Gamelan A Set of Indonesian Traditional Musical Instruments

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I received a photo from my son when he visited a local tourist spot in Bogor Regency. The photo shows playing a set of traditional musical instruments from the island of Java which we usually know as Gamelan.


Gamelan is a set of traditional musical instruments originating from the island of Java and is estimated to have existed since 230 AD and was created by Batara Guru at the Medang Kemulun Palace. Barata Guru created a gong to summon the gods. That was the beginning of the creation of gamelan.


The set of traditional musical instruments consists of Saron, Gambang, Kromong, Drum, Gong and others. Gamelan is played by hitting it so that it creates a beautiful rhythm to be heard. Gamelan is usually used to accompany dances, wayang kulit (East Java and Central Java), wayang golek (West Java).

But along with the development of the gamelan era, many modern musical instruments have been added, so that it seems more dynamic.


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