Hive has reached Equilibrium with a successful hardfork!

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Four hours ago, the Hive hardfork 25 has been successfully activated. It was a smooth transition with no hiccups.

This is the result of an intense testing period and a lot of work from the @blocktrades team and several other Hive developers (including myself). It is always quite rewarding when the hard work provided leads to success.

On top of that, I was lucky enough to be able to sign the first HF25 block.


Nothing really serious worth bragging about, but winning the lottery is always fun.

There is still work to be done:

  • Within hours of following the hardfork, I checked that all of my apps were working properly (HiveSQL, HiveBuzz, Engage, Autoclaim...)
  • I am now busy upgrading the last 2 backup witness nodes that I had kept running v1.24 (in case ...)

After that, I'll give myself a well-deserved day of rest. The hardfork days (and the days before) are quite stressful times.

I wish you all a Happy Hive Forkday!

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Heyy there!!!! Congratulations on all the hard work that you and the Hive team have put in to make this HF a success!!!!

My quick little test was to look for the option to convert HP into HBD. :-D

Have a great evening and get that well deserved rest everyone! HIVE ON!!!!

Well done guys!

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Well Well done on a successful HF

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Well done. I did not see any issues and if I wasn't told about it, I would not of realized that it went live.

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Happy HF25! Thanks for your hard work,
I am happy to support your efforts.

Thank you @darkflame. Much appreciated!

Congratulations 👏

Congratulation to everyone. Great Job!

Thanks for all the hard work! 😁

Hey, can you explain the curation part, how it changed ? We don't have a window now ? I mean that 5 minute, it meant that by saying that we will not have penalty by voting earlier than 5 minutes ?

The 5 minutes window (with penalty) has been removed.

Anyone voting with the first 24 hours of the post receives the same proportional rewards. In other words, for any given voting strength, the voter will get the same percentage return-on-investment as any other voter during that period.
During the next 2nd window (48 hours), voters receive a smaller proportional curation reward (reward weight/2 is applied)
During the next 3rd window (day 4 to 7), reward weight/8 is applied

Voters who voted during the first 24 hour period receive a little more reward when voters vote during the 2nd or 3rd window
Note that if no one votes during the first window, then 2nd window voters will receive the same amount of curation as if they had voted during the first window.

Interesting and clear. Thanks for the details !

You're welcome

Correct, you can vote as early as you like now, without any penalty.

What about those who vote earlier get the most curation in case the votes after are higher. Is that staying as it is ?

Order of voting no longer matters within a window. The first window is set for 24 hours. So if you vote on a post within the first 24 hours, you get the same amount or reward, regardless of when other voters vote during that window.

Also, even if you vote after 24 hours, you can still get essentially the same return-on-vote (ROV) if your vote (and votes of others in the second window) are much larger than voters in the first 24 hours.

Hey, something is wrong with Sometimes posts are unseen, so I see only 24 hours old one, while I'm sure there is a new post created. The same about notifications and when a post is edited, I don't see edited as well.

Is it still happening? If so, can you open up your console debugger (ctrl-shft-i on chrome) and make a screenshot of your browser window?

ok, if it will happen again, I'll do that. Now it seems good.

It's happening again :


Click on the network tab so I can see what api calls are being made when you try to login.

Check what API node you're using. I haven't heard or experienced a similar problem, so it sounds like the API node you were using was malfunctioning.

I am still finding if I vote on post with no votes, my vote power is lower than voting on a post with lots of other votes. I thought we were moving to linear rewards, or maybe I misinterpreted the changes? or perhaps that's just a UI thing?

But great effort getting everything working smooth, good to see.

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The HF25 effect? 😀

Hello @arcange, congratulations on the hard work that you have been executing to add value and improvements to the platform.

Congratulations to you and the developer team that contribute to the successful hardfork.
I am interested in running a testnet and I completed the process with no trouble, but I don't where to find support in case of inquiries. Can you provide some information about chat to interact with the testnet or node running witness?

I have tried to sign in but there is no option to create an account from the links you mentioned in the previous comments.

I contacted @guiltyparties who manage MM. I will send you a link to join.

Thank you
I have received the link and successfully signed in