I Have Too Many Apples: Experiments with Vinegar

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This is the first year in my living memory where I remember such an abundant apple harvest. The extra rain has meant everyone around here can't give away apples. If only I could send them to @kidsisters in Suriname - they adore apples, and I have far too many to even count. The Granny Smiths have always been my favourite, especially sliced and eaten with peanut butter.


I've made apple scrap vinegar before, so I decided I'd make another big batch. Last year it didn't work - there was mould on the top. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it sure was disappointing. To make apple scrap vinegar, you can chop apples or use apple scraps from making pie or stewed apples, add a few tablespoons of sugar and cover in water. The trickiest thing is keeping the apples beneath the surface, as that's how the mould starts, annoyingly. I'm having trouble with the weighting, so hope I get it right soon. Have you ever made apple scrap vinegar this way? I've put a huge glass jar of it in a safe place and I'm hoping for the best.


I do want to order a PH tester, as there's a few things I'm fermenting and brewing at the moment and the acidity might tell me a few things. I'd like to know if I can use these homemade apple cider vinegars for a fire cider or oxymel, but am not sure as I know the store bought ones have quality control monitoring the acidity level.

I decided to experiment a little with making one out of apple juice. Apple juice becomes apple cider as it ferments, which becomes apple cider vinegar in an ideal world. I put a shout out online for a juicer, and someone in the community gave me one for free which was super nice. We gave away our juicer years ago (too much sugar in juice for me) so it feels like it just came back to us in a roundabout kinda way. Ask, and you shall recieve though, right? Everyone in the post wanted to tell me I don't need to do it with juice, and that I just needed to use scraps, but as I explained, I have far too many apples, and I wanted to experiment with this method. Have you ever tried it? I feel like I should have an airlock/bung set up but I don't have that equipment. Maybe I should duck into the homebrew store or order one online - the thing is, I want to keep costs down.

I do go through a lot of vinegar for oxymels and fire cider, so if this works I'll be happy. If I can produce my own honey and vinegar, I'd feel like I was pretty successful in the make your own medicine scheme of things.

Have you ever made your own vinegar from apples?

How do you make it?

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I've never done scrap vinegar as I felt I got a better product with apple cider. I've made apple cider vinegar several times successfully. I never used any high tech stuff just jars and butter cloth NOT cheesecloth. Here's the posts:



I have to make more vinegar this year and learned of a new orchard nearby. I hope it is an organic orchard. If not I will have to go to VT for apples again.

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Oh gosh I recall these posts!!!! Thanks so much for them.. I'll read tomorrow. Maybe that's where I got the idea from in the first place!!!

nice problem to have.. here its oranges.. ACV yeah.. thats a good un.. will keep for a lonnnng time.. and Super good for the body... good luck eatin em all!

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They are amazing. Dad says one a day as he always has! I love grannies the best.

"apple sauce, apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, apple crumble, apple juice, apple bread, dried apples"

i made fresh cider after picking at a local-ish orchard once-was fantastic.

yeah, sounds like a good problem to have! you just need to find someone who has too many pears (or whatever) and trade

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Yummy apples and peanut butter😋🤤

I always say you can never had to many apples.

Apple vinager is a great thing to have so if you can you own even better.

We use it ALOT cause we nopoo in my house and it is used as a second step to clean hair.

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Oh we ALWAYS used to rinse hair in vinegar as a kid.. I recall sucking the end of my hair for the vinegar taste! It's such a good hair treatment. Good on you for the nopoo... I've never quite managed it!

Haha that's funny, Yeah it took a few months but we use baking soda on roots and apple cider on rest hair.

Took about 2 months to get the nasty chemicals out of my hair.

Oh wow! Is that apple cider vinegar? If it is I love it. I've never made it but use it alot as I eat a fair bit of pork dishes and now that winter is here there will be alot more.

It's also almost salami season in Aus, do you make your own salami?

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I never have. I always wanted to learn how to make sausages like the Europeans do. But we don't eat a lot of meat... very occasionally! Do you make your own salami??? Such a good skill to learn!


Yup, every year. 100% organic no carcinogenics just salt and capsicum as preservatives.

Love it :)

Amazing what a blessing of abundance this season for you there. I'm so happy to hear of the bountiful apple harvest. Preserve as much as you can for the long run in all the possible ways.

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Stewed apples are stuffed in my fridge, I have dried some and boxed the granny Smith's which are my absolute fave!

My mind is literally blown away. I had no damn clue. I thought Apple cider vinegar came from...Well I don't know, vinegar trees?
I never really thought of it...

Producing my own honey is a dream of mine also...

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Oh haha.. vinegar trees!! Love it. Well you will have to experiment now!!! It's quite satisfying really! Honey production is the absolute dream for me too.

Wow, That's Abundance. I am sure it's a good lot of effort but then worth it to make your own food and medicine.

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Exactly! The effort is pleasurable in itself!

I love how inventive you are and so glad that you are finding a way to reduce the waste on the abundance of apples.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that the vinegar turns out well.

It is such a rewarding feeling when you can find ways to be self-sufficient.

Looking forward to hearing about the results

lots of love to you 🤗💚✨

Yummy!! I wish I could come try some 💜

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The first time I tried making ACV I did it with juice, and that's the one that molded for me - so be careful there, too.
The second time, I did it with scraps, and it turned out great! :) Still have lots as I don't go through it that fast of late. I used to, when I did baking soda shampoo and vinegar conditioner, but I fell off that train due to sheer lack of energy, lol.
Since I am not a big batch maker, I used 3 or 4 quart size Mason jars with the scraps and just stirred them occasionally, and they didn't mold. But I was more attentive to them after the molded juice experience, and I live in a dry climate which helps.
Oh now that I see @goldenoakfarm's comment, I thought I would add: the juice one that molded for me, I had used cheesecloth; the scrap ones? I used paper towels as the tops! LOL. I just tore a square off and held it in place with the Mason jar ring.

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Yea I think i'm learning the hard way that scraps might be better -first lot of juice got mould. maybe it woudn't if i strained off all the crud first?

I did mine with juice from a bottle, so I don't know if that helps!

Wow! That was a bunch of green apple! May be we can use it in apple pie other than vinegar?

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Haha I think apple pie is much tastier than vinegar! It's also cold here so I think i have to make pie!

Of course! LOL
I like cold weather! here it's getting hot! In cold weather, it's easy to make hot! But in hot weather like here, it is very hard, this is like a hell!!!

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Oh no, well, I am freezing right now so I'd like some hot please! Please send some!

I just changed my keys again!

WOW, that is a lot of green apples. My sister said that is a lot of apples. My sister love green apple. Have good time with those apples.😁

I love apple cider vinegar, especially in the morning, I drop a few drops into the water I drink before breakfast. I don't know if it helps, but when I'm making apple cider vinegar, I add 4 kg of apples, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of salt. After that, I add 2-3 chickpeas. Sometimes I don't have chickpeas at home, I add a piece of bread instead. I separate the seeds from the apples and divide them into 4-5 pieces. I put half the apples in the big glass jar and add the chickpeas. I fill the water, leaving some space for the gas to escape. I add 2 teaspoons of sugar and salt and mix well. I fix the jar by covering it with thin cheesecloth. The mixture must breathe for fermentation. I leave it to wait like this for 35 - 40 days. While I wait, I sometimes mix it with a wooden spoon. When the fly starts to occur, I drain the pulp of the apple. After separating the pulp, I add 2 more teaspoons of sugar and 2 more teaspoons of salt to the vinegar and mix. Then I cover the jar and store it in a cool and dark place. After a while, yeast begins to form on the vinegar. The white, transparent yeast and the pungent smell mean the vinegar is ready. You can take vinegar yeast with a spoon and produce vinegar again and faster.The vinegar may deteriorate due to the formation of fungi or unwanted bacteria. I always make sure that the jar is very clean to prevent this. The bacteria on the apple peel help start fermentation. That's why I don't wash apples. Sorry for my English.

Oh you make our family would like to have some green apples! They are very nice and tasty.