Vision - cross posts, undo reblogs, transactions, history and more

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Excited to share our next bundle of changes into Vision, which went live on earlier today. This update includes many neat and very useful features that will enhance your experience. Giving you more flexibility, control while maintaining fast and renewed social experience.


What's new

  • Cross posts, now you are able to cross post content into different communities and also able to view original cross posted content easily. 🌊
  • Undo Reblogs, wouldn't you want to undo some old reblogs?! Well, now you can, we have added this feature where you can just click on reblogged button to delete reblogged content from your Blog page. 🎉
  • Transaction filters, we have added categorised filters for transactions in Wallet and Points page, it is much more intuitive and informative. 🚀
  • History, you could view content history, content revisions or edit versions before but now we made it easier. Simply add ?history at the end of content URL and you will see full history, great for sharing link. 😎
  • Signup, redesigned signup page to be more appealing for new comers. 🎶
  • Extra options, we have added 3 dots extra options to simplify some of the actions like promoting, pinning content, boosting, sharing, muting, etc. 🤝
  • Editor tag addition, previous versions were bit confusing because it required to Enter after each tag to be attached into your post, now simple comma and space should work as well. ✍️
  • Image upload dialog, implemented better image uploading experience for mobile users. 📲
  • Clipboard improvement, we have fixed issue on editor page if device doesn't have support for clipboard. 📋
  • NSFW filters, in settings page we have added options for NSFW content so you have ability to control behaviour. 📺
  • Added support for spotify embeds. 🎵
  • Post page design improvements. 🌅
  • Optimize notifications component. 🔔
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

We will continue working on more features and welcome developers to try out Ecency Vision on or run your own instance from


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You guys make an amazing product, that's what I'll say. Thank you!

Speed and user experience is main driver in everything we do! Comments like this is priceless to see we are headed in right direction. Thank you... 🤗

I love the fact that you can directly promote/boost content on the post itself!!

Yes 🚀 glad you like it...

Cross posts

Will this feature come to the mobile version of Ecency?

Yes, we are working on it for mobile app as well.

Thank you. That will be good.

By the way, yesterday I encountered a notification bug in Ecency mobile, and I posted it under the "ecency", "notification", "bug" tags.

Just no one cares about it. But no problem. I got used to it.

No one cares about my posts. I could write down the winning lottery numbers for next week, still no one would care about it.

If you reporting bug please make sure to tag our username so we get notified about it. Thank you.

Thank you. I will do that next time.

But I still do not know why people do not care about my posts. I do receive upvotes in most cases, but no (or only a few) comments. This makes me feel that I write my posts for myself. Maybe I will do that.

I will try to make some giveaways and/or contest (again) in hope to get some comments, but constantly getting ignored is really disappointing.

Topics that interest many people usually draw more engagement, also try using Ecency promote option, more people for sure will see your content, more chance for engagement.

Once I tried the promote feature. It was uncuccessful. I mean that the post became promoted, but the promoted post remained ignored.

Now I also promoted one of my posts for 2 days for 250 Ecency points. I probably wasted these Ecency points too.
We will see.

Nothing is waste, service runs as expected, we haven't gotten any issue reports. We are planning to add some stats so you could see how many people saw your post, opened, interacted, etc. Hope you will get bit more engagement this time... 🤗

Wow! So much! I'm really excited about the 3 dot menu!

We added bunch of options so 3 dot was unavoidable in this release 😊 also improved our design for better.

This was awaited one for me:

History, you could view content history, content revisions or edit versions before but now we made it easier. Simply add ?history at the end of content URL and you will see full history, great for sharing link. 😎

Sometimes is useful to see what changed.

We use this almost daily, now making it easier to view and link. For example, one of your recent posts, basically you can check your changes and even copy content/markdown/html directly to re-use.

yep, it's super useful. I would even add a button to make it easier to just check history... 😁 people are incredibly lazy!

Yes, button is there already, check 3 dots ... option menu

🤦‍♂️ apologies for not being able to read...

That's a nice bundle of new features all in one. Great job!

Thank you! Btw, you can login with posting key into, if I remember you requested that feature few months ago.

Thanks for the reminder. I'll try to use it more.

Still haven’t figured how this works, with all the points, the hp, the hive stuff. And there’s no clear FAQ to be found

Let us know what questions you have and we will add more to this, Does this faq have answer to some of your questions?

Oh wow this is an amazing update!

The main thing that keeps me from using ecency is the lack of this button.


I like big cover images when browsing articles, especially in photo and travel communities. The small article previews in list & tile view on ecency are why I use peakd 99% of the time. Otherwise, I love a lot of the features that you have. And generally the site looks awesome. I just wish I could get the view that I prefer.

I also think it's horrible to have promoted articles in my profile. I used to send a Busy link to my profile because the site looked so much better than steemit. But I would never send an ecency link to my profile if I was trying to show off my work to a friend or potential employer. It should be my work in my profile, not random Cub finance and Free Bitcoin articles from other people.

Right, it is in todo list, we are removing those from profile pages in next update. As for view, we have view change option, check it out:

I'm aware of the list view and the tile view on Ecency. Are there more options that I'm missing?

When browsing, I like this view on Peakd:


The big photos in one column are preferable to me. The ability to scroll through an article's photos without clicking into the article helps me decide if I want to read the article or not. It's also helpful for me to see the dots at the bottom to see if the post only has 1 or 2 photos, or a lot of photos.


The tile view on Ecency looks good, but it doesn't really help my decision making process when trying to figure out what to click on.

Alright, added into our list of enhancements. Thanks!

Congrats! That's great improvements!

All right... I am a great guide and teacher because I have always been a student first. Quick to shut up, listen and learn when I am not the authority voice that is speaking. I have helped over 1000 people become free of their karma and recall all their past lives. But here... I am a Luddite! Help me out please. I wanted on Hive, but ended up in ecency. Now... what is Vision? I know, I could spend five hours searching it down and reading. But, I have appointment sessions everyday for the work I do with others, plus am trying to organize and soon publish my life’s work. Please save me some time.

Vision is codename for our website Ecency is powered by Hive, so when you using Ecency you are using Hive, we just have different codenames to help us and others to recognize which product we are talking about. Vision is our website, Mobile is our mobile app, Surfer is our desktop app. Unnecessary complication perhaps, we will consider just calling them website, mobile and desktop apps in future updates. 😊

Thanks So Much! That’s what I needed!