The First Experience Tried Dragon Fruit Fried Rice and Onion Rings

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Desserts made from sweet dragon fruit are common. But what if fried rice, which tends to be predominantly savory, uses sweet dragon fruit ingredients? What is the final taste of the flavor combination?


Well, that's my first time trying this unique menu at "O.C Cafe". It didn't take long to choose the menu I wanted to try.



I visited this cafe for the first time because it happened to be near the vet's place. I visited this cafe last month.

I ordered dragon fruit fried rice, onion rings, and Javanese Iced Coffee Chocolate.


This is my first time trying these three menus, although, for onion rings, I have heard them many times. These three menus will have become menus that excite me.





I love how this cafe makes dragon fruit its highlight food. For a small town in my living area, this is a great thing that I can honestly find out. Even though at that time I didn't know how it felt, but the cafe dared to create a combination like this.

Indeed, I have heard about dragon fruit fried rice in another village in Java which is different from the island where I live.

In my city, mostly just comfort food. So, let me try how it feels.


The taste of Dragon Fruit Fried Rice is the perfect mix. It's not as sweet as I expected. The combination of savory fried rice and dragon fruit itself at this cafe tastes good.

I am sure that maybe every chef will have a different taste variation when mixing fried rice with dragon fruit. And I'm sure more will fail if a dragon fruit is too domineering because it will make fried rice sweet.


The Dragon Fruit Fried Rice color is another thing that I like best. It seemed like an appetite in comparison to the usual common color of fried rice.

The price of this Dragon Fruit Fried Rice is IDR 25 K or about USD 1.78.

This includes the normal price with the cafe location being in the center of Binjai city.



I used to always imagine it would be disgusting to eat onion rings. I have thought of onion rings that have a very strong taste in my mouth like they hit my mouth with a bad smell.


But then, it's like the mind-blowing taste! These Onion Rings are delicious, with a crispy texture while it's warm. So, for the record, enjoy the Onion Rings while it's warm for the best delicious taste. If the Onion Rings are cold, the taste will be less delicious and of course, the texture will be mushy and we will no longer have the appetite to eat them.

Onion Ring for IDR 16 K OR about USD 1.1.


Javanese Iced Coffee Chocolate

Next, let's discuss the drinks that I have enjoyed at the stunning cafe. I have ordered Javanese Iced Coffee Chocolate.


The drink combines coffee and chocolate. So the coffee taste is not too strong, and the chocolate taste can still dominate the coffee.

This drink is delicious and although I would prefer a coffee drink to another time if I came back to this cafe.

Javanese Iced Coffee Chocolate for IDR 23 K or about USD 1.64.




"O.C Cafe" has a stunning design. The design concept uses interesting graffiti.




There are two floors that visitors can use. The second floor with a conveniently located balcony is my favorite.

Great time to visit this cafe afternoon and before sunrise, and enjoy a nice view of the sky from the balcony of this cafe.


"O.C Cafe" is a recommended place to visit in the city of Binjai, North Sumatra, Indonesia.



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All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Se ve provocativo , intentaré replicar esa comida 🤔 con los ingredientes que tengo a mano
Feliz y bella tarde 🤗

Fried rice is indeed easy to make it. :)

Thanks for stopping by

The one you've ordered looks delicious. I've followed you back in 2020 and got to know about so much of recipes which otherwise I couldn't have known . Keep up the good work

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My favorite is pineapple fried rice, I can imagine that this would be similar! It looks delicious.

Hi Ang. I like your blogs because you enjoy the photos and don't have to read long pages. Do you happen to know the rice ingredients? I make something like but with coconut milk. Beautiful.

dragon fruit is a bit expensive here in the Philippines

Wow very delicious items.

The rice looks super delicious and the place looks wonderful.