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If you’ve been on Hive long enough you have seen the term connection quite often. We are always talking about how wonderful Hive is in how it opens up opportunities to connect with so many people from around the world. I’ve conversed and interacted with folks I probably never would have if it weren’t for this platform.

It has been a learning experience reading about different countries, their culture and traditions from the many authors who share here. Sometimes I wish I could actually touch, taste and smell the things I see and read about. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, in my case this actually did happen!

We ran a two week Tease Us challenge in the NeedleWorkMonday Community. The first week we shared sneak peeks of our projects and gave hints and clues of what it could be. Some revealed what their projects were but only shared a little of the process and showed how far they progressed for the first week.

It was hard to guess what many of them were going to be.

There was one Hivizen in particular, @ayleenr, that shared she was making a character (in the form of a doll) but we were to try to guess what character it could be. My guess was that it must be a character on television…but of course I was wrong.

When the reveal week came I remember opening up her post and seeing the doll. It didn’t hit me until she mentioned this character had freckles which I didn’t notice at first.

I have freckles! 😃

Further down the post she mentions her character has light eyes.

I have light eyes! 🤩

Then she shows photos of her stitching on the hair.

I have reddish brown hair like that! 🧑🏼‍🦰

These were my out loud thoughts rushing through my brain as I read her post.

Wait could this be me 😳? Lol, no way. 😅

Then I read this part:

I must tell you that I have much appreciation to @crosheille I had her support since I started my needlework, she is a very charismatic person, I am grateful for the amount of quality publications that she offers in HIVE, thank you for your support, I know that many of us are happy with the motivation we receive from the founder @crosheille.



I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that someone thought that much of me to make a doll of me. That’s Epic for real!


I was overcome with many emotions like how kind and sweet that was to show her appreciation in such a creative way. I was emotional in a sense of feeling very special, loved and appreciated.


The thrill of it all came. Like dude, I have a CroSheille doll! How many people can say they have their own personal Me doll?!! It was exciting and so much fun seeing all this.


I wanted to hug her for all the work she had put into making this beautiful doll that represents my presence on Hive. She could have made any character but chose to make me. I am forever grateful of that.

I immediately responded to her post without any hesitation “I WANT THIS DOLL!” 😄

Even though I knew it would most likely not happen since she lives in Venezuela, I still wanted her to know how much I loved the doll and would love to have her here with me.

Then she responds with “I'm glad you liked the doll, if you are in USA I can send it to you with a friend who is about to travel!!! I would love for you to have it as a souvenir!!!!🙂❤️“

I was not expecting that response but was overjoyed to hear it! There was a chance I could actually have the doll here with me.

We continued discussing it on Discord and the final plan was that her relative was going to mail it to me while she was staying in Miami. I was prepared to help with shipping costs but @ayleenr wanted to gift the doll to me so she took care of everything 🥰. How sweet that was of her.


The doll wasn’t the only thing I received. She also sent some yummy chocolate candies that were individually wrapped as well as a
fashionable and adorable Christian Dior bracelet.

I wanted to share with @ayleenr and with you how much my CroSheille doll is enjoying her new home. She wanted to share with you some of the recent plants that have been growing around the house. Every plant you see today was planted before we moved in.


Here she is showing you the sunflowers. She really loves the color of these. Like me, she loves bright and bold colors.


Another bold color in these pretty marigolds. I learned this Summer that they couple well with tomatoes and help them thrive.


Finally, our grape tomatoes that have been growing like crazy. My kids love picking these as soon as they turn red and ripen. They have such a sweet flavor and are great for a healthy snack. I love adding them to my salad.


I am really happy to have my doll here with me. I had to immediately put her up high to keep out of my three year old daughter’s reach. She was enticed to get her hands on her but in order to preserve her I can’t let that happen.

Hive Connections

It’s so surreal that I received such a beautiful gift all the way from Venezuela. The avenues that Hive has opened for us to connect with friends from across the globe is incredibly amazing. It is a gift I will cherish forever.

Thank you again to @ayleenr for her loving kindness and for taking the time to show appreciation through this beautiful work of art ❤️.

She has been added on as a 50% beneficiary of this post.

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


Stay tuned this week to learn about my Hive handle: the pronunciation and how it was born.

Thank You ~


@crosheille What a joy to know those thoughts and emotions that you had while reading my second reveal post, how nice to know that you are with the original crosheille, besides having the same taste for colors and love for nature.😁

She loves modeling, she looks very beautiful with the Sunflower flowers, I think you will have a lot of time to share.... I am glad she is together with you..... Thank you so much for this nice post...I blushed. 😊

A big hug for both of you...😘

I'm glad I was able to share my thoughts that were running through while reading your post. 😊

Yes, she did such a good job modeling by the flowers. I will definitely share more of her.

Thanks again so much for your kindness. Hugs and love to you ~ 🤗😘❤️

The affection is the same. Greetings and a big hug 🤗😘❤️


Oh my word!!! What a lovely gift. I've done a few exchanges with other Hivers, and received wonderful gifts from them, but this is so sweet.

Too many people see Hive as a milking machine and abuse it like there is no tomorrow. But there is much more to it, and another side that most people don't get to appreciate, and that is friendship.

Absolutely!!! I feel people need to see this side of it more and know that lifelong friendships and valuable connections are made here.

I was pretty excited to share this one with you all ~ 😁❤️

Such a wonderful present 🎁 I think the little crosheille doll is still completely surprised to be suddenly in a new home with marigold and tiny tomatoes (by the way, we have no tomato year, but instead the beans are growing into huge monsters 🎉)
It is so amazing that @ayleenr was able to arrange this long transport and that everything worked out and her little artwork could reach you. Hive and especially our needlworkmonday community is absolutely special. By chance I today wrote about the jacket I made with the gifted book from @puellacreativa whom I really miss around here <3
Hope you are doing well and that Mini Crosheille will look after you <3

I too am amazed at this beautiful post, the photos are so spectacular with the flowers and the tomatoes, good that everything went well. It makes me so happy to see this little doll with @Crosheille.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos!! 😃

Oooh beans! 😋😃

It was so incredible how she was able to set everything up to get her here.

Hive and especially our needlworkmonday community is absolutely special.

👆🏽 Agreed!! 🤩

I read and enjoyed your post. I miss seeing her too. Hopefully we’ll hear from her again soon ~

Now some posts make one think, and others make one Smile, and this post is one that sure made me smile, what a cute doll and how awesome she made it in your likeness because of the amazing person you are :)

Yay!!! I'm so happy this post made you smile. 😊

Awwwww wow how sweet you are. Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment. I really appreciate that ~

Me sweet, you must be confusing me with someone else lOL

Have a great day

LOL! Oh no, no it’s you! 😅

You have a great day as well ~

LOl I know I was just being silly ;)

Hahaha I know. 😄😉

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Thank you so much @hivebuzz!!! It's always thrilling receiving this particular reward!!

You're welcome @crosheille, this is well deserved 😊🌹 Enjoy this honor!
And have a nice day.

Hello @crosheille,

I am extremely moved by this message, what a joy to have your doll, she is a cutie. I feel part of this sending, being also from Venezuela, and I continue living in Venezuela...Really what a beautiful connection of love has been given....

@ayleenr,what a nice gesture to our dear @crosheille, I'm so glad you made her happy.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience 😍.

They are beautiful your plants, the flowers in beautiful colors. How nice that you can harvest tomatoes and be able to enjoy a healthy snack.

Happy week, hope your kids continue to recover.


Thanks @jicrochet!! Yes, she came from exactly where you are...you are definitely a part of this (also because you are very involved with the NWM community).

It is so nice being able to walk outside and grab them when we’re ready to enjoy. 😊

Yes, everyone is almost in the clear. Thanks again for your get well wishes ~


Awwww... This is so sweet to read. So kind of @ayleenr

I'm looking forward to such interactions and amazing humans on this platform. I just joined by the way☺️
I hope to experience all the goods I've heard and widen my horizons from the amazing connections I'll be making.
This post just add Ed more rays to my hope😃. Thank you 😊

Yes, it's amazing the connections you can create within Hive, it's such a great experience, meeting amazing people from all over the world. You fill your heart with so much joy and love.❤️

So glad you thought it was a sweet read. 😊

Oh cool, welcome to Hive @akubillionnaire! I hope you have many interactions like these that you can enjoy and cherish. 😉

Thanks for stopping by ~

This is sooooo awesome @crosheille! I remember this beaute! Woop woop! It is soo sweet of @ayleenr to send this to you as a gift and for her to have a relative travelling to Miami, it was all meant to be! :) I see CroSheille doll is enjoying her new home. Yay to the NeedleWorkMonday community and HIVE!!

I am also happy to see this cute little doll, I am very happy, I am very happy that the goal was achieved, which was to send her with @crosheille ❤️

Isn't it awesome?!!! Remember how thrilled I was when I found out? I seriously still can't believe I actually have her here with me.

It was definitively meant to be! 😃

Woot Woot!! Yay!! 😆

This publication is pure emotion (haha). From the inspiration, the international journey to the arrival. This shows us once again that this community has no limits.

Thanks to the designer for that lovely gesture and to you for creating such a welcoming space. Also to the members of this community. Good vibes!

Hahaha!!! Oh my goodness my emotions were pouring out when creating this post. I’m glad you felt it 😄!

Exactly!! Hive is making the impossible possible and our NWM community Rocks! 😆😂

Thanks for your awesome response ~ ❤️

Hi @crosheille you are very happy with your doll a miniature version of you, you have received a beautiful gift, enjoy it to the fullest. May God bless you and your family and may you continue to be an inspiration to many more people. Greetings!!!

Hi @belkyscabrera! Thank you, I will enjoy my gift to the fullest ☺️😉.

Thanks I’ll continue doing my best. It makes me happy hearing that you feel I’m an inspiration. 😊🤗

God Bless you as well ~

Wow! That is a rare gift to treasure all the way from Venezuela. The doll you is so cute. Hive create friendship around the World. Love, love your post @crosheille sharing us your gift.

Yes, a very treasurable long distance gift indeed!

Isn’t it wonderful how so many friendships from across the globe have been made here on Hive? I am truly truly grateful! ☺️🥰

Wow! That was a very heart melting gesture you have @ayleenr. And I think the connections that we were making here is not just an ordinary hi's and hello's but the bond that were making to other persons despite the distance here are one of a kind. We may never meet them in real person but somehow the connections were strong enough for us to feel truly valued and cherished. As long as one person was able to express her love by doing so much for the welfare and good of this community without asking anything in return, that act will surely be paid SOMEDAY.

And @crosheille, together with the admin and the community builders here in Needleworkmonday community, we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

By the way, the doll is stunning, and the fact that it resembles you adds to its worth.

What beautiful words, if the connection that we have here in HIVE is so special, the truth is that I did not imagine that this would happen, it is as if it had been planned because everything went wonderfully, it came at the right time. I realized how great it is to have friendships in Hive.

Thanks again...

They said, whatever is in your heart, it will reflect on your actions or gestures. And sometimes, we can do great things when we follow what's in our heart.

Thanks for both of you for sharing your story here. Such an inspiration. God bless you all.

Thank you so much for your nice words 😍 here at Hive you meet so many special people and we do amazing things thanks to those little people we love so much.

God bless you too 😇 and a big hug 😘.

Yes, the connections we are making here are one of a kind for sure. 😊

Awwww you are so welcome @jonalyn2020. It is such a pleasure getting to know you all and sharing this needle love amongst one another. 😘

😊😊😊 Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. She rocked my little Crosheille! 😆😄


Just continue what you're doing: inspiring, sharing and bringing what is best in NeedleworkMonday Community. You really deserved to have that cute doll there. God bless and keep safe.

 2 months ago 

How nice, how good that you can have the doll with you. Hive is amazing 😃. Congratulations @ayleenr y Crosheille 😍❤️.

Hive is So amazing!! 😃

Thanks @lauramica!! 😘

Thank you yes the hive is a great experience..... 😍❤️.

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It´s a beautiful gif! lovely and wonderful... A gif across the world... doesn´t exist barriers... Hive is a unit. Congratulations to @ayleenr !!!!

@tibaire exactly there is no barrier to get a gift or detail to whom we want and it becomes special when it is made by ourselves and totally agree this is a great hive. Thank you for your nice message @tibaire a big hug 😘.

Yes, no barriers! She found her way to me! 😆😄

Yay for Hive connections!! 🤩

This is such a masterpiece! Love it!!!

It truly is!! 😊

Congrats, another inspirational post. I love such things and more so when I am the beneficiary! I just won a Fitbit watch as a winner of the 4-week contest and therefore got selected after a tough fight.


I suggest you should support #dreemport as it's gonna be the next big community on Hive under @dreemsteem . Thank you!

I will post an article as soon as I receive that watch!

Thanks so much for reading! Lol, yes I love to give credit where it’s due and share in the blessings. 😊

Oh wow a congratulations to you for the win! A Fitbit is definitely something nice to have, I plan on getting one eventually.

I am very familiar with @dreemsteem but wasn’t aware of this challenge. Thanks for the heads up. 👌🏽😉

Thank you, actually, @dreemsteem is running a mission under #dreemport. We are a group of testers/curators and content creators. We are doing with a target under @dreemport We are still doing a challenge. As the last month was for #WednesdayWalk this month is dedicated to #Thoughtfuldailypost

Thanks for explaining this in more detail. I understand that this is an ongoing mission. 👌🏽

hi @crosheille! hehehehehe

sending you love!!! 😍

Hey there @dreemsteem thank you! More love right back to you!! 😃🤗🥰😘

The doll is beautiful, by the way😊

I'm so glad you received that nice gift. It really was very creative @ayleenr . Hugs to all of you, glad the little @crosheille is happy in her new home.

Thank you very much, yes it was very nice, I am also glad that she is in her new home with the original Crosheille. 😁

It is such a sweet and creative gift.

Thank you, I'm glad she is in her new home too. ☺️

What an amazing story @crosheille ,that doll is so pretty. I must agree Hive has brought a lot of sunshine into my life, just like those beautiful sunflowers in your garden. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. Enjoy her and hope to see more of her. Stay safe.

Hi @artywink! I love hearing that Hive has brought a lot of sunshine into your life 😊🤗.

It was fun sharing her with you all . You’ll definitely be seeing more of her. Hmmmm maybe we’ll do some crocheting together next. 😃☺️

Gee! This is indeed the sweetest! So cool to have a me-doll like that. <3

I agree @arrliinn! This was the sweetest gesture. It is pretty cool having her. 😃😘

As I read on the emotion grew, I felt like it was you for a moment, I almost felt the doll in my hands, how cool is it worth how happy I am that you received something handmade and made with love from our colleague @ayleenr, even her tendrils made her so flirty!

Blessings to both of you, publications like this strengthen every day my decision to belong to this great community of #HIVE.


Awwww thanks for your sweet response to my post! I’m so glad you felt all those things and that this post could strengthen your decision to belong to and participate with this platform.

Many blessings to you ~ 😊❤️

That's right, I send you a virtual hug and good vibes!☕👏👏✨

Thank you very much friend @yenmendt how nice that you felt that emotion, the doll is soft, it was a nice experience to create this beautiful doll with the characteristics of @crosheille . Here at Hive we have a sense of belonging, we can build friendships from the heart. 😀😁❤️

Yes, I have discovered in a very short time the good vibes!

Wow! Little cutie

Un bello gesto de ambas partes!!!!

Me encantan las muñecas de tela, tienen una magia especial. Hace dos mese atrás conocí a una muñeca que se llama Pepuka. Esta muñeca y su creadora, Estela moreno, viajan por todas partes visitando escuelas para ayudar a concientizar a las personas para evitar el maltrato de género. En lo personal me conmovió como a través de una muñeca de tela se puede abrir conciencias y corazones.
Disfruta tu bella muñeca, es preciosa.

Thank you so much for your comment ~ ☺️

congratulations it is always good to know that we have other people to get ahead in our life projects ...

Very true ~ 😊

Dear @crosheille wow You showed us a beautiful and attractive doll. I liked it very much. It is more suitable for flowering trees.

She is very beautiful!! I couldn't wait to share the story with you all ~ 😊

So cute, small you! 😍


Qué hermoso, me ha encantado 😊

a lovely doll

Yes she is! 😊

I think the message is clear enough that anyone can understand and get the point thanks @crosheille

So sweet!

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this looks werid

So cute, i was curious to see your profile pic then i trace it to your blog then found this article @crosheille! Great job @ayleenr :)

Thank you so much how nice!!! thank you for finding me and seeing my publication. I really enjoy being in Hive and meeting such special and nice people. I hope to continue growing in this beautiful community. A big hug and greetings.😘

You're welcome. Thanks :) nice to meet you @ayleenr...

It is a pleasure for me to meet you too.@devyleona

So cool you traced it back here. Yes, I love my little dolly :D

Thanks, :) good to have your own doll @crosheille, i am happy for you too

Thanks so much :)

You're welcome, dear..