Yummy Cookies Gift From @aswita

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Who doesn't love cookies? The crunchy texture with many variations of filling in it makes cookies a comfortable companion for tea or coffee.

These delicious gifts arrived on time a while ago, before Mubarak's Eid. In the tradition of the big Muslim celebration day, we serve a lot of cookies for visiting family and friends.

So, I was very happy to get a gift from one of the HIVE User, @aswita, who I haven't even met before. But I got to know it from a friend of mine at university.

You can check out her blog which is full of delicious recipes and also about her amazing gardening experiences with her husband.



I'll show you what I got from @aswita.

@aswita sent me these cookies using a delivery service.



After I opened the packing, I saw a cardboard box decorated with artful burlap straps.





In the box, there is also a cookies brand belonging to @aswita.


Then, there are two clear containers containing two types of cookies, pineapple cookies, and chocolate cookies.

Accompanied by a happy Eid greeting card from @aswita.



We call these pineapple cookies "NASTAR" in Indonesia. The outer texture is very soft, and the inside is filled with pineapple jam.


The Pineapple cookies made by @aswita are really delicious, and She also opens orders for those who want to buy these cookies.


The chocolate cookies also look smooth and appetizing.


Oh, looks like all of these yummy cookies won't be enough for me. I want it, more and more @aswita lol


Well, I am grateful for the nice people who sent me gifts. I feel happy and blessed to have you guys!

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration for foods that are easy to make and contain elements of health.
Make sure you follow her blog as well for some interesting discussions about life other than food.
If you need a copywriter for your projects, Anggrek Lestari will be ready to help you.

Contact Person: authoranggreklestari@gmail.com
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I was wondering what those yellow cookies were... haha
Haven't had chocolate cookies in a while and now I want some 😅.

Beautifully wrapped cookies; really nice to send as gifts.

the yellow cookies is pineapple cookies. The filling is pineapple jam. our typical “kue hari raya” for eid mubarak 😊

Now I really would like to go to Indonesia one day and experience Eid for example there 😊. Hope to get the chance soon.

My home will be opened for you and your husband :)

Awww thank you... 😊
Very generous and hospitable of you.

Have an awesome day! 💙

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I love peninaple cookies, and really always loved the way make photography for your content sist @anggreklestari. such nice gifts.

Thanks for stopping by sis

I mean pinenaple cookies sist or NASTAR
Sorry I typo ~~~
It’s my pleasure~~sist

Wow the presentation is very creative, in philippines we had also cookies that were tradionally made and well known by a local name of tostado, but the that you unboxed seems very deliciously looking specially the chocolate one

All of the cookies just need a few moments into my mouth 😀

Always love your content sis ❤️
Thankyou ❤️

Makasiiih Mbak ❤❤❤❤❤