Tired of losing battles in popular blockchain game "Splinterlands", Wisconsin man buys expensive cards instead

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Expensive cards at prices that aren't so expensive, that is

As I keep whining about, people consistently beat me in many of my battles lately. That's okay... I'm going to keep practicing. One card that seems to be in lineups that beat me a lot is this guy, the Ruler of the Seas.

I noticed that this card was only $106 on Peakmonsters.


Unfortunately, I can't look back all that far, but I'd be curious to see what I sold my version of this card for. I don't think it was less than $106, but I don't remember now. The estimated value on the Splinterlands site is now $161.

The lowest price for a single card is $27.

I got mine for about an average of $9.64 per card, or just over 1/3 of the price of a single card.

This is going to be how I get my Beta collection back up to speed

This isn't a Beta card, but I consider it one because it's from that era. It's technically a reward card. I didn't find it particularly useful at lower levels, but it is very powerful at max level, as you can see.


Bad day?

Overall? No, it was a good day. I just got slaughtered playing the game. haha. I felt better after buying that card for a good deal. It'll come in handy. I'm going to take a brief break from playing aside from the guild brawl I'm in.



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