Ecency desktop - Curators leaderboard, landing page, voting slider

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Long waited update for Ecency desktop application. In this update we have included all recent changes from as well as few new improvements.


What's new

  • New landing/welcome page
  • Curators leaderboard
  • Author card
  • Read next recommendation section
  • Voting slider improved
  • Font changes on Post page
  • Navbar style improvements
  • Languages updated
  • Bug fixes

Join desktop translation team:
10 languages already enabled on Ecency website and desktop app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.





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@good-karma I need a few HP for working at Here, Can anyone help me

Nowadays I do not have a computer. Will these updates be implemented in the mobile (Android) version?

Mobile app will receive update soon, we have been improving it as well. We will bundle up and push update soon.

This is good to hear. Thank you.

thank you for the developments you continually make. I now use Ecency only on my mobile, but every development you do is important. I think that today Ecency is the best mobile application dedicated to blogging with a blockchain-based system

I dont see the dload link for Ecency-Setup-3.0.17.exe


Windows version looks like had issues related to signing certificate, we removed it for now. We are renewing our certificate, after which we will recompile and re-upload.

ok, thanks! I will wait patiently. 😎

Ecency is the best

I like the new font style was one of the first things I noticed. Keep crushing those updates and improving 💪🍻

Post reading was one of our focus, if we cannot attract readers, nothing else matters 😊 New font looks easier for eye and even better reading experience for mobile users. It was created in 1983 for exact same reason, make reading easier for smaller sizes. Another thing we really like is Read Next section, if first 3 tags are chosen really smartly, you will potentially get relevant posts to attract more readers, potentially onboard them.

First, thank you a lot for this amazing platform! I am adding you as beneficiary on all posts I make from here. The interface is gorgeous and the "Read Next" feature is revolutionary for HIVE!

Second, would the desktop/mobie apps work if the domain goes down?

Yesterday @threespeak domain was down, and the desktop app they have did not work (on my Macbook), so I could not use it for the whole day, when the website/domain came back up the desktop app started working again, but then I did not need it anymore, as I could use the website.

So are the apps reliable, in a decentralized manner? So that if/when the main website/domain goes down, we can keep using it? Or is it still a point to develop on?

Does the desktop app update itself automatically? Or do I (using on an Intel Macbook) need to reinstall whenever there is an update?

Mac and Linux does show you update option on startup of app and does update seemlessly with click of button. Windows also offers but download and install happens bit more manual.

Thank you! Another important thing, I am setting up IPFS nodes to host my @threespeak content, is there someway I can help host ecency content? So people can access and I can share the load?

Hello, I would like to know more about you.

Hello @ecency, do you know why my post didn't get a boost from you? I got refund of points instead

Sometimes our curators won't be able to review all posts and if that happens in 24 hours refund is issued. That's why we never promise boosts happening, it might happen and it might not due to multiple reasons. Hope it helps... Our curators do their best to curate as many posts as possible and as many unique authors as possible.

I see, thank you