble for it. I do not have an answer for you there. What I can say is that Splitgate's version of Oddball with disco balls is just as fun as Halo's Oddball with skulls.

I went absolutely nuts in this game getting 44 kills and having more than every other player in the lobby combined. At first, I couldn't even remember the point of Oddball, but then all of my history with Halo came right back to me and allowed me to dominate in Splitgate.

I look forward to seeing what other cosmetic options 1047 Games offers for the Oddball itself in the future. For now, it looks like the disco ball is the only option, which I think is freaking cool already. I am sure that since this is a free-to-play game, the team plans on going all out with the skins. I personally am not a fan of paying to look cool, especially in an FPS game. Splitgate does however offer the option to earn some cool loot without paying.

Thanks for checking out my video 😎🤝


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I finally got to play some and this game is great. I feel like I'm playing against bots sometimes though. Like the way some players move and turn just looks so mechanical. The most I managed to get was 28 kills in a match and a kill streak of 11. It was a SWAT game and I just stod picking heads in the middle of the map from a corner through my portal lol.

So glad you finally got in. I was trying last night, but the matchmaking wasn't working. I will play some this weekend for sure. You should send me your player ID so I can add you.

I think that sometimes there may be bots, hard to know, some people just suck really bad and it is a new game to many. Definitely no bots in ranked, it gets sweaty there. That is when I realized I am not a 4.0 KD player, more like 2.0 haha.

Swat is so damn fun. The one-shot kills just feel amazing. Although I do wish more games would add a unique sound effect for headshots like Gears of War had. No game does head popping like Gears, the all-time greatest for violent headshots.

I watched a bit, that shit is fucked up but looks fun. Oddball is such a fun game mode, but I wonder why they didn't call it "Keep away" lol we played this in soccer and never once called it oddball.

I was holding it down underground. Anybody who came to mess with me was getting a disco ball to the head. Keep away is what I remember it as too, I also played soccer for years. My favorite soccer mini game was World Cup.

I got Fifa 21 on Xbox for windows, but there was no achievements if you play it on PC, so I was pretty depressed as I am an Xbox achievement whore lol

I haven’t played fifa for a few years. It used to be one of my favorite games, especially in college with my bro’s.

I too was once a slut for achievements. I remember when I first eclipsed 100k gamerscore, that was back in the Xbox 360 days. Shortly after I switched over to ps4 when it came out. I’ve been PlayStation since. I still love collecting trophies, but not quite as addicted to them as I was achievements. How much gamerscore do you have?

Also... to show you how old I am.. I can remember getting 1000 gamerscore for this fifa game. It was one of my first 1000s ever back when 360 first launched and Achievements were introduced.


Just cracked 70,000K, I play a lot of online vs though.

I had a Xbox 360 Launch Day, I skipped school and waited at Wal Mart at 8am lol I woke up earlier than I ever had for school to play it. My social teacher celebrated the fact I skipped school, it was a fun time hearing him talk about how power technology has become and its influence in our lives.

He wanted me to bring it to class, but there was supply issues and not a chance I was risking my baby, acquired through McDonald's labor, on public education lol

First game I 1000ed was NFS speed most wanted or Fusion Frenzy, lol I paid $80 for it brand new, the Fusion just tanked to $20 as one of the worst games lol

I just checked and there are people who have mult-million gamerscore, that’s insane.

I didn’t get my 360 at launch, Christmas that same year rather. Skipping school is true dedication.

Fusion Frenzy 2 had the easiest achievements, I rented it for that reason alone. Most Wanted was a great game, but it was tough for me to finish that one since I had already beat it on PlayStation 2.

I just looked at my old Xbox profile for the first time in years. It took me back to those old gaming moments right away. Quantum of Solace was one of the most underrated multiplayer games ever. Never did get 1000 on that one though. Some achievements were just so hard back in the day. Now with the abundance of videk guides, everything is so much easier.



I remember my life stopped when Halo 3 was announced, the first piano key at the E3 trailer...

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